Monday, October 13, 2008

Washington Post on 80-20 & Sen. McCain

A Washington Post article on 80-20 & Sen. McCain

An October 10, 2008, "McCain Losing His Chance To Win Over The Asian American Vote" article stated:

"There are legions of voters in this country who are completely invisible -- at least to the GOP. . . . . . . .

Since the start of this election, an Asian American Advocacy group known as the 80-20 Initiative has been pressing hard for the presidential candidates to commit to issues disproportionately plaguing Asian America. Obama signed a pledge during the primaries. 

And McCain?

No dice. Like I said, McCain can't see us -- something that might cost him big in November.

I get that in the past racial policies have proven divisive and polarizing, but the 80-20 Initiative isn't some radical, left-wing group asking that the presidential candidates commit to extreme racial projects. They're asking for commitments to fight the very real that Asian Americans face in the work force, from racialized glass ceilings to hiring discrimination practices to being consistently overlooked for federal judge appointments. (color added) And given that there's a fairly wide support for equal protection, signing wouldn't exactly cause the non-Asian American electorate to rush the streets and use it as the one issue to block a McCain administration from seeing the light of day.

But has he lost the Asian American swing vote by not signing the pledge? . . . . . . ."

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It is a wonderful piece by Joseph Bui, a fourth year Legal Studies major at the University of California, Berkeley. The opinion column for the Youth Vote Blog was featured on CBS News and The Washington Post.

Please note that Senator McCain may be regretting todays for not "seeing" Asian Americans as Sen. Obama did*. But it may NOT be too late for the Republican Party to begin seeing Asian Americans after this election. That was the point that the author so adroitly alluded to.

Election is only 21 days away. Be involved. Make a difference.

Respectfully yours,

S.B. Woo
Member, Executive Committee, 80-20 PAC, Inc.

* Sen. Obama gave an unequivocal one words answer "YES" to all six questions asked by 80-20; signed his reply and sent it to 80-20 on January 10. In other words, upon being president, Obama will help us fight in the work force and win equal justice. See Sen. Obama's commitment to us below right. The inequity suffered by Asian Americans in workplaces is documented in the Washington Post ad which has been entered into the Congressional Record. It is seen on the left. The flyer below will appear in Asian Am. media in all battleground states before Nov. 4. 80-20 fights for YOU. Join 80-20.