Thursday, February 27, 2014

SCA5: First Victory & Empowerment

   Two great news items! The second may be even more significant.

(1) Assemblyman Ed Chau announced that he will NOT vote for SCA 5,
      as it is currently worded. So the dam has been broken. Many
      more AsAm Assemblypersons are expected to follow suite and defeat
      SCA 5. It only takes one more such announcement to defeat SCA 5 in the
      CA's Assembly.

      Assemblyman Chau was the only one of the AsAm Assembly person to
      return S. B. Woo's phone call on the same day. More importantly, he is the
      first AsAm elected California legislator to defend our rightful interests.
      Hence he should be rewarded with our money and votes, if he proves to
      stickup for us through thick and thin in the SCA 5 episode.

(2) It has been reliably leaked to 80-20 that the CA Senate will announce "NOT
      to proceed" with SCA 5
until more hearings on this bill would be held.
      Hopefully, our three Chinese Am senators, upon learning more about how
      SCA 5 will hurt the AsAm college applicants, will vote no afterwards.

     The 3 senators have a role in causing the "NOT to proceed." But they are
      NOT forgiven until the final defeat of SCA 5 is done. After that, 80-
      20's California leaders will seek a chance to talk to the 3 senators and report
      the result of their discussions to you. After that, you may decide if they are
      worthy of your continued support.

   Don't relax yet. SCA 5 could still come back. Keep up with your pressure.
80-20 likes the privilege of saluting the numerous California local groups for doing
very effective lobbying work with the legislators. That is political maturity!

   This is the kind of EMPOWERMENT that 80-20 has always worked to give to
the 16 million Asian Ams nationwide.

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S. B., a volunteer

President, 80-20 National Asian Am. PAC

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

A Powerful Fax to CA Assembly Members

    ". . .they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but
         the content of their character." - Dr. Martin L. King.

   Read the fax, shown below, sent to CA AsAm Assembly Members by Dr.
Haibo Huang. It is reasoned, full of facts and yet emotionally stirring.
It'll make your blood boil. Huang is an advisor to 80-20 PAC. SB

"Dear AsAm Legislators in the California Assembly,

Please vote NO to SCA5 in the Assembly.

The senate passing of SCA5 with the support of all three AsAm senators
had sent shock waves through the AsAm community across the nation,
turning ordinary citizens into an army of political activists. . . .

Do NOT underestimate the resolve of ordinary people. The day of
reckoning will come this November.
As a California resident, I will join in
hand with millions across the nation, and with the AsAm voters in your
districts, to make sure the AsAm politicians are accountable to their
constituents. The days, when AsAm politicians can take the money and
the votes from their community, and then do whatever that suit their
personal ambitions, are over. We will see to it that such politicians be
defeated in the next election cycle.

If the Democratic Party leadership doesn't bent on pushing forward SCA5,
they will lose their Super Majority in the California legislature. The
recent mayoral election in the City of San Diego will serve as a warning: a
Republican candidate prevailed in an overwhelmingly Democrat city.

SCA5 is a "Yellow Peril Act", a 21st century version of the "Chinese
Exclusion Act of 1882", aimed specifically to impose a quota-like ceiling on
the AsAm students. . . . Therefore, there can be no illusion, no matter
how SCA5 is sugar-coated, that it is a bill aimed squarely to limit the AsAm
enrollment through a reverse "racial preference" treatment, under an
argument that "the college enrollment should reflect the population".
Fortunately, such a "proportional representation" argument has been
consistently rejected by the US Supreme Court in all precedent cases to be
in violation of the "Equal Protection Clause" of the 14th Amendment of the
United States Constitution. . . . .

SCA5 cannot hide under the disguise of "equal opportunity". In fact it is
the antithesis of "equal opportunity" because it demands "equal outcomes"
despite of "unequal qualifications and efforts". It is Communism in
because all resources are to be divided equally, depriving the
citizenry of any incentive to excel, dragging down the US competitiveness
in the long run. . . . . Rewarding or penalize an individual based on
his/her skin color is morally repugnant. . . . With your help, we shall

Thank you for your attention.

Dr. Haibo Huang
A deeply concerned California resident.

Friday, February 21, 2014

Call to Action: Stop SCA5 first then...


(1) An Immediate Concern:
Stop SCA 5 (Senate Constitutional Amendment 5*) from passing the CA
Assembly where there are 8 Asian Am Assembly members. If it passes the
Assembly and also subsequently passes a state wide Referendum,
its net
result will be to make state college admission for qualified Asian Am
students more difficult so that other less qualified students will be
As damaging and unfair as SCA 5 is to Asian American college
applicants, 3 Chinese Am CA state senators actually voted for it.

(2) A Long-term Concern & EMPOWERMENT:
The Asian Am community has always been plagued by elected Asian Am
who want our money to help them run for offices but seemingly
are unwilling to represent our rightful interests.
The 3 Ch-Am senators
voting for SCA 5 is one example. This may be the best occasion for us to
send a strong signal to ALL elected and appointed AsAm officials that
we'll not permit them to abuse us any more. They must have backbones.
Or, 80-20 shall work with all of you NATIONALLY to UN-elect an elected
Asian Am official to set an example.

   Making sure that elected politicians in your district are accountable
to YOU is A MUST for the 16 million AsAms. 80-20 shall try hard
to deliver that EMPOWERMENT to you, provided that YOU DO YOUR SHARE!
ALL, whether you reside in CA or not, should participate.

   The table below shows the names of all CA AsAm officials who have
a role in SCA 5. If two of the AsAm Assembly members will just abstain or
vote against SCA 5, the motion will fail -- our youngsters' equal
opportunity to enter any CA state college will be assured.

   Demand! Demand that they serve your interests!

CA AsAm AssemblyPhone FaxEmail
Yamada, Mariko (916) 319-2004(916)
Pan, Richard (916) 319-2009(916)
Bonta, Rob (916) 319-2018(916)
Ting, Philip Y. (916) 319-2019(916)
Fong, Paul (916) 319-2028(916)
Williams, Das (916) 319-2037(916)
Chau, Ed  (916) 319-2049(916)
Muratsuchi, Al  (916) 319-2066(916)
CA AsAm Senator Phone FaxEmail
Lieu, Ted(916) 651-4028(916)
Liu, Carol(916) 651-4025(916)
Yee, Leland(916) 651-4008(650)

   In order of effectiveness: phone call, fax and email. Most elected
officials discount emails quite a bit, because it is so easy to send. We
respectfully suggest that you at least make one phone call or sent one fax
to an Assembly member/senator in your district.

   After SCA 5 has been stopped, we'll discuss what appropriate amends
that the 3 CA senators must make to the AsAms in their respective
senatorial districts. Otherwise, we'll organize to UN-elect the unrepentant.

   Please phone or fax NOW! Don't forget to send your email to all the
11 elected officials. Don't compose. Just state:

   "Please abstain or vote "NO" on SCA 5. Otherwise, no more votes &/or
donations from me and all my relatives & friends nationwide.
Give your
name & zip code."

   Do it NOW! Also forward this "Call To Action" to friends.
Copy me in your fax/email, if you like. Thanks.

Respectfully yours,

S. B. Woo, a volunteer
President, 80-20 National AsAm Political Action Committee

* SCA5 was authored by Hispanic Sen. Ed Hernandez. It passed the CA
Senate on Jan. 30, 2014. It proposed "an amendment to the Constitution of
the State to undo the work of Proposition 209 for Californian's state
colleges and universities." The CA Political News calls it "The Jew and
Asian California University Quota Limitation Act." You got the idea.
Anger is spreading like wildfire.
See this petition, entitled "Vote
No To SCA 5", which has 28,000+ signers in 5 days. Many orgs. have formed
in CA with the explicit purpose of defeating SCA 5. Google them.