Saturday, July 30, 2011

A $10,000 Matching Fund for YOU!!!


A $10,000 Matching Fund

Alex New of NY, NY, an 80-20 Life Member, pledged that fund to
match dues of members joining from today on. If 200 of you will each
pay $50 to become family members, the sum is $10K, the full amount of the
matching fund. That means 400 additional members and $20,000
will be added to 80-20. That'll help keep 80-20 alive and fighting
for you. The red line below will shoot above the green line again!

Other Good News, Thanks to YOU

(a) Burst of Support: In the 3 days since 80-20 reluctantly announced that
"80-20 Is Dying", we got 73 more members. In addition, Alex
New pledged the $10K matching fund.

(b) Record Membership: A lot of people assumed that 80-20 is dying
because it has member ship problem. Not quite! Yhe Asian Am.
community has shown the GREATEST support for 80-20

Thanks to YOU, 80-20 has just broken its highest membership record
of 2150 set in 2005 in a 12 month effort. This year, in 7 months, 80-20
has broken that record.

However, 80-20 Is Still Dying

80-20's problems are

(1) Its aging leadership and its failure to find replacements for the
retiring leaders, and

(2) Its failure to overcome the stubborn POLITICAL APATHY of our

Hence, 80-20's Board has decided on a "fish or cut bait" gamble to either
double its membership or admit defeat, fold shop and let whatever
consequence fall where it may. "80-20 Is Dying (2)" will describe our
agonizing choices. 80-20 will really need YOUR help to find new
qualified leaders. It'll
appear in your inbox soon.

Take Advantage of the Matching Fund & Join!

Keep the ONLY organized national Asian Am. political clout arrive!
To join by credit card, go to 419
Or send your check to 80-20 PAC PO Box 603 Osprey, FL 34229.
Student membership: $15; Basic $35; Family $50, & Life Member $1,000.
Alex New has pledged a matching fund of $10,000 for dues of NEW


S. B. Woo, a volunteer
On behalf of the Board of Directors, 80-20 PAC, Inc.,

S. B. Woo, Newark, DE: $1,500, fulfilling his pledged matching fund;
S. K. Ho of Boston, MA: $1,000

PS: Guy Somers, another 80-20 member who is a Caucasian, was the one
who said S. B. Woo was the Martin Luther King of Asian Ams. I erroneously
attributed the statement to Andrew McKingzie. My apologies to both. :-)

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Moving Stories & Wall Street Journal on AsAms' Glass Ceiling

Moving Stories

Yesterday's "80-20 Is Dying (1)" email from 80-20 got such a heart-
warming response from you.

20 new members joined. In spite of the title: "80-20 Is Dying (1),"
4 noble souls joined for a 3-year subscription. S. K. Ho of Chelmsford, MA
even signed up for a Life Membership. What classy acts!

In addition, Andrew Mackinzie of Los Angeles, CA, a Caucasian who
happens to have received 80-20 emails, called S. B. Woo "the Martin
Luther King of Asian Americans," and joined as a member to help achieve

Talking about "when the going gets tough, the tough gets going," those
individuals said it with actions. Let's keep our ONLY organized AsAm
political clout alive. Will you do your share?

Yesterday's Wall Street Journal Article:
"Study Finds Asians Occupying Few Corner Offices"

The highlights are:

Roughly 5% of U.S. residents identify themselves as Asian, but less than
2% of executive roles at Fortune 500 are Asian.
Asians are 16% at Ivy League Institutions, and 35% of under-graduates at
University of California at Berkeley, MIT & Stanford University
25% of Asian respondents said they face work-place discrimination, while
only 4% of Caucasians believe Asians are treated unfairly on the job

The article's conclusion is that the unequal treatment to Asian Ams was
caused by our cultural difference with the rest of Americans.

Cultural Difference Is NOT the Cause

S. B. Woo wrote to the author Kyle Stoke. He agrees that cultural
differences could be a minor factor. However, the major reason is that
Asian Ams are not sufficiently politically organized to fend for ourselves.

Cultural differences have been used by the establishment to explain
away glaring discrimination against the powerless throughout American history.

Go back about 2 centuries, discrimination against the Irish, Polish & Italian,
all CAUCASIANS, were rampant. The reasons given by the establishment?
Supposed Cultural differences! The establishment view them as:

The Irish: perpetually drunk and forever 82c poor;
The Polish: dumb; and
Italians: not having the right work ethic.

Once the Irish, Polish and Italians got politically organized, they became
the "haves" and some of them began to discriminate against the other
powerless and newer immigrants.

Who are they? The Jewish, blacks, Hispanics, women and Asian Ams.!
Justification for discrimination? Supposed Cultural differences!

The Jewish: Well, you know those allegations
The blacks: Ditto the above
Hispanics: Ditto the above
Women: Too soft-hearted and soft-headed. Note that women were NO LESS
than the mothers, sisters and daughters of those with power - proof positive
that mankind's greed to protect existing interests knows no limits.

All those supposed cultural differences had vaporized, once the
Irish, the Polish, Italians, the Jewish, blacks, Hispanics and women have
organized their own political clout, and been given the equal opportunity to
rise to the maximum of their potentials.

Do Asian Ams Need to Organize Our Own Political Clout?

Keep the ONLY organized national Asian Am. political clout alive!
To join by credit card, go to
Or send your check to 80-20 PAC P.O. Box 603 Osprey, FL 34229.
Basic membership $35; Family membership $50, & Life Member $1,000.
S. B. Woo has pledged a matching fund of $1,500 for dues of NEW


S. B. Woo, a volunteer
On behalf of the Board of Directors, 80-20 PAC, Inc.,

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

80-20 is dying (1)

Know America!

American's political arena is a FREE market place where the political
clouts of interest groups compete & clash. Witness the debt ceiling talk
in D.C.! If Asian Americans don't have our own political clout, we and our
children shall be second class citizens for a long time.

Why 80-20's Survival Is Crucial To You

80-20 is the ONLY national, pan-Asian organization that

o knows the above political reality;
o toils to build up the Group Political Clout (GPC) to protect the rights
of the 16 million Asian Ams, the smallest minority composed
mostly of new immigrants;
o sacrifices personal interests of its leaders greatly to achieve its
mission. It achieves greatly. See "80-20's Top 10 Accomplishments,"

However, 80-20 Is Dying!

Unless 1400 more Asian Ams join 80-20 as members by year's
end, it'll die on March 25, 2013. See the diagram below to know that the red
line is already about 250 members below the green line. The red line must
lie above the green line by the 40th week on the horizontal axis.

What Will Be Lost When 80-20 Dies

The ONLY organized political clout that serves you will be gone. Here is
just one example of our community's terrible loss to come.

o The commitments of Pres. Obama may no longer be carried out.
o Remember the days when we had 5% of our national's lawyers, but only
0.7% of the life-tenured federal judges, all at the lowest rank? In the
last 2.5 yrs, owing to President Obama's iron-clad written commitment
to 80-20,
there are twice as many such federal judges, with
one at the higher rank of the Appeals court judge. Might this number
stop increasing?
o Remember when Exe bb9 c. Order 11246 was not enforced for Asian Ams?,
That is why Asian Am. in private industries, universities have only
half the chance of an average American to rise to management/
administration! Owing to YOUR clout, it is being enforced..
After 80-20 dies, may your promotion chance drop to ½ that of other
Americans again?
o Before 80-20, there has NOT been a single Asian Am. cabinet secretary.
Owing to YOUR clout, we had an Acting Sec. for 6 months under
Clinton, 2 full secretaries under Bush, and 3 under Obama.
Could that be reversed?

NOTE: Dues of multi-year members shall be re-imbursed in a pro-rated manner.
PLEASE don't stop joining. Start joining to save 80-20! When the going gets
tough, the tough gets going. Are you one of those?

You'll soon receive "80-20 Is Dying (2)", It'll show that 80-20 is dying, owing
to its aging leadership and failure to find replacements after a multi-
-year attempt. In short, our community's POLITICAL APATHY slowly chokes
YOUR one and only political clout to death. It is a men-made situation
that can be quickly reversed by YOUR personal decision to become
politically involved.

Help 80-20 Live & Flourish

Help 80-20 recruit by forwarding this email. To join by credit card,
go to or send your check to
80-20 PAC P.O. Box 603 Osprey, FL 34229.
Basic membership $35; Family membership $50, & Life Member $1,000.
S. B. Woo has pledged a matching fund of $1,500 for dues of NEW


S. B. Woo, a volunteer
On behalf of the Board of Directors, 80-20 PAC, Inc.,

Larry Ho, Lexington, MA:
Up to $1,500 for his friends who join 80-20, &
Wei H. & Li L Sun, West Chester, OH: $400 to 80-20 Edu. Foundation

Friday, July 15, 2011

Defending the Honor of the Chinese Am Community

Prologue: 80-20 is a Pan-Asian-American organization,
it serves all ethnic components of our community
including the Chinese-Am. community.

Many of you might have heard about a racial slur incident at the
University of California, San Diego. 80-20 has been quietly involved in
the investigation of this matter. To prevent untruthful rumors, 80-20
is making a complete report to the national community.


About 2 months ago, a laboratory rule stating "Don't believe anything
the Chinaman says
" was discovered on a Univ. of California, San Diego
(UCSD) professor's website. The UCSD's Administration quickly ordered
the deletion of the offensive statement and apologized.

The professor also apologized. But he stated that the derogatory
statement was on his website without his knowledge. Since the statement
has been on the website for more than 2 years and his apology seems
ambiguous, the Chinese American community in SD was not satisfied. It
requested 80-20's help and put up a petition site, which was signed by
1500 persons in two days. The petition demanded "a full investigation …
involving at least two members of the Chinese American community in SD"
to find out if the professor's statement was true. If otherwise, it requests
due, severe consequence for the professor. See


o UCSD appointed 3 Chinese American faculty members to help assess
the report of the inquiry. The 3 professors have vouched in writing
that after a thorough inquiry there is "no inference of anti-Asian bias
by the professor."

o UCSD sent a campus-wide educational communique and created a
new "Vice Chancellor for Equity, Diversity & Inclusion"
to prevent
future similar incidents and to enhance Equity, Diversity & Inclusion.

o The professor concerned send a 2nd apology stating
"It is most regrettable that an unacceptable derogatory statement
appeared in the website of my laboratory. I sincerely apologize to
the entire Chinese community, which has my highest respect. . . . I
take full responsibility for this most unfortunate happening."

For details and the formal documents involved, visit

Before ending, we want to thank the Admin 2dc istration of UCSD for
understanding the concerns of the Chinese Am. community and for
its cooperation.

Help 80-20 to help yourselves. To join using a credit card, go to
or send your check to 80-20 PAC P.O. Box 603 Osprey, FL 34229.


S. B. Woo, a volunteer, 80-20 PAC, Inc.,

Monday, July 11, 2011

Know Anyone Looking For A Job?

80-20 is looking for a "Special Assistant To The President." The job pays $45
to $50K per year depending on qualifications. The person may work at home.
However, one is not permitted to take on another job. Please send the resume to
S. B. Woo via A cover letter is required stating why one is
interested in such a job.

The job may be ideal for a young, talented, energetic and idealistic person with a
Bachelor's degree and having the passion to serve our community through the political
process. PLease state your SAT scores and cum. average at graduation.

For a "Special Assistant" who has the right political aptitude and passion to serve
the Asian American community, the job has upward mobility, since our current
Operations Director, Suzanna Lin who served with devotion, has resigned
owing to healthy reasons effective July 31.

An applicant must be very good in "Excel" and has rudimentary knowledge of
website development. Good English ability is required. Politics knows no evenings
and weekends. When there is a job to be done, we, including S.B. Woo, attend to it.

Please forward this email to those who may be looking for an interesting job and
is interested in serving the Asian American community at the same time. Thank


S. B. Woo