Thursday, April 25, 2013

An Asian Am. Supreme Court Justice?

                  Internment & The Supreme Court

   Why were Japanese Ams interned in WWII but not German and Italian Ams? It was because no Supreme Court Justice spoke up for Japanese Ams when the Supreme Court made that grievously mistaken decision.

                 Could Asian Ams Be Interned in the Future?

   80-20 took proactive measures since 6 years ago. We planned and executed a successful project to build up an Asian Am federal judiciary, aiming to have a Supreme Court Justice who is an Asian American. See explanations below.

   Thanks to President Obama, 80-20 has succeeded in almost tripling the number of Asian Am. life-tenured federal judges. We also succeeded in raising the number of Asian Am Appeals Court judges from zero to 2 which we hope will soon increase to 4!

   80-20 now embarks upon its GREATEST judicial mission -- getting an Asian Am onto the Supreme Court Justice.
                Why Is an Asian Am Supreme Court Justice Important?

      We'll have a spokesperson in the Supreme Court whose fate is tied in with us. If we are to be interned, then that Asian American Supreme Court Justice will be interned too!

                           Is Having Such a Justice likely?

   YES! But we'll have to get Sri Srinivasan confirmed as an Appeals Court judge by the Senate first, without a Republican filibuster!

   "The stakes in this nomination are clear: if Srinivasan passes this test and wins confirmation, he'll be on the Supreme Court before President Obama's term ends."    -- New Yorker.
Sri Srinivasan is "a potential frontrunner for the next Supreme Court opening"    -- Huffington Post.

    80-20 & the 4 Largest Nat'l Indian Am Orgs. Jointly Lobby for Sri 80-20 President, S. B. Woo, and the 4 presidents of Indian-Am orgs. have jointly sent a letter supporting the confirmation of Sri to Sen. Leahy, Chair of the Senate Judiciary Comm. The 4 Indian Am. presidents are

Sohan Joshi, President, National Federation of Indian Am. Assoc. (NFIA)
Ghanshyam Pandey, Association of Indians America (AIA)
Ashook Ramsaran, President, Global Organization of People of Indian Origin   International (GOPIO International)
Sampat Shivangi, President, Indian Am. Forum for Political Education (IAFPE)

             80-20 looks out effectively for your BIG interests, like no others.


S. B. Woo, a volunteer who will irreversibly RETIRE on 12/31/2016
President, 80-20 National Asian Am. PAC, Inc.

PS: 80-20 PAC Gratefully Acknowledges Bountiful Donations:

Charles Zhang, Portage, MI         $5,000.00
Kathleen To, Bumet, TX             $5,000.00
S. B. Woo, Newark, DE              $5,000.00
Weihe Guan, Winchester, MA          $1,000.00 (To 80-20 EF)
Chern-Lin Chen, San Jose, CA          $800.00
Shanon Tang, Ware, MA          $500.00
Huei & Hueichen Peng, Ann Arbor, MI          $500.00
Chenming Hu, Oakland, CA             $500.00
Alice S. Huang, Pasadena, CA             $500.00
Ting Su & Kin-Lun Wong, Belmont, CA          $500.00
Yuehting Lee, Sylvania, OH             $500.00
Ved Chaudhary, Morganville, NJ          $500.00
Yin-Long Qing, Ann Arbor, MI          $500.00
Tina Liu Jen, Parsippany, NJ          $500.00
Jing-Li Yu, Long Island, NY          $500.00
Haibo Huang, San Diego, CA          $500.00

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

My First Quarterly Heart-to-Heart Talk with YOU

Dear Life Members who are 80-20's Life Blood:

   May we have a heart-to heart talk? I'll be frank and truthful.

   Can you imagine our community WITHOUT 80-20 Initiative???

   WITHOUT 80-20, would Obama STILL have doubled the number of Asian Am life-tenured federal judges AND raised the no. of AsAm Appeals Court judges from 0 to 3?

   WITHOUT 80-20, would the US Labor Dept. STILL have promised in writing to enforce affirmative action laws for us in workplaces, which an Asian Am former Labor Sec., Elaine Chou, refused to do for you?

   WITHOUT 80-20, would the quota on Asian Am students by colleges STILL have been challenged by 80-20 in the Supreme Court, while many AsAm "civil rights" orgs actually filled on the other side?

   REMEMBER, none of the AsAm past and present elected officials have said a word, much less take actions, about these big issues! Indeed, the bigger the issues, the quieter our "civil rights" orgs and elected officials become!!!

   That was WHY 80-20 WAS ESTABLISHED. That was why I gave 14 years of my life to DEMONSTRATE that Asian Ams can fight for ourselves.

   But now 80-20 is dying. Why?

Reason 1: When 80-20 has demonstrated that it is politically effective, 99.99999% of the 15 million Asian Ams didn't pour out their support to make it a powerful and permanent weapon in our possession. 80-20 still operated on a shoe-string.

Reason 2: I'll soon be 76. The lack of a proper community response deters others from willing to take my (thankless) job. Our community fails to understand or care about its own BIG interests.

   That is why 80-20 is dying.

   As a result, I am forced to speak frankly to SIGNIFICANT PERSON(s) like you to ask for help. Unless people like you are willing to take a LARGER burden to help, 80-20 will die.

   Could a good organization emerge later? Maybe, but what is its odds?

   80-20 needs to be infused with millions of dollars for it to live and serve you, your children and the children of your children effectively.

   I admit my grievous faults. I failed to find a good leader to take over. What if we both keep on trying till 2016?

   We'll do our best. The three IEC elected members, Charles Zhang, Kathleen To & I have each donated $5,000 to PAC this month. Will YOU also try to raise some REAL money for us? WHY? The only way 80-20 can be kept alive is a well-paid staff and Executive Director. That's how the Jewish community does!

   In the short-term, 80-20 still shines. The pending Supreme Court decision in June will likely favor us. But the long-term picture is still dark.

   When significant people like you step forth to help, odds change. We at 80-20 have sacrificed for many years, YOU NEED TO HELP NOW.  NOBLESSE OBLIGE! I'd love to hear from you please. :-)

Looking to your great help,

S. B. Woo, a volunteer who will irreversibly retire on 12/31/2016
President, 80-20 National Asian Am PAC, Inc.

Friday, April 12, 2013

EXTRA! GOP Woos Asian Americans

   I received an email from Lee Wong, 80-20 SW-Ohio Chapter President, with only 6 words: "See who is wooing who now!"

   See the USA Today article below:

   Why is the Republican party wooing us now? Because we have something they want that is worthy -- OUR BLOC VOTE.

   See below, for how 80-20 CREATED the Asian Am bloc vote!

   If we had voted 50-50, no one would care about us. Who in our community led the bloc vote? 80-20! 80-20 empowers our community while others just talk.

   Can you IMAGINE our community without 80-20? What are you willing to do to help 80-20 live and prosper?

S. B. Woo, a volunteer who will irreversibly RETIRE on 12/31/2016
President, 80-20 National Asian Am. PAC, Inc.