Thursday, August 24, 2006

YOUR full-page ad in Washington Post

Seen below is YOUR full-page color ad to appear in Washington Post at the back of its Business section! It is a well-designed package making the best case presentation on behalf of YOU and your children. At the least, it will become the raison d'etre of a long struggle to eliminate the glass ceiling above us. At the best, it'll become the shock wave shattering the glass ceiling HERE AND NOW. Please read the ad now.

Your ad costs $33,000 to $45,000 depending on how soon we want it published. 80-20 Educational Foundation has already raised the basic money for you. Will you donate to help publish it sooner?,

Once your ad is published, it will be read into the Congressional Record by a member of the Congress. History beckons!

Your ad will also be THE TOOL TO OPEN THE DOORS OF

1. editorial boards of major mainstream media,

2. news programs such as 60 Minutes of CBS, 20/20 of ABC & Dateline NBC in our attempt to induce them to publicize our plight,

3. major foundations in our application for big grants to make a long and sustained effort to win equal opportunity for Asian Americans,

4. Senate and House Committees to induce public hearings*,

5. National Republican Party (RNC) and DNC to induce action PRIOR to the 2006 election*,

6. Large law firms to take our case to the courts for the enforcement of Executive Order 11246, which will be very costly in time and money and will be our last resort.

If you know of organizations that may want to be sponsors of this historic ad, ask them to get in touch with S. B. Woo directly via 30 plus public-minded, generous Asian Ams. andAsAm. orgs. are already sponsors, each paying $1,000. Their names will be displayed in the box seen in the lower right hand side of the ad.

The clarion has sounded. History beckons. Let's together fulfill our historic generational responsibility.

Best regards,

President, 80-20 Educational Foundation, Inc.

* The Educational Foundation will not engage in activities described initems 4 and 5. However, OTHER organizations, including the 80-20 PAC, could use our ad for those purposes.

PS Some have argued for using stronger language in the ad. For example, using a word like "discrimination;" talk about urging thegovernment to enforce Executive Order 11246 for Asian Ams. If suchsentiments were expressed, Washington Post would charge us "advocacy rate" for the ad which will be 3 times more expensive. In addition, our focus group discussions showed that Caucasians, especially males, react very negatively to such a presentation. We deem the current approach to be the best for now.

Friday, August 18, 2006

Are Asian Ams discriminated against? PART II

Since 80-20 respects opposing views and is interested in the truth ONLY, we look into 4 more myths against Asian Ams. The detailed documentation of the evidence against these myths, visit

1. How about the cultural differences obvious in so many Asian Ams? AsAms may just not have sufficient managerial ambition and/or flexibility, ability, language skills, sense of humor, …, etc.

"Men are from Mars and women are from Venus." So the cultural difference between men and women is not only large but intrinsic. But that has not prevented women from becoming leaders nowadays. Think Sandra Day O'Connor, Carly Fiorina, Diane Feinstein, Hillary Clinton, Condi Rice, Madeleine Albright, Meg Whitman, and Donna Shalala.

When discrimination against women was rampant, women were thought to be having less "managerial ambition and/or internal fortitude, skills, communication skills and sense of humor." When Executive Order 11246 came out in 1965 and was enforced by the Labor Department to give women a fair chance to become managers, women rose to the challenge. The same will be true for Asian Americans.

2. 80-20 is stirring trouble. There is NO empirical evidence that AsAms feel discriminated at work.

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, EEOC, engaged the Gallup Poll to do a national survey of workers' perception of discrimination at work. Earlier this year, Gallup Poll announced that Asian American have the highest % of workers among all races who perceived that they are been discriminated at work. Visit:

3. We need patience. The next generation will not face discrimination at work.

The next generation doesn't come in all of a sudden. They come in day by day. So 80-20 looked at AsAm's rate of progress in getting into management for the period of 6 years from 1995 to 2001 in the private industries, universities and Federal gov. At the current rate of progress, AsAms will reach the national average chance of getting into management in another 75 years or about 3 more generations! Look at what is happening with Hispanics and women; they have less then half the distance to climb to equal opportunity than AsAms, and are climbing at twice our rate of improvement. See how having GROUP political clout can make a difference?

4. Statistics can be used to lie. Why focus on the three areas of private industries, universities and Federal gov.? Why not look at the picture for all workers?

We looked at those 3 areas because reliable data (EEO-1, OPM and NCES data) are available. According to the 2000 Census, when the entire civilian workforce is taken into consideration, Asian Americans still have the lowest odds to get into management.

Category Ratio
All 1.oo
White 1.0599
Hispanics 0.862
Blacks 0.765
Women 0.730
Asian Pacific Islanders 0.703

EEO-1 Categories, Data using US Census: total civilian workforce (tabulation)

Concluding Remarks:
The end result we face today is at least partially our own fault.

America is a great country and has one of the best political systems. However, all political systems are run by human beings and human beings are full of frailties. The most common frailty is that human beings tend to "accommodate the strong and step on the weak."

When all the other races and groups are organized and have the political clout to punish any organization and/or politician that commit unfair acts against them, Asian Americans remain self/family centered and grossly ignore the need for AsAm GROUP political clout.

Ask yourself! How often have you given time and/or money to strengthen the Asian Am. GROUP interest? In a democratic system each race/group/company/union is required to organize and speak up for itself!

Join 80-20. Using a credit card, visit
PERSONAL checks are payable to "80-20 PAC", mailed to:
Jing-Li Yu Director of Projects
P.O. Box 527340 Flushing, NY 11352-7340 .
Write down your E-MAIL address & PHONE no. on the BACK of the check.
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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Q & A on "Are we discriminated against?" – Part 1

Many people, including some AsAms, don't believe that AsAms are being discriminated against in the workplace. Since 80-20 respects opposing views and is interested in the truth, we looked into their points of view.

We found powerful facts to the contrary.

Here are 5 common myths against us and the truth. For the detailed documentation of the evidence against these myths, visit

1. Could the low chance for Asian Americans to be promoted to managers be due to the lack of seniority in the Asian American work force?

Asian Americans have more average seniority than Hispanics, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. However, Hispanics have enjoyed a much higher chance of being promoted to the managerial class.

2. A lot of managers have business degrees. Asian Americans tend to get Engineering and Science degrees. Could that be why we have so few people in the managerial level?

The % of Asian Americana with a business degree is 85% HIGHER than that of the national average. More in Engineering/Science don't imply fewer business majors. How come? That is because we have a much fewer % of people in such degree fields as English, history, psychology, liberal arts …, etc. Indeed, Asian Americans have the highest % of people with MBAs, and the second highest % of people with either bachelor's or a doctoral degrees in business.

3. The "Average AsAm Income" is higher than that of all races and groups except for the White. Is that proof positive that AsAms are not being discriminated against?

Income is tightly coupled to educational attainment according to Census 2000. If AsAm workers were paid the average national salary according to their educational attainment, the "Average AsAm Income" should be about 15% HIGHER than that of "Average White Income." The reason is that AsAms have much higher educational attainment. However, in reality, average AsAm income is LOWER than that of Caucasians.

4. But the average AsAm HOUSEHOLD income is indeed the highest of the nation. So is that proof positive?

AsAm HOUSEHOLD income should be even higher for the following reasons:

"Asians nationally have the highest household incomes… due to larger households with more earners…. Both sexes [of AsAms] can earn less than Whites when education is taken into account…. Asians have lower per capita income than whites." Visit: Hu is an Asian Week columnist and MIT-educated engineer).

5. Asian Americans are praised as the "Model Minority," why would anyone want to discriminate against us?

144 years after America declared that "All men are created equal," White women were not allowed to vote. Ponder for a moment who those White women were. They were no less than the mothers, wives, sisters, and daughters of the males who wanted to keep an advantage over their opposite gender. So don't count on the meaningless "Model Minority" praise.

Please forward this email to your friends and relatives so that these common myths against us will be thoroughly discredited. Look for the next 5 myths against us in the next email.

Join 80-20. Using a credit card, visit
PERSONAL checks are payable to "80-20 PAC", mailed to:
Jing-Li Yu Director of Projects
P.O. Box 527340 Flushing, NY 11352-7340 .
Write down your E-MAIL address & PHONE no. on the BACK of the check.
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Saturday, August 12, 2006

EASIEST Way to Register and Vote. SAVE!

This email is for US citizens NOT yet registered to vote.

Are you registered to vote? Two types of citizens need to register: (1) those who've never registered, and (2) having registered but have moved to a new address. Please fulfill your obligation as a citizen and an Asian American.

Here is the EASIEST way to register to vote! It will be the mostmeaningful 10 minutes you'll spend in your life for your offspring. Visit

On page 1, you download Adobe Acrobat, if you don't already have it. The downloading is free & automatic. Then go to the map and click on your state. That leads you to page 2.

On page 2, fill out the form: check each square box on top and fill in required info next to blanks with a red *. Click once on each of the (instructions) written in red to help you fill out the correct information.
For "Choice of Party," your choice is Republican, or (Independent /Decline) or Democrat. For most states, if you want to vote in the primary, you must choose either Dem. or Rep., although some states (e.g. CA) allow independents to vote in EITHER party's primary. Click on (Instructions) next to Choice of Party to find out what choices you have. After you have filled the required information, go to the bottom of the page to click on the "Preview My Voter Registration" to go to page 3.

On page 3, you proofread the information, then click "Get My Application" or download at the bottom of the page. Please be patient, it takes a while to download. But it is a LOT FASTERthan going to someplace to register.

On one of the down loaded pages, there will be the address for you to send your application to.

Upon receiving your application, your state will mail you a voter registration card. YOU NEED TO FILL THAT OUT AND MAIL IT IN. Only then are you truly registered. Note that registering to vote is ALWAYS A TWO-STEP PROCESS, whether you register via a website or travel to a registration place.

When the "Voter Registration Card" comes, you may want to choose to vote Absentee. That is you can VOTE BY MAIL instead of going to a polling place. It is again the easiest way!!!

Most states allow "vote by mail." About 20 days before Nov. 2, you will receive a ballot on which you may check whom to vote. Put the ballot in an envelop, sign on the back side of the envelop, mail it and you will have voted. You will have fulfilled you sacred duty to YOUR CHILDREN, and as an EDUCATED person and a citizen.

SAVE this e-mail & forward it to your relatives & friends. Thank you.

Join 80-20. Using a credit card, visit (easy to use) or
PERSONAL checks are payable to "80-20 PAC", mailed to:
Jing-Li Yu          Director of Projects
P.O. Box 527340 Flushing, NY 11352-7340 .

Write down your E-MAIL address & PHONE no. on the BACK of the check.
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Thursday, August 03, 2006

What elections are all about?

Are elections all about going to the voting place to select candidateswhom you prefer? NO!

Elections in American are designed to give citizens real clout to

  1. seek political relief for their personal grievances e.g. lack of equal opportunity in workplaces for Asian Americans and lack of AsAm federal judges, and

  2. seek changes in government policies e.g. war in Iraq or immigration policy. It is very hard to get elected officials to listen to you EXCEPT when they are campaigning. So seize the moment!
Does a citizen really have clout? YES, in a collective sense! How?

AS INDIVIDUALS, you go to candidate forums to ask candidates questions on issues of your concern. Go to fundraisers to ask questions and express your views to the candidates during the receptions.

Get you friends & relatives to go with you and don't be shy about asking questions. Do your share for our GROUP interest.

As organizations, you organize candidate forums and send questionnaires to candidates on issues of your concern. For candidates who come to your forum and answer your questionnaires the right way, you organize fundraisers to give them money and votes, i.e. help get them elected. For candidates who don't come to your forum or don't answer your questionnaires or don't answer in the right way, you talk and vote against them OPENLY. When they hear about your displeasure, they may change their attitude. That's why you must oppose a candidate OPENLY and that's what elections are all about -- to empower the ordinary citizens.

If you vote on the last day of the election season only, it may be too little and too late.

Remember 2 things:

  1. The 2006 election is critical to both parties. The control of the House and Senate is on the line. Both parties will be extra attentive this year.
  2. Politics clout depends on LARGE numbers. The larger the number of similar questions for the candidates, the larger the audience, the larger the number of votes and dollars perceived to be within the influence of your organization, the bigger the clout. So we must UNITE to achieve the LARGE numbers. Do it for our children.
When I was Lt. Gov. of Delaware, fellow politicians often kidded me, "S. B., you have it easy raising money from AsAms. They give thousands of dollars and only ask for a picture with them or a small personal favor or a nice sounding but meaningless appointment. They never ask us spend our political capital to do something significant for the AsAm community. Ha. Ha. Ha."

Let's show those politicians that we are no longer that self-centered and politically ignorant. Show them that a new generation of AsAms has risen who are community-minded and will use the election cycle 2006 to seek relief for the lack of AsAm judges and the lack of equal opportunity to enter management. Please do your share.

Join 80-20. Using a credit card, visit (easy to use) or
PERSONAL checks are payable to "80-20 PAC", mailed to:
Jing-Li Yu Director of Projects

P.O. Box 527340 Flushing, NY 11352-7340 .

Write down your E-MAIL address & PHONE no. on the BACK of the check.
Life membership is $1,000; Family (2 voters) is $50; Basic Membership is
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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

2nd Request for TWO MINUTES of your help

######If you have already helped as many others have done, please ignore this email. THANK YOU.#########

I'll deeply appreciate your help in two matters requiring 2 minutes.

  1. Place <> in your address book. Why? From here on 80-20 will be emailing you from that e-address. With it in your address book, you are guaranteed to receive future 80-20 emails, even when you accidentally "junk" one of our emails. The above does NOT prevent you from un-subscribing from 80-20's list.

  2. Send us all the email addresses in your address book. Why? The size of our political clout depends on the number of Asian Ams. we can reach to achieve a common end. With this drive, 80-20 aims to create an email list of one million AsAms to increase YOUR political clout. We'll delete all the apparent non-AsAm e-addresses.
Just reply to this email, and put the e-addresses in your reply. I solemnly promise you that these email addresses will NOT be placed on 80-20's email list if the individuals approached REFUSE tobe on our list. In addition, 80-20 NEVER sells its email list. THANK YOU. Together, we shall overcome. Please do YOUR share to make your children equal citizens of America.


S. B. Woo
President, 80-20 PAC, Inc.