Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Will You Join 80-20's Journey for Equal Opportunity?

Will you consider joining 80-20? If you join now, you will be a member for 2008 AND for all of 2009.

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Thanks to your support, we are a HUGE step closer to achieving equal opportunity and equal justice. But the journey has just begun.

Let's take a brief look at the milestones of our journey so far:

1/30/2008: Senator Barack Obama signs his iron clad commitment to help win equal opportunity and equal justice for Asian Americans. See:

8/2/2008: 80-20 endorses Senator Obama for President, and begins working on delivering bloc votes of Asian Americans for Senator Obama, especially in battleground states.

11/4/2008: Senator Obama wins his historic victory. Senator Obama wins in almost every battleground state 80-20 focused in, including: Indiana, North Carolina, Virginia, Florida, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Nevada, and Colorado. The only state he didn't win that 80-20 focused on wasMissouri.

Recall how razor-thin his margin of victory in some of these states were. Obama won NC by 0.4%, and Indiana by 0.9%. Our bloc votes there made the difference!

With President-elect Obama's victory, we are a giant step closer to achieving equal opportunity and equal justice. His first step in fulfilling his commitment: appointing three Asian Americans to his Transition Team, two of them in leadership positions, to help address our community's concerns.

However, the journey has just begun! Don't let this golden opportunity slip!

To ensure that Asian Americans win equal opportunity and justice, we need YOUR support. Please join us in our journey for equal opportunity. Become a member. It could be the best $15, $35, $50 or $1000 that you have ever spent. Go to .

If you are already a member, THANK YOU. Do you like the feeling of YOUR achievement? Please renew or upgrade. We especially appreciate your continued sacrifice in these tough economic times.

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Please accept our invitation to walk with us. Do it for yourself. Do it for your children. Do it for your country. Do it so that all our efforts, all your efforts, up till now, don't go to waste.

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If you can afford it, please also consider supporting 80-20's 1000 X 1000 initiative, where we aim to have 1,000 life members. With a fund equal to the dues of 1,000 life members, we can do more work at the grass-roots because we'll have increased staff support and financial stability. Will you consider becoming a Life Member?

Respectfully yours,

Kathleen To, President and
Jing-Li Yu, Treasurer, 80-20PAC, Inc.