Friday, November 30, 2012

MUST READ, if you made weekly donations to Obama's campaign

   If you do NOT make weekly donations to Obama's campaign, ignore the rest.
   For people who have done so, most might assume that the commitment would automatically cease AFTER the election. Unfortunately, it does NOT.
   To stop it, please
1. type "" in the web browser line, WITHOUT http: or www,
2. then hit the return, and a website will show up that says "Manage your Monthly or Weekly donation",
3. follow the instruction there, and done!
   80-20 gratefully thank you AGAIN for making such a commitment in support of 80-20's endorsement of Pres. Obama. You made us proud.
Collective Leadership, 80-20 Nat'l Asian Am PAC

Monday, November 26, 2012

NY Times Verifies 80-20's Bloc Votes

1) YOUR Great Bloc Vote -- what an achievement!
   Look at the table below, and you'll know that we have more GROUP political clout today, thanks to you and 80-20's drive for a bigger and bigger bloc vote. ALL data come from the NY Times.

   An astounding change of (47+24) = 71 points in favor of Dems, owing to the Republican Party's stubborn refusal to share Asian Ams' rightful concerns.
2) A SWING Bloc Vote is Needed, Because Our Size Is Small!
   Will it be better if both political parties earnestly COMPETE to share our rightful concerns? Of course. Then it is obvious that we must be prepared to SWING to vote for a Republican candidate if he/she is more committed to make us equals.
   Our number is SMALL. The % of Asians, Hispanics and blacks in America's electorate is 3%, 10% and 13% respectively. To compensate for our small size, we must have the ability to SWING. See numerical examples of how Asian Ams. could have helped Romney win the electoral college vote of FL and VA. Go to item 3) shown in .
   In reality, our bargaining power TRIPLES.
   80-20 has been taught lessons by the Democrat Party & Asian Am officials, be they D or R. Regretfully, they often care for their interests only, instead of justice and/or equal opportunity. A SWING bloc vote is the only reliable protection for us. Elected Asian Am officials are by nature partisan first, their own constituents second, the interests of the Asian Am. community is at best a third to them. Some even betray our interests to protect their own political interests.
3) 80-20 Is Truly Non-Partisan
   Once 80-20 has endorsed a political candidate, it is extremely partisan. IT HAS TO BE! But prior to its endorsement, 80-20 is truly non-partisan and is for you and you only. We give our time, money, career ambitions and sometimes even the sacrifice of personal relationship with former political colleagues to serve YOUR INTERESTS ONLY.
   Help us back OR YOU MAY LOSE US. Some of the first generation leaders in 80-20 are getting on in age, thought they have invaluable experience.
   FORWARD this email to your Asian Am friends and get them to SUBSCRIBE to our email list. Truth and political maturity will make us EQUAL citizens.

Respectfully yours,

Collective Leaders, 80-20 Nat'l Asian Am Political Action Committee .
PS We gratefully acknowledge $1,000 from George Ow, Jr Santa Cruz, CA who joined as a Life Member.

Monday, November 12, 2012

More Election-Related Great News

[A] A BIGGER bloc vote than Hispanics continued:

   LA Times also reported:

"Much has been made of the Latino vote and its crucial role in boosting President Obama to victory, but it was Asian Americans who made the most dramatic shift in support for the president Tuesday." Go,0,2086805.story . Earlier, 80-0 reported to you similar coverage from CNN, all major channels, NPR/PBS, Politico and Bloomberg News.

   Why is a BIGGER bloc vote by Asian Ams such a big deal?

   Answer: "People in the know" know that once a minority acquires the political maturity to deliver a BIG bloc vote, it is on its way to become an equal partner in USA. Both Democrats & Republicans will compete to address our rightful concerns, provided that there is adequate political leadership within the Asian Am. community!

   WHO BUT 80-20 PREACHED AN ASIAN AM. BLOC VOTE! No other individuals and/or organizations did.

   Join 80-20. Go to . You owe it to yourself and your children. Your membership is good for 365 days.

[B] FEEDBACK from our ASTUTE readers on BLOC VOTE:

(1) "Awesome!!!!!!!! Keep up the good work. The Asian-Am community has needed an organization like yours for a long, long time (I'm 50 years old). "         Edwin Hom, Senior Litigation Counsel, NJ

(2) "Good job. We should enhance our block-vote power further via education. I would pledge $1000.00 to the education division of 80-20 for educational effort to raise the goal of "80-20" to "90-10". I think we Asian-Am Can."               Phil Choong

(S.B's reply: "Phil, Watch out for the next 80-20 EF e-newsletter. It'll show the huge POWER of a 90-10 bloc vote as compared with that of an 80-20.)

(3) "I would like to make a comment about the Asian bloc - we have just started to realize our potential. David Brooks, NYTimes columnist, and Jeffery Brown on PBS all brought up statistics that included the Asian vote. "                Karen B Chang

(4) "Hello SB, that's a great argument. You're right."         Kam Leung

(5) "Just saw this piece of news. Unite we shall overcome! Titled:" "Asian Voters Send a Message to Republicans."               Hong Tang

(6) "WE WON! - I'm not just cheering for President Obama, I'm also cheering for the show of power o 57f5 f AsAms: We won by showing our collective political power that no one can ignore any more! . . . Now let's use this earned power to press for our equal rights - in university campuses, in corporate offices, in federal court offices, in local governments, in military bases, ... and more!"            Yue

(7)"That is a great news. Glad that Asians finally care about politics. Congratulations to your hard work."              Mary Kuo

(8) "Congratulations on your good work. In case you have not seen this in the LA Times today."              Frederic and Julia Wan

(9)"The best analysis ever ... Nobel Prize in (Political) Economics. " K.P. Chen        (K.P. Chen is talking about PAC's last e-newsletter showing how our bloc vote could have delivered VA and FL to Romney)

   Space limits 80-20 from using all comments on bloc vote. Sorry!

   To join 80-20, go to . You owe it to yourself and your children. Your membership is good for 365 days.


80-20 National Asian Am. PAC's Collective Leadership


Thursday, November 08, 2012

Great News from the Last Election

(1) A Bigger bloc vote than Hispanics for Obama!
                               Politico       NY Times
Asian Ams               74.2               73
Hispanics                69.3               71
   Politico: "And the president saw higher backing among Asian voters, who sided with him by a 49-point margin, 74 percent to 25 percent. The margin was 27 points in 2008."
   In the same vein, see TODAY's Bloomberg article entitled "Asian Voters Send a Message to Republicans."
(2) We delivered what we focused on!
   80-20 focused on OH, VA and FL. We helped deliver all 3 to Obama!
(3) Could we have made Romney President2 days ago? ALMOST!
   Had Romney promised to help make us equal citizens, we might have at least delivered VA and FL to him, assuming Asian Ams are politically mature enough to deliver a swing bloc vote since we want to be equal Citizens NOW!

   Note that the "impact" is twice that of "AsAm MOD," because AsAms have already voted to support Obama. Hence, if we decide to vote for Romney, then we first subtract the "AsAm MOD" from Obama's vote and then add the same to Romney's vote.
   We couldn't change the outcome for Ohio and Nevada. But if our registered voters in those 2 states will increase by another 40% by 2016, WE CAN CHANGE THE OUTCOME OF ALL FOUR STATES, if we endorse the other guy and thereby making the other guy the winner.
   Power is a currency that Asian Ams MUST have in order to win equal opportunity for the 17 million of us. Don't be na├»ve. Neither the D Party nor the R Party loves us. They work with us for their own interests.
(4) Important Announcement
   80-20's Executive Comm. unanimously voted to postpone 80-20's Board election for next year. Two reasons. First, insufficient preparation for the Board election, because 80-20 was focused on delivering a big bloc vote for Pres. Obama. Secondly, 80-20 is undergoing internal discussion for possible organizational changes.
Respectfully yours,
80-20 National Asian Am. PAC, Collective Leadership

Friday, November 02, 2012

Help Obama Win for Our Own Sake!

If you have friends and relatives in OH, VA & FL, forward this e-newsletter to them.

He who wins OH, wins the presidency. But having VA and FL will help ensure it.

An UNDERSTANDING achieved yesterday with the Obama 
campaign, prompted leaders of 80-20 PAC to each donate another $1,000 to Obama. In  addition, we, including S. B. Woo who has retired to PAC's second line, will be working to our bones to help Obama win.

Why? For 2 reasons:
(1) So that our community will get to enjoy the FRUITS of this UNDERSTANDING, and
(2) All new immigrants to America need to use the political process to become equals. The Irish, Polish, Italians and Jewish Americans did that. We are no different.

80-20 endorsed Pres. Obama earlier. Now, we are going all out to help him win.

FORWARD this e-newsletter to your friends in OH, VA & FL. You need to proudly do your share in helping your children become equals.

Respectfully yours,
Leadership of 80-20 PAC
(Ved Chaudhary, Alice S. Huang, Chenming Hu, Haibo Huang, Yueh-ting
               Lee, Yin-Long Qui, Kathleen To and S. B. Woo)