Monday, December 22, 2008

A Personal Plea

Fellow Asian Americans,

I have less than 2 weeks left to serve you as 80-20's President. Please hear my last request.

First, let us recount what YOU have achieved with 80-20 this year:

Asian American elected officials uniting in urging Presidential candidates (first urging Sen. Clinton & then Sen. Obama) to address our community's concerns.

Iron-clad commitments from President-elect Obama and Vice President-elect Biden to help Asian Americans achieve equal opportunity and equal justice.

Asian Americans voters, especially in the battleground states, uniting in helping to elect Obama and Biden, who share our community's concerns.

The appointment of 2 Asian American cabinet secretaries who share our community's concerns.

More Asian Americans who share our community's concerns volunteering to serve our community and our country. e.g. 80-20's judicial talent bank.

All of the above are unprecedented changes made possible because people like you responded to our calls to action. Congratulations to YOU for advancing our community's concerns.

But what was hard to gain can be easy to lose. How can we ensure our community's advancements are built on rock and not on sand?

When YOU buttress 80-20's grassroots foundations by joining as members.

Will you PLEASE spare $35, $50 or more, whatever you can afford, to help us reach our membership goal of 1600 by the end of 2008? Your membership will last through the end of 2009. We only need 30 more NEW members to reach our goal. To Join, visit

Thank you, and Happy Holidays.

With less than 2 weeks left to serve YOU,

Kathleen To
President, 80-20 PAC

Monday, December 15, 2008

Why so few AsAm College Presidents?

The following is from 80-20's newest Board Member, Roy Saigo, who has just retired as the President of St. Cloud Univ., the largest of the Minnesota state colleges. On 9/28/08, he published an article in "The Chronicle Of Higher Education" entitled:

Why There Still Aren't Enough Asian-American College Presidents

Roy's first paragraphs was:
"At age 5, my grandson understood fair play. If he didn't get his turn, he'd cry, "No fair!" As caring s, we intercede when we see children ignore or gang up on another child -- we tell them, "No fair!"

In between Roy's gave us these facts:

In 2005, the proportion of Asian Pacific Islander professors in the United States who held full-time positions was 7.6 percent. In comparison, a 2006 survey by the American Council on Education showed that only 0.9% of the president's job is held by Asian Americans.

In the fall of 2007, 18.3 percent of California State's undergraduate students identified themselves as being of Asian/Filipino/Pacific Island ethnicity. In the California State University system in the fall of 2006, 13.8 percent of the faculty was identified as Asians. So where are the
provosts and academic vice presidents?

Roy's last paragraphs was:
"The issue I have raised needs more than task forces, surveys, and recommendations -- there have been plenty of those over the years. There must be actions that can be monitored for quantifiable results. I hope someone won't have to write this commentary again in 10 years. Fair?"

Now, 80-20 asks, "Who or which organization do you think will be taking action on this matter?" As usual, 80-20 will be there!

Aren't you glad that some one like Roy Saigo is on 80-20's Board? The good news is that other NEW Board members are just as good & exiciting!

On a related front, if YOU want to see results in the real world, then search your heart and answer this question:

Did 80-20 do a good job in using the 2008 election to advance the interest of our community? If you are NOT a dues-paying member yet, please help back.

We need 40 more NEW members to make the goal of 1,600 members in 2008. If you join today, your membership counts toward 2008 AND 2009. To join, visit Fair?

Respectfully yours,

S.B. Woo
Acting (volunteer) Exec. Director for 80-20 PAC, Inc.

Friday, December 12, 2008

2 Asian Am Cabinet Secretaries

Under 80-20's leadership, our community's effort in the 2008 election has resulted in

a) 2 Asian Am. Cabinet Secretaries:
General Shinseki as the Veteran Affairs Secretary,
Noble Laureate Steve Chu as the Energy Secretary.

b) 2 top leaders in the Transition Team & 2 key staff in the White House:
Pete Rouse (Japanese Am. mother) as the Co-Chair of the Transition Team (TT) and Senior Advisor to the President, and
Chris Lu as the Executive Director of the TT and Cabinet Secretary for the President.

Do you believe in giving credit when credit is due? We know you do.

So please help us achieve our goal of 1600 members in 2008? We need 60 more NEW members to achieve the goal. If you join today, your membership counts toward 2008 AND 2009.

Join 80-20 by clicking on 80-20 doesn't claim all the credit. However, have we earned your support as a dues-paying member? It's only $35 per year. Thank you.

With 19 more days to serve you,

Kathleen T

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

A Personal Appeal

Dear Friends:

This is my swan song as 80-20's President. I beg for your indulgence.

I am honored to have had the privilege to serve you as a volunteer for these past six years, four as Secretary of 80-20, and the past two as the President. When I felt discouraged or overwhelmed, your support sustained me. Regretfully, pressing personal affairs will keep me from serving as President after this year. Since becoming involved with 80-20, I have devoted several hours each day and donated almost $5,000 to the organization. But this is not enough. Only, TOGETHER, can we build a better tomorrow. No one can do it alone.

Would you please accept my last request? Please join 80-20. We have come such a long way together, but to guarantee that our gains will last, we need YOUR support. Please go to: to join TODAY.

If you join now, your membership lasts till the end of 2009. We aim for 1600 members by the end of this year. Won't you be one of the 80 pioneers who will help us reach that goal? THANK YOU.

I became involved with the Asian American community when I realized that if I wanted equal rights as an Asian American, I needed to personally fight for them. After about 15 years of involvement in the Texas Asian American community*, I became increasingly aware of the need for a national Asian American organization that can fight for ALL Asian Americans, because local or state organizations cannot carry the fight alone. That's when I became involved with 80-20.

As 80-20's President, I have aimed to help build a better tomorrow together. Under my tenure, more Board members have become involved in 80-20's day-to-day operations, and we have worked more closely with other national Asian American organizations and with Asian American elected officials. Asian American officials, especially, came together splendidly during the election season by urging Senators Clinton and Obama to make iron-clad commitments to our community by responding to our questionnaire. We secured both Senators' commitments by early 2008.

Thanks to these collaborative efforts, and thanks especially to the hard work and leadership of Immediate Past President, S.B. Woo, we are now a GIANT step closer to equal opportunity and justice. We fought for Senator Obama's election, especially in the battleground states. With his election, 80-20 has input at the highest stages in appointing federal judges and officials who care for our community.

However, much remains to be done. My major disappointment as President has been the drop in membership, especially during my first year. Since then, Amy Wong Mok, our vice president, has increased recruitment of life members through her 1000 x 1000 initiative, and we are recovering from 2007's drop in annual members. However, we are not doing well enough. Without a large base of members, 80-20 cannot ensure that the gains we have all fought for - that YOU have fought for - will last. More members - both Life and annual - ensure a deeper base of grassroots support.

Just imagine. Would our community be this close to attaining equal rights without an 80-20? Can we afford to lose this golden opportunity?

Please then consider my last request as President. Can you spare $35, $50, or more? Help yourself and your children solidify our community's gains by helping 80-20 achieve a membership of 1600 by the end of this year. We only need 80 more members to achieve this goal.

Go to: to join TODAY.

PLEASE, PLEASE pitch in.

TOGETHER, we build a better tomorrow.


Kathleen To,
80-20 PAC, Inc.

* I founded the first Asian American organizations in the Dallas area in 1985: OCA's Dallas chapter and the Asian American Women Business Owners' Association in 1985. I subsequently established and chaired the Asian American Advisory Council to the Governor from 1990-1994, which helped to secure a significant number of Asian American appointments to key state government positions.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

A Distinguished New Board for 80-20‏

A distinguished new Board will lead 80-20 in 2009. Six of the 18 Board members are new, adding new and diversity. Three of the 6 are from outside the Chinese Am community. They all have splendid career achievements. See their achievements for yourself.

Beverly Hong-Fincher is a language professor who grew up in Vietnam;

Chenming Calvin Hu is a Distinguished Chair professor of electrical engineering at UC, Berkeley & a member of the US Academy of Engineering;

Alice S. Huang is on the Board of The Rockefeller Foundation, a member of the Committee of 100 and of the Academia Sinica;

Yuko Nakanishi is the Principal of Nakanishi Research & Consulting, NY

Roy Saigo has just retired from the Presidency of St. Cloud Univ. of MN;

Lena Tam is Vice Mayor of the City of Alameda, CA; and

Charles C. Zhang is the Managing Partner of Zhang Financial, Michigan. He is the only advisor in the nation who was selected as a top advisor by both Worth Magazine and Barron's each year from 2004 -2007.

S. B. Woo was appointed by the outgoing Board to be the Acting Executive Director, without pay, effective immediately. His term lasts until such time as the new 2009 Board will elect a President and V. P. in a special election or appoint a new Executive Director.

Details of the election result are shown below:

1) Secretary: Yuko Nakanishi (New York) 55.56% of the total vote; 

2) Treasurer: Jing-Li Yu (Chicago) 52.78 %; 

3) Nominations Chair: Laura Hsu (Texas) 52.98 %;

Other elected Board Directors are:

4) Fel Anthony Amistad (N. California) 69.44 %;
5) Beverly Hong-Fincher (D.C.) 81.55 %;
6) Chenming Calvin Hu (N. California) 77.98 %;
7) Alice S. Huang (S. California) 85.32 %;
8) Linden Nishinaga (S. California) 79.56 %; 

9) Roy Saigo (Minnesota) 80.75 %;
10) Kim Song (Missouri) 83.53 %; 

11) Lena Tam (N. California) 77.98 %; 

12) Joel Wong (N. California) 74.40 %; 

13) S. B. Woo (Delaware) 95.63 %; 

14) David Yang (D.C.) 86.11 %;
15) Charles C. Zhang (Michigan) 81.55 %;

The above is joined on the Board by
16) Kathleen To who is the Immediate Past President, and
17) Frank Lee (California)

18) Edward Lin (Florida)

All of us look forward to serving you. We hope that you deem 80-20 to be deserving of your help as well.

Respectfully yours,

Kathleen To
President, 80-20 PAC, Inc.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Will You Join 80-20's Journey for Equal Opportunity?

Will you consider joining 80-20? If you join now, you will be a member for 2008 AND for all of 2009.

Go to: .

Thanks to your support, we are a HUGE step closer to achieving equal opportunity and equal justice. But the journey has just begun.

Let's take a brief look at the milestones of our journey so far:

1/30/2008: Senator Barack Obama signs his iron clad commitment to help win equal opportunity and equal justice for Asian Americans. See:

8/2/2008: 80-20 endorses Senator Obama for President, and begins working on delivering bloc votes of Asian Americans for Senator Obama, especially in battleground states.

11/4/2008: Senator Obama wins his historic victory. Senator Obama wins in almost every battleground state 80-20 focused in, including: Indiana, North Carolina, Virginia, Florida, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Nevada, and Colorado. The only state he didn't win that 80-20 focused on wasMissouri.

Recall how razor-thin his margin of victory in some of these states were. Obama won NC by 0.4%, and Indiana by 0.9%. Our bloc votes there made the difference!

With President-elect Obama's victory, we are a giant step closer to achieving equal opportunity and equal justice. His first step in fulfilling his commitment: appointing three Asian Americans to his Transition Team, two of them in leadership positions, to help address our community's concerns.

However, the journey has just begun! Don't let this golden opportunity slip!

To ensure that Asian Americans win equal opportunity and justice, we need YOUR support. Please join us in our journey for equal opportunity. Become a member. It could be the best $15, $35, $50 or $1000 that you have ever spent. Go to .

If you are already a member, THANK YOU. Do you like the feeling of YOUR achievement? Please renew or upgrade. We especially appreciate your continued sacrifice in these tough economic times.

Please go to:

Please accept our invitation to walk with us. Do it for yourself. Do it for your children. Do it for your country. Do it so that all our efforts, all your efforts, up till now, don't go to waste.

Go to:

If you can afford it, please also consider supporting 80-20's 1000 X 1000 initiative, where we aim to have 1,000 life members. With a fund equal to the dues of 1,000 life members, we can do more work at the grass-roots because we'll have increased staff support and financial stability. Will you consider becoming a Life Member?

Respectfully yours,

Kathleen To, President and
Jing-Li Yu, Treasurer, 80-20PAC, Inc.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Inaugural Tickets & Input to Transition Team

Inaugural Events

Here are some tips on how to get tickets in official inaugural events and to look out for fraud. We want to thank you for your support to 80-20 throughout the 2008 election.

(1) All official inaugural events (swearing-in/parade/balls) in which the president shall make an appearance will be held on Jan. 20 (Tuesday) in Washington D.C.

a) Swearing-in and Parade Tickets: Tickets are free for the swearing-in. Part of the National Mall will be open to the public to attend without tickets and large screen televisions will be on the Mall. Request such tickets from the Senator's/Representative's office. Do it early.

b) Inaugural Ball tickets: Although the details of the inaugural balls are to be decided by the Presidential Inaugural Comm. which has not yet been appointed, we are fairly certain that it'll be by invitation only. Photo I.D. is required to enter the balls, and tickets are NOT transferable. The cost is about $150.

(2) Look out for fraud. There are many other "Presidential Inaugural Balls or Galas," which are NOT official. They could be organized by a state, a university, or by individuals. Some are very upright in letting you know that they are not official. Others are not.

Want input to the Transition Team (TT)?

Want to nominate other &/or yourself for an appointment? Want to tell the incoming administration your vision of America? If you do, visit and click on

"Send your view to the Transition Team."

You'll get direct input to President-elect Obama's Transition Team. Don't forget to let the TT know that Asian Americans yearn for equal opportunity in workplaces and justice.

Agreeing with a Supporter's Critique

Lin Fei of Cincinnati, Ohio, a great supporter, said that my last e-newsletter stating "When that law is enforced, . . . , we become equal citizens. ..." was too optimistic. He preferred: "When that law is enforced, . . . , we are one (big) step closer to becoming equal citizens, . . . " I heartily agree and thank him. :-)

Respectfully yours,

S. B. Woo
Member, Executive Comm., 80-20 PAC, Inc.

Thursday, November 06, 2008

3 Asian Ams in Obama's transition team

After reading the Press Release below, if you think 80-20 has served YOU well, please consider joining as a member. Go Please consider taking the 3 year discount option. Thank you. :-)

Warmest regards,

S. B. Woo
Member, Exec. Comm., 80-20 PAC, Inc.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
For Immediate Release (Nov. 6th, 2008)
Contact Person: S. B. Woo. President, 80-20 Educational Foundation
(302) 366-0259

Subject: Asian Ams are top leaders in Obama's transition team

80-20 announced that its two goals for the 2008 presidential election have both been achieved.

Its first goal is to help elect a President who shares Asian Americans' rightful concerns in equal opportunity and justice. That was achieved with the election of Sen. Obama who replied to 80-20's questionnaire with all yeses.

The second goal is to have the historic first Asian American appointed to the Presidential Transition Team (TT). The aim is to have qualified Asian Americans serving in cabinet and sub-cabinet positions who are sensitive to the rightful concerns of our community. 80-20 has worked on that goal quietly for months.

Two Asian Americans were appointed to the 16-member transition team. Indeed, they are both in top leadership positions in the TT. In addition, there is another Asian Am. in the 12-member advisory board to the TT.

Pete Rouse, whose mother is a Japanese American, will be one of the 3 co-chairs of the TT. Chris Lu, a Chinese American, will be the Executive Director of the TT. Sonal Shah, an Indian American is a member of the advisory board.

Chris Lu worked with S. B. Woo, former Lieutenant Governor of Delaware and President of the 80-20 Educational Foundation, to firm up the reply to 80-20's questionnaire from presidential candidate Obama. On Oct. 28, in a debate with McCain campaign volunteers in Annandale VA, Chris was quoted as saying that Obama supports 80-20's goal of increasing the number of Asian American federal judges and executives to a level consistent with America's core value of equal opportunity.

Woo said, "I have known Chris since he was a teenager attending the East Coast Chinese Family Camp. We lost touch until last year. I am very proud of him. The pride is not related to his high achievement. It is rather based on his ability to combine the best of the American and Chinese cultures, and his passion to be a good public servant while keeping in touch with his own community." (The End)

History Was Made! What Should We Do Now?

By Amy Wong Mok
Vice President of the Board

My heart was pounding when the votes of the first "Battle Ground States" Virginia came in for President Elect Barack Obama. With the winning of Pennsylvania, Florida, Ohio, Indiana...... I could no longer contain myself. I was jumping up and down, together with two African American friends of mine who were witnessing this historical moment. This was a moment for all Americans who have tirelessly struggled for equal opportunity and justice for all. I could feel tears roll down my cheek with joy, with hope and with great pride in being an American.

America has started a new chapter in history by electing the first African American President. President Elect Barack Obama has also made the following promises to the 80-20 Initiative with his signature (please encourage your friends to visit the 80-20 website for details):

1. Break the glass ceiling for Asian Americans.
2. Nominate more Asian American judges.

Now that we have a golden opportunity to secure opportunities fairly for all Asian Americans, we must follow up by making sure that this new chapter of American history will include the participation of Asian Americans as full and equal partners. We have witnessed the power of grass-root organizations. Together we can raise a strong voice that will not be ignored. I have faith in President Elect Obama, but we must be forever watchful to remind him that faith is a two-way street, and that he and us have waited too long to see promises of justice for all
to become reality.

We have taken a successful step in this campaign season. We must sustain our effort by building a solid and long-lasting foundation for our future campaigns. 80-20 needs a strong financial foundation. You can help us and help yourself and your loved ones by joining or renewing your membership today. Better still, upgrade your level of membership or offer a membership to a family member or a friend. Please consider becoming a life member to support our project, "$1K x 1000" to raise $1M for capital fund and seed money that we need for setting up an office and a professional staff in the DC area. It is essential to make our presence felt in our nation's center of political power. This is our best investment to ensure a brighter future for our children and for ourselves.

Please visit our website and ACT NOW.

Sunday, November 02, 2008

Last Election Note: Why Obama?‏

Why Obama/Biden?

80-20 has endorsed Obama/Biden basically for only one reason -- their commitments to help us rise from second class citizens to equal citizens, while McCain refused.

All other reasons, while sincere, are just arguing from different angles to enlarge the Asian Am. bloc vote for Obama/Biden. Those arguments don't really bear on 80-20's central decision -- reward Obama for sharing our concerns and punish McCain who didn't.

"To Punish" may seem a harsh concept to those who don't know how the real world of politics operates, and for those who have not surmised from history why Asian Ams have been so badly ignored until 80-20 came into existence.

Just watch. Soon, even the Republican Party will share the rightful concerns of Asian Ams., because it will soon have had enough of YOUR punishment.

Watch the election returns in the battleground states, where 80-20 has focused its great effort. Obama will not have won some of them without OUR strong bloc vote in those states. Wouldn't McCain regret then? Will not the Republican Party re-evaluate? That is how the politics of carrots & sticks works!

Assert yourself ! America expects us to fight for our own interests !

Have you seen how eager both major parties are to share the Jewish American concerns, even when their concerns are not their civil rights but Israel? Think about it. Try to explain why so.

IF YOU NEED REMINDING of our rightful concerns, see the two documents below our signatures.

Respectfully yours,

Kathleeen To, President, 80-20 PAC, Inc.,
and S. B. Woo, Founding President, 80-20 PAC, Inc.

The irrefutable statistics shown on 80-20's full page ad in Washington Post have been verified by EEOC & entered into the Congressional Record by US Sen. Tom Carper on Sept. 21, 2006.

ONLY the Obama Commitment is shown here. Sen. Biden's signed commitment can be found on our website

Thursday, October 30, 2008

How Obama & McCain's Differ In Economy?

ECONOMY is on everyone's mind. Hence, we decide to circulate a superb article published on "The Economist." It summarizes the essential differences between Obama & McCain in growing the economy and why a change is a must.

How Obama and McCain Differ In Growing the Economy

"The 2 political parties currently represent 2 distinctly different ways of growing the economy:

1. Cut taxes for the wealthiest individuals and largest corporations and they will do what is best for the economy as a whole - the top-down, or trickle-down approach.

2. Invest in bottom-up productivity-based growth by building the private sector on a solid foundation that includes providing every American with world-class education and infrastructure, affordable healthcare, markets that work dependably, incentives for investments in innovation and entrepreneurship.

Frankly I think we've tried #1 for long enough, and exhausted whatever potential it had to grow the economy. In 2005, for example, Fortune 500 companies showed record cash balances on their balance sheets. What does that mean? It means they had far more money than they needed and could NOT find enough profitable projects to invest in. And this is happening at the very same time that our schools are crumbling and jobs are being shipped offshore and our bridges are falling. If you look at the big picture and see the US as one country, Americans as one people, and that we all work together to compete in the global economy, how does this represent "what is best for the economy"? How much more proof do we need that trickle-down doesn't work?

If you understand the role that increasing productivity plays in economic growth and wealth creation and increasing competitiveness then you have to go with #2. The logic is overwhelming. That's obviously not to say that Obama will succeed at everything he proposes - but at least he is tackling the problem from the right end, instead of the wrong end! That in itself is a huge improvement. "

Go Obama! A change is a must. When he wins, we win -- for us & our children and for growing the economy!

Sincerely yours,

Kathleen To
President, 80-20 PAC, Inc.

PS: To AsAms in Ohio: Tune in on ASIAN RADIO HOUR, WERE 1490 AM RADIO, Cleveland, Ohio on Nov. 2, Sunday 3 to 4 PM. Anthony Yen, host and producer, will read 80-20's recent e-newsletter "How Works," because he liked it so much. The newsletter also got many other good comments.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

How R*cism Works

This was a piece that I found in my inbox. Shocking! However, every fact mentioned below has been independently checked out by 80-20. It helped me see things clearer.

"What if John McCain were a former president of the Harvard Law Review?
What if Barack Obama finished fifth from the bottom of his graduating class?

What if McCain were still married to the first woman he said 'I do' to?
What if Obama were the candidate who left his first wife after she no longer measured up to his standards?

What if Obama were a member of the Keating-5 (a past scandal)?
What if McCain were a charismatic, eloquent speaker?

If these questions reflected reality, do you really believe the election numbers would be as close as they are?

This is what does. It covers up, rationalizes and minimizes positive qualities in one candidate and emphasizes negative qualities in another when there is a color difference.

You are The Boss... which team would you hire? With America facing historic debt, 2 wars, stumbling health care, a weakened dollar, all-time high prison population, mortgage crises, bank foreclosures, etc.


Columbia University - B.A. Political Science with a Specialization in International Relations. Harvard - Juris Doctor (J.D.) Magna Cum Laude
University of Delaware - B.A. in History and B.A. in Political Science. Syracuse University College of Law - Juris Doctor (J.D.)


United States Naval Academy - Class rank: 894 of 899
Hawaii Pacific University - 1 semester
North Idaho College - 2 semesters - general study
University of Idaho - 2 semesters - journalism
Matanuska-Susitna College - 1 semester
University of Idaho - 3 semesters - B.A. in Journalism

Now, which team are you going to hire? "

All facts have been independently checked out by 80-20. If you like it please forward it to others.

Respectfully yours,
S. B. Woo
Member, Executive Comm., 80-20 PAC, Inc.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

80-20's Pro-Obama Op. in BGS & Nationally

Over that past 10 years, 80-20 created the historic Asian Am. bloc vote. The power of the bloc vote was dramatically demonstrated in the Calif. Democratic Primary on Super Tuesday in 2008.

Now, that power is used to help Obama win.

80-20 at first focused on 6 Battleground states, BGS. We have expanded them to 8! Our huge email list in BGS, besides being used to organized bloc votes, is also furnishing volunteers for the Obama campaign.

In the final days, our AIR FORCE (e-newsletters) is augmented by our GROUND FORCE (media ads) in not only BGS but also nationally. See the extent of our ads. That is how YOUR membership dues and donations are being used.

Is Sen. McCain regretting not sharing our concerns earlier? You bet. That is what 80-20 is all about. To let politicians know that there will be repercussions for ignoring our rightful concerns. Carrots and sticks is what the American political estabishment will pay attention to.

The American democracy does NOT normally take an active hand to ensure equity. However, it grants Am. citizens the full power to speak up & organize to reward and punish politicians. 80-20 stepped forth to demonstrate to YOU how American politics works. If YOU appreciate what 80-20 has done, YOU need to support it back.

To join, go Click on the red button first, then on the blue "HERE," and then the option to be a member for 3 years on the extreme right. Thank you.

Best and warmest regards,

S. B. Woo
Member, Executive Comm., 80-20 PAC, Inc.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Washington Post on 80-20 & Sen. McCain

A Washington Post article on 80-20 & Sen. McCain

An October 10, 2008, "McCain Losing His Chance To Win Over The Asian American Vote" article stated:

"There are legions of voters in this country who are completely invisible -- at least to the GOP. . . . . . . .

Since the start of this election, an Asian American Advocacy group known as the 80-20 Initiative has been pressing hard for the presidential candidates to commit to issues disproportionately plaguing Asian America. Obama signed a pledge during the primaries. 

And McCain?

No dice. Like I said, McCain can't see us -- something that might cost him big in November.

I get that in the past racial policies have proven divisive and polarizing, but the 80-20 Initiative isn't some radical, left-wing group asking that the presidential candidates commit to extreme racial projects. They're asking for commitments to fight the very real that Asian Americans face in the work force, from racialized glass ceilings to hiring discrimination practices to being consistently overlooked for federal judge appointments. (color added) And given that there's a fairly wide support for equal protection, signing wouldn't exactly cause the non-Asian American electorate to rush the streets and use it as the one issue to block a McCain administration from seeing the light of day.

But has he lost the Asian American swing vote by not signing the pledge? . . . . . . ."

For the full commentary, please visit

It is a wonderful piece by Joseph Bui, a fourth year Legal Studies major at the University of California, Berkeley. The opinion column for the Youth Vote Blog was featured on CBS News and The Washington Post.

Please note that Senator McCain may be regretting todays for not "seeing" Asian Americans as Sen. Obama did*. But it may NOT be too late for the Republican Party to begin seeing Asian Americans after this election. That was the point that the author so adroitly alluded to.

Election is only 21 days away. Be involved. Make a difference.

Respectfully yours,

S.B. Woo
Member, Executive Committee, 80-20 PAC, Inc.

* Sen. Obama gave an unequivocal one words answer "YES" to all six questions asked by 80-20; signed his reply and sent it to 80-20 on January 10. In other words, upon being president, Obama will help us fight in the work force and win equal justice. See Sen. Obama's commitment to us below right. The inequity suffered by Asian Americans in workplaces is documented in the Washington Post ad which has been entered into the Congressional Record. It is seen on the left. The flyer below will appear in Asian Am. media in all battleground states before Nov. 4. 80-20 fights for YOU. Join 80-20.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Asian Ams KEY to Obama's victory in BGS

BGS means battleground states where a presidential election is won or lost.

These are the states where 80-20 has focused its effort ever since it has endorsed Sen. Obama 2 months ago. In BGS, where the rest of the voters are voting 50/50, a bloc vote by Asian Ams will be soooooooooo powerful!

Where we have plowed, we reap -- following the 80-20 tradition! Here is the proof.

A 4 universities (Rutgers, UC Berkeley, USC, UC Riverside) poll was released 5 days ago*, Obama is actually getting a stronger bloc vote among AsAms in BGS than in the rest of the nation. That is astounding. One'd think that the rest of the nation which is ted by Asian Ams residing in blue states will deliver a stronger bloc vote for Obama. What an objective verification 80-20's effectiveness. According to that poll, Asian Ams go 43/22 for Obama versus McCain. Elsewhere it is 41/24. See *

80-20 didn't do it alone. But 80-20 alone has the ability to reach a lot of Asian Ams in those states with its pro-Obama messages and do polls. 80-20's prediction: at least 3 to 1 in favor of Obama in BGS on Nov. 4.

Thanks to YOU, 80-20 now has 15 times the Asian American e-mail addresses in BGS as it had 2 months ago. Asian Ams in those states send hundreds, sometimes thousands, of email addresses to us each day. The cyberspace campaign will now be complemented with a BIG media campaign to reach folks whom we can't reach via emails.

80-20 will buy a full-page ad in all weekly and monthly ethnic papers in Korean or Vietnamese or Chinese languages, provided that the cost is reasonable. By law, media must offer the lowest rate to political ads. Our ad in BGS is seen below. Be sure to forward it to your friends.

TOGETHER, we shall overcome.

Respectfully yours,

S. B. Woo
Member, Exec. Comm., 80-20 PAC, Inc.

1. Dr. Jeang Ming sent in $8,000 to enrich our election war chest.
2. Leadership Education for Asian Pacifics, Inc. (LEAP), a good AsAm organization, published a report: The State of Asian America: Trajectory of Civic and Political Engagement. for free downloading:

Monday, October 06, 2008

Register today to vote on Nov. 4th!

Don't throw your power away.

Asian Americans especially those who reside in the battle ground states (BGS) may play a VERY IMPORTANT ROLE and will exert a HUGE INFLUENCE in the upcoming President Primary Election. They will determine the outcome of the Presidential Race. The percentage of Asian Americans voters in those states may be small, but the margins of difference between Obama and McCain in those states are EVEN SMALLER. By voting as a block Asian Americans can determine the outcome, elect Obama and leave a substantial legacy to our children and grandchildren.

80-20 is reminding all Asian Americans to register to vote ASAP (if you have not already done so) - the deadline for registering to vote differs from State to States. Most will expire today or today plus 3.

If you have not already registered to vote, please follow the guideline below and do it ASAP.
REGISTRATION: The Registration Deadline varies from State to State. Follow the instructions at: . Choose your State first and follow the instructions to register. Please don’t forget to vote on November 4, 2008.

For details, see below.


Joel Wong
Member, Board of 80-20 PAC, Inc.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Voter registration is free. No postage is required to mail the voter registration application form to the County Elections Official (more information below).

You must:
Be a United States citizen
Be 18 years of age on or before the day of the election
Be a resident of the State you are voting
Not be in prison or on parole for the conviction of a felony
Not judicially determined to be incompetent to vote.
You do not need to know how to read or write in English or any other language. No tests are given when you register to vote. Probationers may vote.

Go on line at: and follow the instructions. The instructions and requirement and the deadline to register are different from State to State.
YOUR RESIDENCE This statute refers to your "domicile" - the place where your family lives, where you physically reside, the place you intend to return to whenever you are gone from it, the address on your driver's license, where you claim your homeowner's property tax exemption or renter's tax credit. You can have only one domicile, even if you have more than one house or residence.

A political party is a group of people who try to determine public policy and operate government by getting their candidates elected to office. For most States, the following are your choices: American Independent Party
Democratic Party
Green Party
Libertarian Party
Natural Law Party
Peace and Freedom
Republican Party
Independent - "Decline to State"

An absentee ballot is a paper ballot, with the same candidates and measures on it as you would receive at your polling place on Election Day. The ballot is mailed to you with instructions on how to mark it and how to return it.
You must request an absentee ballot for each election unless you have permanent absentee voter status. You may request an absentee ballot in writing on the form provided by your County Elections Official.

Friday, October 03, 2008

Good News. Winning the Battleground States!

8 days ago, on 9/25, 80-20 issued a "CALL TO ACTION" kicking off its campaign to focus on the Asian Americans residing in battle ground states (BGS) to go for Obama. Some asked, "Why? The %s of Asian Am. voters in those states are soooo small that it seems foolhardy to engage in such a campaign!"

Friends, our %s of voters in those states may be small, but the marginsof difference between Obama and McCain in those states are EVEN SMALLER.

Your GREAT response in sending me Asian Am. email addresses, coupled with 80-20's political know-how, have again paid off. 80-20 has receivedat least 4 times the number of Asian Am. email addresses in BGS than ithad before the "CALL TO ACTION." Using those new e-addresses, 80-20sent emails to Asian Ams residing in those states. Dramatic changes in BGS have occurred.

According to the CNN poll, Obama, who was once behind in 4 of the 6 states 80-20 is focusing on, is now ahead in Florida, Colorado, Missouriand Nevada!!! In Ohio and Virginia, Obama is so far ahead that they are already counted as "leaning Obama!"

80-20 does NOT claim that it did it alone. However, it is just another proof that 80-20 knows what it is doing – focusing on the right battles, creating the necessary momentum, and turning the tide – all with your trust and help.

80-20 is effectively rewarding Obama for sharing our concerns, and it is effectively punishing, YES PUNISHING, McCain for repeatedlyrejecting our rightful concerns. That is what effective politics in Americais all about – the ability to reward and punish. Our newsletters are so effective that numerous former McCain supporters either joined us (see* for an usual response) or gave up helping McCain.

With each effective "rewarding and punishing," America's political establishment has paid more attention to the RIGHTFUL concernsof Asian Americans.

Help 80-20 so that it can continue to help YOU. Keep sending Asian Am. e-mail addresses in BGS to! These e-addresses will help win the BGS for us! Together we shall overcomeand become equal citizens of America!


S. B. Woo
Member, Exec. Comm., 80-20 PAC, Inc.

* See a typical response: "So I may still hold my nose and help 80-20 byvoting for the unproven B.O. and hope that somehow he can grow into his role. Tiara"

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Is Sen. McCain of presidential material?

Many people liked John McCain as a Senator. He is a maverick. He plays a useful function in the senate CLUB. However, is he of presidential material? Here is what George Will, the Dean of conservative columnists, and Joe Klein, the liberal columnists for Time Magazine, wrote about his John McCain as a possible president.

George Will wrote in the Washington Post (

"Under the pressure of the financial crisis, one presidential candidateis behaving like a flustered rookie playing in a league too high. It is….John McCain….. For McCain, politics is always operatic, pitting peoplewho agree with him against those who are “corrupt” or “betray the publics interest”…. It is arguable that, because of his inexperience, Obama is notready for the presidency. It is arguable that McCain, because of his boiling moralism and reservoir of certitude, is not suited to thepresidency. Unreadiness can be corrected, although perhaps at great cost, by experience. Can a dismaying temperament be fixed?"

Joe Klein wrote in the Time Magazine: (,8599,1842030,00.html)

"Every politician stretches the truth. But McCain is running a uniquely dishonest campaign. John McCain has raised serious questions about whether he has the character to lead the nation."

When two noted columnists, coming from opposite ends of the political spectrum, saw character flaws in McCain that is not presidential, it is noteworthy.

Was McCain singing “Bomb, , . , , , ” in answering a question about Iran presidential? Was lying in TV ads about Obama beyond the rules and traditions of American politics presidential? Was picking Sarah Palin as his VP candidate to get votes in spite of his age and bouts with melanoma presidential? Was acting like a rookie playing scapegoat against the Chair of the Securities and Exchange Commission presidential?

Personally, I still think McCain is a good senator. His willingness to rock the boat as 1 among 100 in the senate CLUB is praiseworthy. However, John McCain as the president of the most powerful nation of the world is a scary prospect. “President John McCain” could be more dangerous to the nation and the world than President Bush.


S. B. Woo
Member, Executive Comm., 80-20 PAC, Inc.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

CALL TO ACTION - America respects fighters‏

2008 shall be OUR year.

We got the commitments from Obama/Biden. More importantly, we got the candidates who can win the November election to honor their commitments to us.

However, we can't just sit back & watch. We must HELP Obama/Biden win. They need help in the battleground states (BGS) of
Florida, Missouri, New Hampshire, Ohio, Nevada & Colorado.

Whether you reside in BGS or not, you can help:

1) HELP S. B. WOO reach the Asian Americans who live in BGS.
Send S. B. the email addresses of people living in the BGS including your own if you live in a BGS. Group the email addresses, according to states and email to Even one e-address shall be appreciated. If S. B. gets one from each of the 700,000 on 80-20's list, he'll get 700,000 BGS Asian Am. email addresses.

2) VOLUNTEER to collect e-mail address in BGS for S. B.
E-mail S. B. your name, so that he'll know who are his great Captains in order to thank you personally & publicly. Send him your collected e-addresses in BGS ASAP. It will be FANTASTIC.
Remember the irrefutable evidence of discrimination against us in the workplaces that is shown in The Washington Post ad, which was entered into the Congressional Record? How could it have happened without arousing our outrage? Have we been too passive and timid? YOU can address that issue starting now. Join the CALL TO ACTION!

History beckons. Be an Equality Marcher who works to induce America to accept Asian American as equals, in words and in DEEDS. Your grandchildren may one day look at you and say "Wow."

Look up your address book NOW! I await your email.


S. B. Woo
Member, Executive Comm., 80-20 PAC, Inc.

PS If you really can't help with my search for e-addresses in BGS, and yet want to help, then please donate to Obama by visiting . Tell us that you have done so. Thanks. :-)

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Why Should AsAms Go for Obama/Biden?

People not familiar with the American political system think an election is to choose the better of the two candidates ONLY. It is that and MUCH MORE than that!

American forefathers have designed the election so that ordinary people like YOU and YOUR children may also get YOUR grievances aired and possibly relieved. During elections, American politicians listen and are ready to implement CHANGE.

Take a look at the end of this email to see how YOU and YOUR children have been denied equal opportunity in workplaces in America. The irrefutable evidence is indeed a part of the Congressional Record* of Sept. 21, 2006. Then look at the full page Washington Post ad to see the iron clad commitments that Obama & Biden have made to make YOU an equal citizen of the USA. Through such a political process, America becomes "a more perfect Union," while WE become equal citizens.

Remember that McCain refused to make the same commitments after repeated efforts/pleas by 80-20. McCain does not care about us.

Seize the historic opportunity to become equal citizens by helping Obama/Biden win!

To know more about 80-20 PAC or to join, visit

Respectfully yours,
S. B. Woo
Member, Executive Comm., 80-20 PAC, Inc.

How could such irrefutable evidence of discrimination against Asian Americans in workplace have existed for decades without a strong protest from our community? Could it be because that so many of us are passive and timid? Now see the Obama commitment to us, shown below.

Seize the historic opportunity to become equal citizens of the US by helping Obama/Biden win! Forward this newsletter to your friends. To know more about 80-20 PAC or to join, visit

Monday, September 22, 2008

Newest Poll: AsAms. support Obama/McCain by 3.4/1

Great news! Since 80-20 has endorsed Obama/Biden on 8/4, things have improved greatly. The latest poll result on how Asian Ams may vote is shown below. If the election were today, Asian Americans nationwide favor Obama over McCain by a 3.4 To 1 ratio or by 77% to 23%. The margin of error in this 80-20 poll is +/- 10%.

Details about the polls are shown in the appendix, if you are interested.

Exciting 80-20 activities in the presidential race will be reported to you often from here on. When the Obama/Biden team wins, we'll get our equal opportunity in workplaces. Thank you.

Respectfully yours,

S. B. Woo
Member, Executive Comm., 80-20 PAC, Inc.

APPENDIX: About 80-20's Polls

[A] Background:

80-20 takes frequent polls. Some of you might even have participated in some 80-20 polls. 80-20 recently took 3 polls:

1) A benchmark poll on 7/27/08: It was taken a few days before 80- 20's Endorsement Convention. The sample is 2400 person who mildly support 80-20, of whom 1 in 10 are 80-20 members. They favored Obama over McCain by a 3.8 To 1 ratio. (Note that the absolute value of 3.8 is NOT meaningful, since the sample is mildly supportive of 80-20.)

2) An updated poll on 9/18: Since the last poll, 80-20 had endorsed Obama; Obama had picked Biden and McCain had chosen Palin. 80-20 wanted to find out how all of that has impacted the Asian Am votes. The same poll was sent to the same email list, although those who happened to respond to the poll may be different persons. They now favor Obama over McCain by a 4.9 To 1 ratio. Good progress!

3) An un-biased poll of Asian Am. voters. The questions used in polls 1) and 2) were sent to a random sample of Asian Ams. whose attitude towards 80-20 is unknown but who are almost all registered voters. This group supports Obama over McCain by a 3.4 To 1 ratio. In this poll the absolute value of 3.4 is meaningful. It means that Asian Ams. will favor Obam over McCain by 3.4 to 1.

80-20 has delivered increasingly larger bloc votes to its endorsed candidates. It was 65% in the 2000 and 2004 presidential elections; 70% in the 2006 Congressional election, and 75% in Calif's Democratic primary on Feb. 5, 2008.

This year, Asian Ams may be supporting 80-20's endorsed presidential candidate by a whopping 80% to 20% bloc vote - our namesake.

[B] The Poll Contents:

1. I am
a) not registered to vote
b) registered as a Democrat
c) registered as an Independent/undeclared
d) registered as a Republican.

2. If the election were today, I'll vote for
a) Senator McCain
b) Sen. Obama
c) not vote
d) others

3. 80-20 works for Asian American interests
a) strongly agree
b) agree
c) no opinion
d) disagree
e) strongly disagree
[Poll Result? About 80% of the respondents chose 3a) and 3b). Only 5% chose 3d) and 3e).]

[C] The Composition of Participants in the Polls:

1. I am
a) not registered to vote:
7/27/08 bench poll -6%; 9/18 updated poll -6%; 9/18 un-biased poll -6%
b) registered as a Democrat:
7/27/08 bench poll -52%; 9/18 updated poll -36%; 9/18 un-biased poll -42%
c) registered as an Indep/Decline:
7/27/08 bench poll -28%; 9/18 updated poll -46%; 9/18 un-biased poll -38%
d) registered as a Republican:
7/27/08 bench poll -14%; 9/18 updated poll -12%; 9/18 un-biased poll -14%

The % of the Republicans in all 3 polls shown above may seem low. However, Asian Americans who are still registered as Republicans have become rare a species, just like the situation in all minority communities. The huge national poll on Asian Americans, sponsored by the National Science Foundation in 2001*, done with the highest polling standards, showed only 22% Asian Ams Republicans. In the 7 years since 2001, the % of AsAm Republicans has apparently decreased further.


Friday, September 19, 2008

Feedback on "President Palin?"

Feedback on 80-20's last email entitled, "President Palin?"

Many asked interesting related questions about the choices in this election. See items 3, 6, and 11, for instance.

1) Totally agree. Richard M. DiGeorgio

2) Valuable information and good analyses! Thanks! Lee

3) #1 and foremost, thank you so much for working towards equality for the Asians in this country.…. SB, I always value your ideas and political experience. Can you shed some light on me, please? Hau-Tak Yu
[My answer: I am voting for the Obama/Biden ticket primarily because it is for Asian Ams' self interest to get that team into the White House. In becoming equal citizens, we are also helping to make the US "a more perfect Union."]

4) I believe the Republicans have put a "wolf in sheep's clothing" on their ticket. After listening to the Charlie Gibson interview, I am convinced Sarah Palin is a George Bush "with lipstick". Ann Akiko Kusumoto

5) So it's not really about the country, huh? It's about self-interest as usual. A newspaper reporter
[My answer: OF COURSE!!! In America an election is a time for the people to air their grievances and get the grievances addressed.]

6) I would recommend that you not talk about "cashing in" on Obama's commitment. Jack Takamura
[My answer: Why not? In America an election is a window for people to air their grievances and get the grievances addressed.]

7) A nice shot. John Wang
[My comment: 80-20 is non-partisan until we have endorsed someone. Once we have endorsed, we are very political. The train for Sen. MaCain has left the station. ]

8) Good comments about Gov. Palin and Sen. MaCain. I appreciate your good work for the Asian/Chinese American community. Franklin Tse, P.E.

9) Here is some thought about McCain. Please share it with our members if you wish. It is my letter to the editor. Ramon Lim, Professor, University of Iowa (For ID purposes only)

"Subject: McCain - A Dangerous Combination

Over the past week, we have been deluged with information about the presidential candidates. Among the items that lifted our heart was the life story of John McCain as a war hero. Each and every one of us was moved by his patriotism and his refusal to be released as a POW. Nevertheless, while watching a CNN report on September 6th, I was bothered by two incidents that also came out of his life story. First, he graduated in the bottom five of his class at the Naval Academy, a fact less than flattering for leadership. The second occurred during a training flight in 1958, when his plane crashed and sank into the bottom of the sea because of engine failure, an that almost cost his life. McCain was quoted as saying that I remember there's some kind of a switch here somewhere that blows the canopy off the airplane, but I didn't read that book, and I don't know where the switch is. From the sea bottom, he was able to get out only after he managed to wrench the canopy open". Now, flying a military plane and not knowing how to eject oneself in an emergency is like learning to drive a car without knowing how to hit the brake. Such recklessness reminds us of the current president who mounted the invasion of a foreign country without an exit plan. What do these incidents tell us? Bravery without knowledge and prudence can be a very dangerous combination. Ramon Lim"
NOTE: 80-20 has verified that the above statements are true.

10) What's worse is that she believes that the war in Iraq is ordained by "God." How does she know? If so, why hasn't "God" won the war? When asked by Charlie Gibson, she didn't know what the Bush Doctrine was so how would she know if "God" supported the Bush doctrine. Tsiwen Law
[Note: Documentation of the above is shown below. ]

- On God's mission to invade Iraq:
- On possible war with Russia:

11) I am very worried about Democrats making empty promises just to get the votes. Ekonglo@xxxxxxxxx
[My answer: Those were NOT empty promises. See the appendix below to understand why the commitments are iron-clad!!!]

Respectfully yours.

S. B. Woo
Member, Exec. Comm., 80-20 PAC, Inc.

Appendix :
Subject: Are the promises really iron-clad?
(This newsletter was published on January 7, 2008)

Question: How reliable is the commitment made to 80-20, when a candidate actually becomes the President?
Answer: 100% reliable.

Q: Why?
A: Because if the world finds out that the President of the US doesn't honor a written and signed commitment answered with one word: YES, then no one will trust his/her words from there on. No president will ever want to lose his/her reputation of being trustworthy over such a politically simple task as giving Asian Ams the same rights that all other Americans have already enjoyed.

Q: What if the President DOES break his/her promise to us, how is the world going to find out? Is 80-20 going to tell the world?
A: While 80-20 will work like hell to get the White House to fulfill the President's commitment, 80-20 will NOT embarrass the President of our nation thusly.

Q: Then how will the world know?
A: The world of politics is full of intrigues. The president of the US, has many political enemies. Some of them will love to hurt the presidency anyway they can. Such parties will love to buy a full page ad in the NY Time, showing an electronic image of the reply that 80-20 has received and show that the President has not fulfilled his promise and is therefore NOT trustworthy. No President will ever ignore such a possibility. After all, electronic copies of Sen. Clinton & Edwards's replies have been released to the national press and on our website for a long time. Visit:

Q: If the commitment is fulfilled, how will Asian Ams gain?
A: In about 10 years, the number of Asian American managers will double in private industries, universities/school and in the Federal gov. In 4 years, the number of Asian American Federal judges will more than double. Their ranks will include Circuit Court Judges, if not a Supreme Court Justice. Above all, it will mean that all of us will finally be accepted as equal citizens.

Q: Hmm. That is truly significant, if you are right. But I still wonder why do you need to defeat Senator Obama? A: It is because we'll not get to benefit from these commitments if Obama wins the Democratic primary. When Obama wins, Clinton, Edwards and Richardson will lose. With their losses, we lose our historic chance to achieve equal opportunity. Hence, it is not that we want to defeat Obama, we want to protect our own much delayed equal opportunity in work places. (Note: This part is no longer relevant, since Sen. Obama also replied with all yeses on Jan. 31, 2008)

Note: For the same reason that we wanted to defeat Sen. Obama BEFORE he replied with all yes, we must now defeat Sen. McCain. 80-20 works for YOUR interest regardless of party affiliations.

Friday, September 12, 2008

President Sarah Palin?

You be the judge! Did Sen. McCain make a responsible decision in naming Gov. Palin as his Vice Presidential candidate?

Sen. McCain is 72 years old. If elected, he'll be the oldest president ever elected to his first term. Pres. Reagan was 69 when he took office.

Sen. McCain has had 4 bouts with melanoma - a potentially fatal form of skin cancer. Melanoma was found on his left shoulder in 1993; on his left arm in 2000; AGAIN in August 2000 on his left temple causing a surgery that left a long scar running down the back of his neck for fear that it had spread to a key lymph note; and on his nose in 2002.

Sen. McCain has served our nation with honor. However, his selection of Gov. Palin as a V.P. candidate may be an exception. Competing to be the next president is a very consuming process. Has Sen. McCain been succumbed by his ambition? From America's perspective, is McCain winning Sen. Clinton's former female supporters more important than having a good backup for an aging President with 4 bouts with melanoma?

Here are "President Palin's" qualifications*.

Sarah Palin served two terms (1992 to 1996) as a council member of Wasilla, a small town of about 5000 persons, in Alaska. She won two terms as the mayor of Wasilla (1996 to 2002). She lost an election for Lt. Governor in 2002. She has served as the Governor of Alaska for less than 2 years.

She has no national security and no foreign policy experience. Her brief experience as a governor is strikingly different from those of other governors.

While other governors struggle with tight budgets or even budget deficits, Gov. Palin had the luxury of dealing with a $5 billion budget surplus --Alaska being an oil exporting state. Hence, she doesn't even have the minimum training of a normal governor -- how to build a budget in these days of decreasing resources.

Pass the word. Let America know about our potential "President Palin" before we choose.

S. B. Woo** Member, Executive Comm., 80-20 PAC, Inc.

* Does Obama also lack qualification?
That could be argued in earlier days. However, he has proven himself through numerous debates and the winning of the toughest primary within memory beating an experienced and extremely tough opponent in Sen. Clinton. How many questons on national security has President Palin answered during debates much less proving herself in the test by fire of the "real politic?"

**Was lecturing at Tsinghua Univ., Beijing, China. Be back tomorrow to help Obama win so that we can cash in on Obama's commitments to us.

Friday, September 05, 2008

Check/Cash Donations for Obama

Dear 80-20 Members and Supporters,

While we had numerous donors in one week contributing $5 each to ourrecent Call to Action, we realized that some of us would prefer to donate by checks or cash. Therefore, in addition to credit cards, we now haveprocedures to accept checks or cash.

1. For personal checks

a. make checks in any amount to Obama for America - mail toObama for America, P O Box 802798, Chicago IL 60680

b. fill out the Obama for America form for eachdonor - mail to above address

c. mail a copy of the same list of donors to 80-20 PAC,31 Pueblo del Sol, Alamogordo, NM 88310; or fax to 800-877-1676;or e-mail to sbw@UDel.Edu or

2. For cash

a. purchase a cashier's check with cash collected in any amounts- mail to Obama for America, P O box 802798, Chicago, IL 60680

b. fill out Obama for America form for each donor - mail toabove address

c. mail a copy of the same list of donors to 80-20 PAC,31 Pueblo del Sol, Alamogordo, NM 88310; or fax to 800-877-1676;or e-mail to or

We need to deliver as many Asian American supporters to Sen. Obama aspossible to show our support.

If Obama Wins -- We All Win

I encourage all of us to hold house parties and ask everyone you know to fill outthe Obama for America form and donate either cash, check or credit card charge.

Our goal to break the Glass Ceiling depends on All of Us

Together We Build a Better Tomorrow

Kathleen To
President, 80-20 Initiative

Friday, August 29, 2008

Ready to vote for Obama?‏

"This election is not about me. It is about YOU." -- Obama in his acceptance speech.

YOU will benefit greatly when the Obama/Biden team is elected, owing to the iron-clad promises made to Asian Americans by both. See below.

YOU will benefit greatly, because America needs change and Obama has set out a superb program about how to change.

What a substantive speech Obama made!

Obama emphasized education to get America's jobs back instead of blaming China. To get our economy moving again, he promised to cut taxes for 95% of all working families instead of cutting taxes for the rich. To regain America's prestige he will work with Biden to pursue forceful diplomacy instead of unilateralism backed by America's military muscles.

Indeed, this election is NOT about Obama or McCan. This election is about YOU!

So take a good look at the signed commitments to YOU by Obama and Biden. When they are elected, will YOU benefit?

Ponder for a moment, if America needs change. Will such changes benefit America and YOU?

Are you ready to vote for Obama/Biden? If not, please email me. I want to understand your reservations.

Countless Asian Ams working through 80-20 have labored for YOU for the last 10 years. They have shed sweat, tears, and blood to create the current opportunity for YOU. Unite and seize this historic opportunity together by electing Obama/Biden! We will then have fulfilled our historic responsibility to our children.

Visit Donate $5 to Obama/Biden.

Most sincerely yours,

S. B. Woo
Member, Executive Committee 80-20 PAC, Inc.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Biden, A Delawarean, Is Obama's V.P. Choice

Good news! Sen. Joseph Biden, a Delawarean who as a presidential candidates was among the first to reply to 80-20's questionnaire with all yeses, is now Sen. Obama's running mate. To see Biden's signed iron- clad commitment to us, click on

Ponder for a moment its implication: Both the President and the Vice President of this nation will be unequivocally committed to give Asian Americans equal opportunity in workplaces and equal justice, provided we help elect them on Nov. 4th.

I know Sen. Biden well*, beng once a Lieutenant Governor of Delaware. Indeed, my wife, Katy, used to manage Sen. Biden's home district office. We have both been to his home many times. We know Biden as a person who cares deeply for equal justice, and equal opportunity for all Americans.

What a team that is. Obama has the leadership; Biden has the experience. Obama wants to see change; Biden has the know how to forge that change in Congress, having been a senator for 36 years. Obama wants to unite our nation; Biden is recognized as having chaired the least partisan committee of the Senate -- the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.

Don't let this historic opportunity slip by. Asian Americans have NEVER had a brighter prospect to become equal citizens of America.

Do your share to elect them! Pass the word.

Respectfully yours,

S. B. Woo
Member, Executive Committee, 80-20 PAC, Inc.

*If you'll do your share now, I'll do my best to make sure that the commitments are fulfilled as soon as possible. Asian Ams. have helplessly let our children down in the past. Don't let this opportunity pass!

History has taught us that a Harvard/Yale law degree won't get an Asian Am. the equal opportunity to be appointed a Federal judge. It takes the political process to win equal opportunity for minorities. 80-20 is leading the way.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

CALL TO ACTION -- Help Obama!‏

Call To Action -- Help Senator Obama win!

Do you expect Sen. Obama to fulfill his commitments to us? Of course, you do.

Take a careful look at his commitments to you, shown below. They are humongous & unprecedented commitments, with immense positive implication for you and your children.

Commitment is a two-way street, however. We must help back. Help Obama to help ourselves.

80-20 is planning many actions to help him. The first is to help him raise $5 from at least 5,000 Asian American donors within one week. It'll compare well to Obama's proud record of receiving 1,000,000 small donations in one year nationally. Divide 1,000,000 by 20 (we are 5% of the total population) and 52 (52 weeks in 1 year), it comes to 1000 small donors per week.

Please donate $5 to Sen. Obama now at All US citizens and permanent residents of any age may do so. Don't get children under 10 involved. Each $5 contribution must have a name & an address. 80-20 is bundling the money to pass on to Obama. z

Get your family & friends to participate please. With your great help, we could get up to 15,000 donors in one week. It'll be a magnificent demonstration of our UNITY & participation in the affairs of this great nation. An opportunity like this to demonstrate our cohesiveness doesn't come often. Step up to the challenge, Asian Americans!

Save this signed Obama letter to show your grandchildren for your part in Asian Am. history. If you don't see the letter above this line, please click on

Our next Call to Acton will be to help Obama win 3 to 6 battle ground states. The margins of difference between Obama and McCan in those states are so small that a 4 to 1 bloc vote for Obama by the SMALL Asian Ams population in those states will deliver their electoral college votes to Obama.

Contribution $5 NOW please! Go


Awaiting your $5.00 for our children's sake,

S. B. Woo
Founding President, 80-20 PAC, Inc.

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

80-20 Endorses Sen. Obama for President

80-20 Endorsed Sen. Obama for President. Its Endorsement Convention was attended by 33 Delegates and 3 Alternates, 1/3 Republicans, 1/3 Democrats, and 1/3 (Independents/Declines) on 8/2/08 in Foster City, CA.

Delegates were so enthused about the quality and the sense of FAIRNESS and UNITY of the Convention that 2 couples each donated $10,000 to 80-20, without ANY prompting from 80-20. They are
Peter and Grace Wang, and
Charles and Lynn Zhang.

Indeed 3 of those 4 generous donors are Republicans, illustrating the fantastic spirit of unity at the Convention.

Why Obama? For two reasons.

First, Sen. Obama committed unequivocally to give Asian Americans equal opportunity, while Sen. McCain did not. See Sen. Obama's signed commitment below:

Second, Sen. Obama's party did more deeds for Asian Americans in the last 4 years. On Oct. 25, 2006, the Chair of the Democratic National Committee, Howard Dean, wrote to the President of 80-20, promising to work with 80-20 to encourage Congress to hold a public hearing on the glass ceiling over Asian Americans in workplaces. After the Democrats gained control of the House and the Senate, the legislation sponsored by Congressman David Wu (D), was finally passed by Congress, giving underserved Asian American students the same educational assistance long available to other minority groups -- a historic first. Democrats sponsored immigration bills favoring family reunion, and legislations with stiff penalty for hate crimes. All of the above areas are important to the Asian American community.

For photos about 80-20's Convention, go
For details about the Convention, see a mainstream media article entitled: "Largest Asian-American PAC Endorses Obama." Go
The Huffington Post is like the New York Times in WEB news. 80-20 was honored to be covered by the Huffington Post, and by many Chinese and Korean print and web media including Sino Web, 1 radio station, 1 mainstream TV & 3 ethnic TV stations during the Convention.

Words are cheap. Endorsement is a set of words. To make sure that we can cash in on Sen. Obama's iron-clad commitments to us, we must help him win the election above & beyond words. In the next newsletters, we'll suggest WHAT YOU CAN DO to help Obama AND our community win.

For now, please go visit the sites and spread the word. THANK YOU.

Respectfully yours,

S.B. Woo
Member, Exec. Comm., 80-20 PAC, Inc.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

80-20's Claim Challenged!

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Friday, July 18, 2008

80-20 Cause the "Milestone" in UCLA's Report?‏

UCLA's Press release of July 3,2008 stated:
"Super Tuesday of the 2008 presidential primary was a milestone in the emergence of Asian Americans as a factor in American politics."

Question: Did 80-20 cause that milestone?
Answer: Yes.

Q: Do you have evidence?
A: 4 irrefutable evidences. 80-20 challenges anyone who disagrees with the evidences.

1) 80-20 is the only Asian Am. organization that has ever advocated an AsAm bloc vote.

2) 80-20 has the knowhow and the work ethic to create that bloc vote. 7 months before Super Tuesday, 80-20 already predicted the "MILESTONE." 80-20 sent a newsletter to its 700,000 supporters entitled "Political Secrets II: AsAms, the Kingmakers in CA Primary." To verify, visit

3) On 2/4/08, 80-20 sent a newsletter entitled "Advice On Who To Vote For Tomorrow." It said, " In California, do a bloc vote for Sen. Clinton." It went on to predict that we'll cast a bloc vote in CA for Clinton "stronger than that of the Hispanics." Result? AsAm voted 3 to 1 for Sen. Clinton, while Hispanics voted 2 to 1 only.

4) CNN recognized 80-20's contribution to that MILESTONE. Visit

Of course 80-20 had help. 80-20's California affiliates like CAPA, CBC, CPAC and APAPA helped. The large number of Asian Am. elected officials in CA, who've endorsed Clinton, helped. Together, under the leadership of 80-20, we produced this "MILESTONE."

To non-80-20 members:
80-20 has served you greatly. It set a vision to make AsAms a factor in American politics. It worked tirelessly for YOU to deliver the vision. Will you encourage us by joining as dues paying members? Does $35 or $50 mean that much to you? As UCLA's Press release says "still more can be done." Go

80-20 is gutsy, knowledgeable in politics, and dedicated to you. Be pioneers! Help make the "awaken sleeping giant" even stronger. Share the burden.

Respectfully yours,

S. B. Woo Member, Exec. Comm., 80-20 PAC, Inc.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

All Set to Endorse the Next President of the USA

33 Delegates, 1/3 Republican, 1/3 Democrat and 1/3 Independent, have been elected. A few Alternates of each affiliation have also been elected. They will meet at the Crowne Plaza Hotel, Foster City, CA on August 2, 2008 (Saturday).

Media professisonals & 80-20 dues-paying members are welcome as observers. The Delegates will decide to endorse one or none or both presidential candidates. Their endorsement will influence at lease 1.75 million Asian Am. votes as past elections have repeatedly proven. A recent report from one of the most prestigious academic institutions on Asian American affairs, UCLA's Asian Am Studies Center dubbed Asian Americans as "awakened political giants." See

80-20 salutes all candidates for Delegates as role models for our community, and want our community to be aware of these names and the sacrifice they are making, especially when airfares are so expensive these days.

The candidates who have received the 11 top most votes in each political affiliation become the Delegates. The rest become the first, second,.. Alternates.

Elected Democratic Delegates & Alternates:
James Chen 178 votes (45.99 %)
John Fong 243 votes (62.79 %)
Beverly Hong 233 (60.21 %)
Alice S. Huang 273 (70.54 %)
Ed Lin 266 (68.73 %)
Dick Ling 171 (44.19 %)
Amy Mok 270 (69.77 %)
Linden Nishinaga 272 (70.28 %)
Kim Song 259 (66.93 %)
Lena Tam 249 (64.34 %)
Gary Tang 152 (39.28 %)
Macy Tong 151 (39.02 %)
Benjamin Wang 225 (58.14 %)
Peter Wang 209 (54.01 %)
Ming Wei 174 (44.96 %)
Katy Woo 269 (69.51 %)

Elected Republica Delegates & Alternates:
Constance Chen 203 (52.45 %)
Jack Chen 248 (64.08 %)
Manzur Chowdhury 243 (62.79 %)
Daniel Feng 214 (=55.30 %)
Victor Lee 242 (=62.53 %)
Yuko Julie Nakanishi 258 (66.67 %)
Jonathan Tang 240 (62.02 %)
Willian Uy 215 (55.56 %)
Grace Wang 245 (63.31 %)
Victor Wu 200 (51.68 %)
Charles Zhang 218 (56.33 %)
Lynn Zhang 207 (53.49 %)

Elected Independent Delegates & Alternates:
Cedric Cheng 233 (60.21 %)
Arthur Cheung 211 (54.52 %)
Ken Chew 194 (50.13 %)
David Choy 199 (51.42 %)
Ming Fang 201 (51.94 %)
Adrian Ho 233 (60.21 %)
Laura Hsu 276 (71.32 %)
Shin-Shem Steven Pei
253 (65.37 %)
Frank Tung 187 (48.32 %)
Kathleen To 282 (72.87 %)
Joel Wong 231 (59.69 %)
S. B. Woo 338 (87.34 %)
Jon Wu 232 (59.95 %)

Join 80-20 now! Go

Warm regards,

S. B. Woo Member, Exec. Comm., 80-20 PAC, Inc.