Tuesday, March 29, 2011

80-20's Ninth Best! Double or Die?

YOU be the juror. You decide whether 80-20 shall GROW or DIE.

80-20's 9th Best Accomplishment

If 80-20 didn't exist, how might your life be different?

If 80-20 didn't induce Abercrombie & Fitch to withdraw those
4 T-shirts, you may be walking pass some youths on the street or beach
wearing one of those T-shirts:

On the T-shirt are caricatured faces with slanted eyes and rice-paddy hats,
and "Wong Brothers Laundry Service -- Two Wongs Can Make It White."

Another t-shirt says "Abercrombie and Fitch Buddha Bash -- Get
Your Buddha on the Floor." Sacrilege against Buddhism?!

How would you like such an encounter? Will you feel a sharp pain in
your heart regretting our powerlessness to stop others from insulting us?

If A&F could do it to us, wiil other T-shirt producers imitate? Peerhaps,
they'd even compete to see who could insult Asian Ams the most.

What makes 80-20 so uniquely effective?

S. B. Woo's phone message to A&F CEO Michael Jefferies is
"Withdraw the t-shirt, we'll praise you. If not, 80-20 shall use
its email list of 700,000 Asian Ams families/individuals and
ask them to boycott A&F products. Indeed, the same message will
go out on the anniversary of this phone call in all subsequent years."
That email list represents AsAm Group Political Clout (GPC).
It is that GPC, organized by 80-20, that did the job for YOU.

NOTE: Student groups & Buddhist orgs have demonstrated
and protested for days by the time 80-20 decided to enter the
battle. We are glad to get A&F to see its mistake in 3 hours.
To the best of our knowledge, A&F C.O.O. Keith Johnson
called 80-20 PAC only, to relate its decision to withdraw
its T-shirts. However, we gladly acknowledge that efforts
by others ALSO contributed to the "happy ending".

How Is Our Community Responding to "Double or Die?"

Fatastically, thus far. 110 members joined in 1 week. If that
momentum continues, 80-20 will DOUBLE in one year. It all
depends on YOU. See how others are stepping up. See bottom
of this email.

80-20's huge email list and its politically experienced

We await
YOUR verdict for 80-20 PAC to
either DOUBLE
or DIE on March 21, 2013.

Respectfully yours,

A volunteer

To join or donate, go http://www.80-20initiative.net or send your check
to 80-20 PAC P.O. Box 603 Osprey, FL 34229.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

1) Many send in donations, including "Let's double it & I will donate
$1,000 to 80-20 in support of my vote. S. Wang, S. Pasadena, CA "
2) Tens of supporters sent long & thoughtful emails urging their
friends to join 80-20, including " I send in $50 donation & invited
40+ friends to consider joining. Scott Chai, Bellevue, Washington"
3) Yet others volunteered to manage IT & Website; gather Asian Am.
email addresses for us, which is of extreme importance to
80-20 for recruiting NEW members.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Double or Die? 80-20's 10th Best

YOU are the judge. You will decide whether 80-20 shall GROW or DIE
on March 22, 2013. Presented below is the first of 10 exhibits showing
that 80-20 PAC provides a unique service to the Asian Am. community.
Please read it so that you'll give 80-20 an informed judgment.

80-20's 10th Best Accomplishment

If 80-20 didn't exist, how might your life be different?

Such a TV ad could appear on your TV screen in every election season
hinting that China might nuke the USA. Will such a hateful TV ad hurt
you, even though you are not a Chinese American? Yes! It'll hurt ALL
Asian Ams. Do please remember that Vincent Chin, a Chinese Am., was
killed by 2 Detroit auto workers mistaking Vincent as a Japanese!

A lot of Americans, being less familiar with Asia, worry about a rising Asia!

That worry can easily become yellow peril if it's stoked.
Remember the Chinese Exclusion Act?
Remember the internment of Japanese Americans in WWII?
Remember Christopher Cox's Congressional hearing promising
evidence of huge number of Chinese spies in the US but
NEVER presented it?
Remember the subsequent Wen-Ho Lee trial that collapsed?
Remember SARS in 2003 that made us seem like tainted folks?
Remember the fear of Sikhs, Pakistani & Indonesian Muslims after 9/11?

Remember the sayings of Prof. Samuel Huntington of Harvard who
authored "The Clash of civilizations"?

"the ideal enemy for America would be ideologically hostile,
racially and culturally different, and militarily strong
enough to pose a credible threat to American security"

Will that enemy be China and/or India?

We can't stop our fellow compatriots from worrying about Asia, but we
can stop the worry from becoming "yellow peril".

Which AsAm org., besides 80-20, will you choose to handle that
political situation?

We await

YOUR verdict for 80-20 PAC to
either DOUBLE or DIE on March 21, 2013.

Respectfully yours,

A volunteer

To join or donate, go http://www.80-20initiative.net/ or send your check
to 80-20 PAC & b0 nbsp; P.O. Box 603 Osprey, FL 34229.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Your call: Shall 80-20 be dissolved 2 years from today?

Dear Fellow Asian Americans:

The Board of 80-20 Political Action Committee (PAC), after a 2 day
meeting, respectfully requests

YOUR verdict for the PAC to
either GROW or DIE by March 22, 2013.

The PAC was formed 12 years ago to give Asian American community
the necessary group political clout to induce our nation's political
establishment to treat us as equal citizens. Over the years, about 6,500
individuals, out of a community of 14.5 million, have sacrificed their time
and money to support the PAC. It averages to an annual membership of
about 2,000 and an annual budget of about $100,000. Tens of those
6,500 sacrificed much more -- giving years of their lives and donating tens
of thousands of dollars.

80-20, in its own evaluation, has accomplished much, though not
reaching the final goal. See below so that you may give 80-20 an
informed verdict.

80-20's Top 10 Accomplishments

1) Stopping in 1 day GOP's "Daisy" TV Ad fanning "yellow Peril"
2) Inducing Abercrombie & Fitch to withdraw its T-shirts in 3 hours
3) Our 1st bloc vote brought the first AsAm Cabinet Secretaries
4) Stopping racist attack on AsAm political candidates for good
5) An ad that cracks the glass ceiling over Asian Americans
6) A 2006 bloc vote that truly rewarded and punished
7) The source of 80-20's power - 3 bloc votes
8) Pres. Obama's signed reply to 80-20, with all yeses
9) Doubling the number of AsAm federal judges in 4 yrs.
10) Equality before law (E.O. 11246) for AsAms, finally!

An accounting of its 1st accomplishment will be emailed to you in
2 days. The other accomplishments will follow in the next 3 months.

If you don't help the PAC to DOUBLE its membership, we accept your
verdict. 80-20 PAC shall be dissolved on March 22, 2013*.

To summarize and to be frank, the toll on those who keep 80-20 alive in
order to serve the political welfare of our community has become
unbearable after 12 years. Many of the key persons are exhausted
or burnt out. Therefore, unless more Asian Americans are willing to step
up and take a turn to serve our weak, meek and exploited community,
80-20 shall die through apathy.

Is 80-20 worth the $35 ($50 for family) membership as social equity for
insurance for you & your children? Are you willing to do YOUR part
to preserve & strengthen this organization for future generations'
sake? The time for decision is now.

If you want the 80-20 PAC to "double", then act!

Respectfully yours,

S. B. Woo on behalf of the Board of 80-20 PAC, Inc.

To join or donate, go http://www.80-20initiative.net or send your check
to 80-20 PAC P.O. Box 603 Osprey, FL 34229.

* If 80-20 is dissolved, the membership fee of those with valid member-
ship beyond 2012 will be returned to the respective members. The
PAC's website will stay up so that history will know that about 300 Life
Members tried valiantly to serve the Asian Am. community but 300 is too
small a number out of a community of 14.5 million. To know more about
80-20 PAC, its mission & other accomplishments,
visit http://www.80-20initiative.net

Grateful acknowledgement: Leonard & Jenny Cheng, Hong Kong: $5,000