Friday, March 28, 2003

Becoming American"-- a LESSON for All Asian Ams.

After watching "Becoming American," a supporter e-mailed asking
what "if early Chinese Americans had behaved differently"?
Mr. Wan referred to "Chinese Americans." However, the discussion
is relevant to all Asian Americans. See below.
"Mr. Woo:
... We Chinese Americans must be more politically
astute. We cannot live in our shells, ignoring what
is going on around us.

I have been reading about the history of Chinese
Americans. I am convinced that had early Chinese
Americans behaved differently, history may have been
different. Racial discrimination has many elements,
not only the color of one's skin. ....

Unfortunately, I still see the inward-looking attitude
of present-day Chinese in America. It seems they are
content to live in a China in the US, without trying
to learn the dynamics, people, and politics of this land.
Wai Wan

The following is S. B.'s observation:
A Tale of Two New Immigrant Groups � Irish & Chinese

The Irish and the Chinese came to American in large numbers at about
the same time, around the 1850s. At first, both were blatantly
discriminated and exploited in workplaces.

The Irish used the political process to seek equal opportunity.
That is, they applied their community's money and votes in a bloc to
reward politicians who cared for them, or punish those who didn't.
Soon, the power of the government was used by politicians, who sought
Irish votes, to prosecute discrimination against the Irish. Good jobs
opened to the Irish. They became an equal partner in the making of
the American Dream.

The Chinese, owing to language & cultural barriers, used the court
process instead of politics to fight discrimination. They didn't want to
change their citizenship while they could prior to the Chinese Exclusion
Act, because they didn't knowing the importance of group political
clout for a minority in a democracy. Even after they became eligible for
citizenship they stayed away from politics.

The difference in consequences is painful and heartbreaking. The
Chinese emphasized so much about living for their children. But they
failed to realize that for their own children's sake, they needed to
establish Group Political Clout.

What about this generation of Asian Americans?

Most of us are highly educated and do not have language difficulties.
However, the failure to appreciate the importance of Group
Political Clout to our children's future remains. Consequently, so does
the glass ceiling, except for that in the federal government,
which 80-20 helped to shatter via the 2000 presidential

"Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it."
-- George Santayana.

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Wednesday, March 26, 2003

Learning from Watching Becoming American Pt. I

"With your indulgence, I like to share what I learned from watching
"Becoming American -- I" S.B.

Part I:

People, especially politicians, welcome or reject immigrants
according to their own needs. That's why the Gov. of CA, Leland
Stanford, flip-flopped repeatedly regarding Chinese immigrants. First,
when there was resentment against cheap Chinese labor, he voiced
"yellow peril." When he headed the "Railroad to the East" project, he
employed cheap Chinese railroad workers en masse & honored their
high achievements. When the political wind shifted again, he
voted for the "Chinese Exclusion Act," as a US senator from CA.

"Democracy is the worst form of government until compared with
all others," said Winston Churchill. I agree 100%. Part I, however,
showed an ugly part of democracy. Getting power and votes drove
politicians to advocate the "Chinese Exclusion Act." Ideals and reasons
be damned.

Lesson: All minorities, especially the new immigrants, must find
their own powerful ways to "reward or punish" politicians in order to
balance mass hysteria when it comes, as during the "Chinese Exclusion
Act." Otherwise, our interest will be ignored. To most politicians,
winning the next election is what counts. Past service to America or to a
politician by a group or an individual, personal relations, reasoning, ...,
etc. unfortunately don't count very much.

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Sunday, March 23, 2003

A TV Show You Don't Want to Miss

"BECOMING AMERICAN: The Chinese Experience"
Date/Time/ Station: 3/25 � 27, 9 p.m. your local time for most
places on your BPS station. To be sure, go to: type in your
zip code on the left side, and the exact air time of your local station will
be known.

It's a 3-part Bill Moyers Special, each of 90 minutes. It is the
microcosm of immigrants' experiences in America. It applies
not only to Chinese, but all immigrants from Asia & Europe,
including the Irish, Polish, Italians and Jewish.

Part 1 illuminates the experience of early Chinese immigrants --
taking on jobs considered undesirable by American males. The Irish
had the same experience. For example, in the 1860s, Irish and Chinese
made up the bulk of railway workers.

Part 2 records the repercussion against the existence of "cheap
immigrant labor," especially in hard times and in areas where the
immigrants congregated. For the Chinese it was San Francisco. For
Irish, it was Boston. "No Irish Need Apply" was blatantly displayed
in newspaper ad in Boston.

Part 3 records the major improvement for Chinese as a result of
America's political needs. PBS stated: "At war with Japan, China
became an American ally. Chinese Americans found themselves
suddenly embraced by America's political establishment, and the
exclusion laws were quickly repealed. Chinese men and women moved
into factory jobs, the military service and other arenas formerly closed
to them."

Similarly, Irish won better opportunity in workplaces through
politics. The Irish became highly politically organized. Boston became
a political base. The fabled "Irish Mafia" in politics later propelled
John F. Kennedy into the Presidency in 1960.

As you watch the 3-part series, see if you would agree with 2
observations offered by 80-20:

(1) San Francisco and Boston were respectively locations where
repression against Chinese and Irish were the strongest. However, the
same two cities become the source of political power for Chinese Ams.
and Irish Ams, once they've learned politics!

(2) The level of YOUR achievement is linked to politics.
The bigger the group political clout the more individuals in that group
will be allowed to live to the maximum of their potential. Ponder a
moment the dramatic increase in the level of achievement of women,
blacks and gays, we hope you'd agree that 80-20 is telling you the
truth. There are still glass ceilings above us. Please do your share to
help build our group political clout.

When one is in Rome do as the Romans do.

Wednesday, March 19, 2003

Victory IV

1) Exceeding our Goal -- 7491 signed instead of 6000:

In one month, 7,491 have signed the petition to the Republican
leadership requesting their help to induce Rep. Coble to apologize and
resign as Chair of the Homeland Security Subcomm. We aimed for 6,000
only. Go see it yourself: .

Party affiliations of signers are as seen below. The numbers don't
add up to the 7491, because some signers left party affiliation unfilled.
Independent: 2733; Republican: 869; Democrat: 2349; Others: 971

2) More Heat on Coble:

When Sen. John Edwards, a Dem. presidential candidate, spoke up
against Rep. Coble who is from the same state of North Carolina,
another NC Republican Rep. Richard Burr criticized Sen. Edwards for not
being loyal to a fellow N. Carolinian.

This got Sen. John Kerry, another Dem. president candidate, to work
in another shot at Rep. Coble. Kerry said:
"It's discouraging to see that Richard Burr believes that to be loyal
to North Carolina you have to remain silent about Howard Coble's
indefensible remarks. ... I proudly stand by what I said two weeks ago.
Howard Coble's suggestion that the internment of Japanese
Americans was necessary for our national security takes us backwards
and calls into serious question not just his judgment, but his ability
to serve as Chairman of the newly organized House Subcommittee on
Homeland Security."

3) Republican Leaders Criticized for "Selective Outrage":

Last week, Dem. Rep. Jim Moran made insensitive statements about
the Jewish Ams. He apologized and lost his post as one of the 24
Regional managers of the Dem. House Caucus. Prior to that GOP Leaders
criticized Moran severely. A CNN commentary observed:

"White House spokesman Ari Fleischer called Moran's words
"shocking," while House Majority Leader Tom DeLay, R-Texas, not
surprisingly found Moran's comments "very damaging."

Both Fleischer and DeLay stand accused of selective outrage.
Neither man uttered a critical word about Rep. Howard Coble, R-North
Carolina, who publicly stated recently that the internment of
Japanese Americans during WW II was the appropriate thing to do."

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Friday, March 07, 2003

Victory III

More battle results !
1) Another Dem. Presidential Candidate Supports Us:
Senator & presidential candidate John Edwards of NC calls for Rep.
Coble's ouster from Homeland Security Subcommittee Chairmanship.
Senator Edwards is from the same state as Rep. Coble. That is
significant. In a press release issued on March 4, 2003, Senator
Edwards said,
"Someone who thinks it was OK for the United States to put
innocent Americans behind barbed wire fences in 1942
should not make decisions about how to protect Americans
in 2003 .... the Republican Party should seriously reconsider
keeping him on as chairman of the House Judiciary
Subcomm. on Crime, Terrorism and Homeland Security."

2) More than 2,000 Signers in 36 hours! Big Mo!
More than 6,400 signers and more are coming in. The petition site
is NOT going to be closed. Pass the "Third and Final Request" e-mail or to your friends. We'll give time for the
Republican leadership to assess where this momentum will lead to.

3) An Article in Coble's Own District Describes " HEAT":
A March 6 article in Winston-Salem Journal, Coble's own district, was
entitled; "Coble takes more heat on WWII internment." See .

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