Friday, August 30, 2002

A Role Model/ Paul Igasaki

80-20 sponsored a contest for its members to help recruit new members. The winner of the contest would win a round trip, economy airfare ticket to Asia.

Susan Wu of Alabama won the contest with 9 recruits*. When she was offered the ticket, she wanted to donate it back to 80-20. When 80-20 replied and said, "Thanks, but you've earned it!" Susan Wu replied:

"I recruited 80-20 members because I believe it is our duty. I am only doing my part. My donation is from the bottom of my heart and I am sincere about my decision. "

Guess what? Susan Wu is only 70 years young. What a role model!

*If everyone of our 1600 members had done what she did, our membership would have increased to 14,400.

(2) Paul Igasaki -- VICE CHAIR & ACTING CHAIR OF EEOC JACL (Japanese Am. Citizens League) and OCA (Organization of Chinese Ams.) has each passed a resolution urging President Bush to re-appoint Paul Igasaki to the Equal Employment opportunity Commission (EEOC). They also urged APAs to call or e-mail or fax the President. If you agree with the position of our two sister organizations, please ACT TODAY.


Call the comment line: (202) 456-1111
Fax a letter: (202) 456-2461

email the President:

Thursday, August 15, 2002

A CHALLENGE to Our Best and Brightest

Will you run for an office in 80-20 in order to serve our community? There will be no pay, lots of work, lots of headache and some out of pocket expenses. That is 80-20's CHALLENGE to our best and brightest.

You may ask, why should I take this challenge? Here are two BIG reasons.

(1) Who gets cussed out the most in America, day after day?

Answer: The President of the USA, no matter who that person is. Statesmen have always known: "It's a privilege to serve. Criticism comes with the turf."

(2) Why would anyone be so masochistic?
It is because the best and brightest are steeled by a value
system, eloquently expressed by Theodore Roosevelt:

"It's not the critic who counts; not he who describes how the mighty had allen; and how the doer of deeds could have done them better.

The credit goes to he who is actually in the arena; whose faced is marred with dust, sweat and blood; who tries valiantly; and who comes up short, time and again."

Our community needs you. 80-20 needs you.

There is no shame in wanting to serve and not getting elected.

There is only shame in not wanting to serve or not daring to run. Again quoting Theodore Roosevelt:

".. He (the one in the arena) is at least better than those timid souls who know neither defeat nor victory."

Deadline For Declaring YOUR Candidacy:

August 31, 2002!

Please note that candidates must be dues-paying members before
8/1/02. Please submit a bio, a filing fee of $50 which will be
returned to all winning candidates, and a statement of candidacy of
no more than 150 words specifying what office you are seeking to

Professor Chun Wa Wong
3780 Keystone Ave.
Suite 106
Los Angeles,
CA 90034-6363

Write down your e-mail address in the check please.

The following officers will be elected:

President, Vice President (or President- elect), Treasurer, Secretary,
Chair of the Nomination Committee. In addition, at least two more
Board members will be elected.
To be aware of the duties of each office, please visit:

The exact number of Board positions available will be declared
after August 31, when 80-20 knows the number of candidates. There
will be two candidates for each available position. The names of
candidates seeking officers' positions will automatically be entered as a
Board member candidate. That way the best candidates, in one
capacity or another, will be elected to serve 80-20.

Thank you for considering to serve 80-20, and indirectly
ourselves and our children.

Monday, August 12, 2002

Why Does 80-20 Need YOU?

Do you know why 80-20 needs YOU?

Not because we need your money to make a living, since all leaders of 80-20 work as volunteers. We need you, because we want to achieve YOUR goal -- build up our community's political clout in order to win first class citizenship for YOU and YOUR children.

A community goal of that magnitude can be achieved by Group Political Clout only. Mind you, however, that Group Political Clout depends on numbers. 80-20 already has an impressive e-mail list of 600,000 APA households and individuals. However, that e-mail list must be complemented by a fairly large number of dues-paying members to unleash its true prowess!!!

That's why 80-20 needs YOU.

August 15 is the last day that you can enroll as a member and be eligible to vote in 80-20's internal election on Oct. 21, 2002. All who join 80-20 this year will be enshrined in history, with their names permanently displayed on 80-20's web site as the first generation of dues-paying members. Hurry!

Membership information:

Basic (1 vote) -- $35
Family (for couples only, 2 votes) -- $50

Using a credit card, visit
PERSONAL checks are payable to "80-20 PAC", mailed to:
Professor Chun Wa Wong
3780 Keystone Ave.
Suite 106
Los Angeles, CA 90034-6363

Write down your e-mail address on the check.
Thank you. Our web site:

Thursday, August 08, 2002

80-20 Rated Tops in the Nation

Three scholars of the Univ. of Syracuse will publish a book that rates 80-20 as one of the two most successful, perhaps even the most effective, cyberspace political organizations in the nation in the 2000 election season. The book's title is "Click on Democracy: The Power of the Internet to Change Political Apathy into Action" S. B. Woo, President of 80-20 , was invited to write a "Foreword" for the book, which will be published by a division of HarperCollins. It can be pre-ordered on Amazon's web site: 92/ref%3D=sr%5F11%5F0%5F1/103-1079944-2047015

Chapter 2 of the book states: ".. for a Woo- or Bogosian-style success story in 2004 or beyond .." By "Woo," the authors mean the 80-20 PAC, of which S. B. Woo is president. Bogosian, Joe is the head of Young Professionals for Bush, the other most effective cyberspace political org. The book devotes 1/3 of Chapter 8 to describing 80-20 and its successes.

The idea for this book came from Dean David Rubin of the S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications, Syracuse University. He suggested to his faculty that the 2000 national election would be the first one in which the Internet could play an important part. He invited any faculty members interested in researching the internet's role to come up with a plan for the research, and possibly for writing a book.

Profs. Steve Davis, Larry Elin and Grant Reeher organized a research team of about 10 persons to monitor Internet efforts of political parties, traditional media, and other politically oriented groups. They rated 80-20 as perhaps the most successful cyberspace political organization in the 2000 election season in achieving its goals and creating SOCIAL CAPITAL. Social capital is the connection among individuals, giving rise to social networks, reciprocity and trustworthiness . This "capital" enhances general happiness, health, and the quality of participants' political life.

S. B. Woo said, "80-20 is greatly honored. 80-20 was only 3 years old when evaluated, and yet it was rated as one of nation's best two. To my knowledge, no other Asian American civic or political organizations have gotten that kind of attention -- selected for careful evaluation by prestigious mainstream organizations, twice in the last two years."

He continued, "The other assessment of 80-20's effectiveness was a national survey led by a group of professors from Utah, Harvard, Yale and Florida, and sponsored by The National Science Foundation. The national survey showed that APAs voted for Gore, as suggested by 80-20, 'by more than 2 to 1' in the 2000 election. The real message of the two evaluations is clear. Our community's political clout is winning respect from the mainstream society, and that 80-20 is a significant organization. The credit goes to all who support 80-20. Politics clout depends on numbers. 80-20 now has 600,000 supporters on its e-mail list."

The survey result can be found in the following page: