Thursday, April 27, 2017

Helping Ourselves

Recent incidents of hate crimes committed against the Asian Community are stark reminders of past atrocities, racism and discriminatory practices used by the majority in power in this country.

Some of us still remember the Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882, and 1924 Immigration Act denying entry to virtually all Asians.  The case of US vs. Bhagat Singh Thind in 1923 declared Asian Indians ineligible for naturalized citizenship.  The Alien Land Law of 1913 in California and subsequently by all other states declared Asians ineligible to own land. The Japanese internment is still vivid in our memory. The complete list is much longer confirming that Asians have not been treated fairly for a very long time.
The saga of these discriminatory and racist practices continues even in 2017.  The shooting incidents of Indians in Kansas and New Jersey; an Indian CEO not getting a proper treatment because of his skin color.  Since the last incident did not get viral as it was not caught on any smart phone, but was reported by News India Times.  I will add a short detail here: "In a shocking and bizarre incident, a Caucasian female stewardess on a United Airlines flight earlier this year, held the arm of an Indian American CEO, Shankar Iyer, flying on a golf trip from Newark, New Jersey to San Diego, California, and told him, "I normally don't associate this color with such entitlement," adding, after pointing to her arm, "You have to be this color for such things." The retort came after Iyer informed the stewardess he is a Premier 1K member and might be entitled to discounted/complimentary snacks, having ordered a box of pita chips with hummus. The incident happened on January 25, 2017 on flight UA - 1621, from Newark to San Diego."
Likewise, another newspaper India West has reported several such incidents: "Indian Tourist Fatally shot in Yakima" Washington; "Store Burned in Racially Motivated Attack" in North Carolina. It seems like a big conspiracy.  Every entity including government, corporations, and individuals are carrying out these acts.  Why CNN would engage in Hindu bashing by creating a show like BELIEVER which has neither an educational value nor a spiritual one - worse than fake news!
Dear members of the Asian Community, how long do you intend to tolerate this kind of treatment!?  
You cannot fight it alone!!  Even the mother does not feed the child unless he cries!!!
We need to cry now.   Just wake up and join: 
We must face these tragedies together.  United We Stand.

Dr. Piyush C. Agrawal
80-20PAC Board Member