Wednesday, April 23, 2003

SARS: Calming News and Caution

1) Facts:
"There are only 39 cases of SARS in the US as of 4/22/03. None
resulted in death. The thing to watch out for? NOT TO OVER-
RREACT," Dr. Anthony Fauci siad yesterday on CNN. He is the
Director of Nat'l Inst. Of Allergy & Infectious Diseases, NIH.

2) Careless Spreading Of Rumor Can Hurt A Lot Of People:
A supporter wrote in: "As you might have heard that there were
unfounded rumors circulating in the Internet about a Chinese
restaurant owner in both Chinatowns of San Francisco and New York
City that died of SARS and consequently the rumor called for people
to stay away from Chinatowns!!

The business in both places have since suffered tremendously. The
NYC's Chinatown has been hardest hit from 9/11 attacks, now this!!

As an influential organization, I thought you should use your mass
mailings to educate and to call attention to fellow citizens the
unwarranted "boycott" of our own communities."

3) Rumors on SARS May Hurt You or Your Own Business:
What a shameful e-mail title: "PLEASE BE CAREFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SARS
IN CHINATOWN,NYC" The person was later really embarrassed
& repentant.

4) "There is nothing to fear, except fear itself." -- F. D. Roosevelt.
I, S. B. Woo, intend to eat in a restaurant in Chinatowns of big
cities, anytime I have a chance.

5) After 80-20's "Vigilance on SARS/spy ..." e-mail, The Asian American
Journalist Association, AAJA, issued:

"SARS or Severe acute respiratory syndrome is a respiratory illness that
has been reported in Asia, North America, and Europe. Because of panic
and in some cases -- backlash directed at Asians or Asian Americans
--journalists reporting on SARS are encouraged to keep up with factual
reporting of cases and events and to exercise prudence in making
references to this illness:

SARS is no longer a "mystery" illness. .... Although SARS was first
reported in some countries in Asia, this illness should never be referred
to as an "Asian disease," in the same way that HIV/AIDS should not be
called a "gay disease," or mad cow disease a "British disease." Some
rumors have spread that Chinese restaurants in Asia and the United
States are potential sources of SARS. Focusing on the facts - symptoms,
risk factors, as well as known or probable cause of SARS will help dispel
these rumors. ....."

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Friday, April 18, 2003

Be Vigilant On Spy/SARS Related Reports

Two recent events require our vigilance. If we are to overcome,
80-20 needs YOUR help.

An authority on Asian Am. affairs, Don T. Nakanishi, Director of
Asian American Studies Center, UCLA, e-mailed 80-20 asking: "What is
80-20 doing with SARS?... I think there is a potential for some very
ugly stereotyping, hate crimes, and loss of civil liberties like
unnecessary quarantining."

Alleged Chinese Double Agent:
Katrina Leung a successful business woman in Los Angeles, was
accused and arrested as an Chinese double agent. See Newsweek,
Periscope, 4/21/03 issue. 80-20 takes no stance on her guilt or
innocence. However, 80-20 will try to ensure that the image of our
community is NOT tainted by the possible misdeeds of one or two

For biased media reports relating to SARS/spy that insinuate
Asians are more subject to SARS or cast doubts on the loyalty on all
Chinese Americans or make similar groundless statements placing our
community's interest in jeopardy, please

(1) tape the broadcast or cut out the article and send it to Jing Li Yu
(address shown below),
(2) relate what you've taped or cut out to 80-20 via ,
(3) call or write to the careless/biased media outlet YOURSELF and
copy 80-20 in, and
(4) 80-20 will follow up on such media reports that are substantiated
by a tape or an article.

Biased reports must be nipped in the bud, although 80-20 believes
that such reports are less likely today. After the W.H. Lee episode,
many APA organizations have worked to raise the conscience of the
mainstream media. Such efforts include 80-20's annual effort via
radio, tv, newspaper ads and mass-emails urging the entire APA
community to display flags on July 4th, and right after 9/11. 80-20
believes that eliminating our "foreigners" and/or disloyal image is
critical to our winning equal opportunity and justice.

Thank you for being vigilant. TOGETHER, we shall overcome.

Please DO YOUR SHARE. Basic (1 vote) -- $35 ; Family (2 names to
get 2 votes) -- $50 ; Life -- $1000 (name on permanent display).

Any US citizen or permanent resident can be a member using a
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Tuesday, April 15, 2003

Prestigious Student Summer Internships Available

Chancellor Chang-Lin Tien Student Internship
for Summer, 2003
In memory of Chancellor Chang-Lin Tien, a key founder of 80-20
and the first Asian Am. to become the president of a major university
(The Univ. of Calif., Berkeley), 80-20 will sponsor up to 3 student
interns in 2003. The stipend is $1000 per month from June 1 to
August 31,2003. Only the best and the brightest who are prepared
to work long and hard for public service need apply.

The Memorial Fund was started by classmates of Chang-Lin Tien, the
Mechanical Engineering Class of 1955, National Taiwan University. 80-
20 is proud to sponsor this Memorial Fund, not so much because of
Tien's high academic achievement but rather his legacy in fighting for
justice and equal opportunity for all Americans. When he was a young
college student in Kentucky, he protested discrimination against blacks
on city buses by walking to school for a year. Unlike some successful
Asian Americans who shy away from our community, Tien was a pillar
of strength for our community. He was not concerned about protecting
his own feathers. He cared about doing the right thing for the Asian
American community and the nation.

ORGANIZE, ORGANIZE & ORGANIZE! That is the key to political
success. Today, tens of young staff are working 14 hours/day and 7
days per week in Iowa and New Hampshire organizing for presidential
candidates. If the Asian Am. community is to have its share of
political clout, we need youths who know how to organize politically
-- cutting their teeth in the real world.

The Interns will be trained intensively for 2 weeks and then let go to
recruit dues-paying members for 80-20 under semi-weekly supervision.
The expectation is for each Intern to recruit sufficient members whose
dues will equal to an intern's stipend. In this manner, the Memorial
fund will be self perpetuating, thereby providing a last memory of
Chancellor Tien. At the same time, the program will provide our
youths with the real world experience of the joy and frustration
of organizing the Asian American community.

To apply visit .

Friday, April 11, 2003

"Becoming American" to be Aired Again

"Becoming American � The Chinese Experience" will be aired
AGAIN in the greater Los Angeles area! All 3 parts will be shown
In a 5 hour segment, interspersed with interesting interviews with
well known Chinese Americans who are all 80-20 supporters.
Station: KOCE tv station, one of the two affiliates of the Public
Broadcasting Service (PBS) in LA.

Time: 4 p.m. to 10 p.m., this coming Sunday (4/13)

Extra Feature: Interviews by Peter Murphy with
(a) Kenneth Fong, former CEO of Clontech Laboratory, and
Chair of 80-20's Nomination Committee,
(b) Alice Huang, Administrator and Professor, Calif. Institute
of Technology and an 80-20 Life Member, and
(c) S. B. Woo, former Lt. Governor of Delaware and President
of 80-20.

What To Watch For: See how deeply politics have impacted
Chinese immigrants' lives. Major examples include how Gov. Leland
Stanford of CA flip-flopped in his attitude toward the Chinese according
to his own political needs. How the US needed an ally in Asia during
WWII and therefore abolished the "Chinese Exclusion Act." How
President Kennedy's Immigrant Reform Act leveled the entrance field for
Chinese immigrants. How the Civil Rights Act of 1965 opened the
exclusive residential areas to wealthy Chinese immigrants.

Tuesday, April 08, 2003

Victory(V) -- More Heat on Coble

Subject: More HEAT on Rep. Howard Coble
Congressman Coble backed out of speaking at his own alma
mater's Commencement ceremony that is scheduled for May 10,
partly because some seniors protested against his presence in light
of his remarks on JA internment. See for yourself:

80-20 never stops until a conflict is resolved to 80-20's or our
community's satisfaction, although 80-20 always aims for a win-win
ending if at all possible. Yes! If a person or an organization harms our
community but is willing to make amends, 80-20 loves to making the
repentant former offender a winner. If otherwise, however, 80-20 will
apply unrelenting pressure until the opposition knows never to do it
to our community again. Either way, 80-20 achieves its objective.

In the past, some APA organizations were known to be quick in
mounting a protest, but when ignored by the offending entity would
meekly walk away. While such reactions to perceived affronts were well-
intentioned, their lack of persistence to follow up had unexpected
consequences. Such practice had formed a very negative impression in
the institutional memory of both the Democratic and Republican
parties and the mainstream media. That was one reason why our
community's voice and/or interests were often ignored by those three
important institutions of America.

80-20 provides the political voice that you've always hoped for.
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Saturday, April 05, 2003

Act When You Still Have Time

YOU and 80-20 NEED each other. Don't believe it? Read on.

21 members of U. S. House of Representatives introduced a
resolution for a boycott of this year's Paris Air Show. Others wanted to
boycott Grey Poupon mustard, Michelin tires, and anything else made
in France . Restaurants replaced French fries on their menus with
"Freedom fries."

All that anger for what? Simply because France refused to support
us in a Security Council resolution on Iraq? Hasn't France been a long-
time ally? Aren't French people also of European origin? Is there any
fear that France will ever wage war against us?

Ponder the above a minute, and ask yourself what will happen if,
God forbid, we go to war against an Asian nation** ?

What kind of reaction will come from politicians then? Much
stronger? Will the number of sponsors be 21 or 210 or 450 at that time?

Think about what will happen to the Asian Americans who have
traded, or visited, or done services for that "enemy nation!" Will they
be examined under a microscope and scrutinized under dire conditions?
Will they be place in internment camps? Read a Washington Post
article about the fears of Arab Americans, not just the Iraqi Ams ***.

Get involved, while there is still time.

The only way you can protect yourselves politically is to form a
powerful political voice that can affect the next election. Politicians
care most about winning the next election. When they sense that WE
could make them win or lose the next election, they will begin to
address our rightful concerns.

80-20 is the only Asian American organization that has the
experience (4 years), the foundation (650,000 on its e-mail list, and an
organization that is open, democratic and transparent) and the legal
status to organize a powerful political voice. Civic organizations that
enjoy tax exempt status are FORBIDDEN to engage in political activities.
80-20 is registered with the Federal Election Commission as a political
action committee, and has the legal rights to help elect or defeat
political candidates.

Join 80-20 now. There is not a day to lose. The election is only 1.5
year away. YOU and 80-20 NEED each other. Reply to this e-mail and
say YES!

- - - - - - - - -

** Yesterday (4/3) the United Nations special envoy to North Korea
said the dispute over that country's nuclear program has the potential
to develop into war. The U.N. Security Council will meet next week to
discuss the North Korean crisis for the first time.

*** "Fear and Anxiety Permeate Arab Enclave Near Detroit ...."
Washington Post, August 4, 2002. "To the outside world, the Arab
Americans in this community are adjusting well .. But inside, said Don
Unis, a US citizen of Lebanese descent, ..'They're scared to death, ..
We still don't have very much of a voice in America.' " Go