Wednesday, November 30, 2005

More power to you - Tax-exempt 80-20 EF Formed

Good News. 80-20 Educational Foundation, EF, . has just been
formed. Contribution to EF is tax deductible.. This will gives
YOU more options to win YOUR OWN equal opportunity & justice.

80-20 PAC, which has communicated with you over
the years will continue to take political actions e.g. endorsing a
presidential candidate and organizing a bloc vote. Hence, so far
as most AsAms are concerned, the formation of the EF
is just a legal sophistication to get the best use of our community's
limited financial resources. For more details see footnote.

See below for how having EF helps YOU. 80-20 EF may
accept tax-exempt contribution from

1) citizens and non-citizens in the form of money, stocks, bonds,
and bequests,
2) corporations and unions,
3) public and private foundations,
4) profit or non-profit or political organizations, and
5) state & federal governments.

Hence, please remember to use this added option, if
a) you annually give money to worthy tax-exempt causes near
the end of each year,
b) you serve on the Board of a foundation which gives money
to worthy tax-exempt causes annually, and
c) you have been a non-US- citizen. You may now donate money 80-20 EF.

Visit Tax-exempt
contribution to EF can be made through a personal or corporate
check and mailed to Kathleen To, 222 Calle Dos, Marble Falls, Texas, 78654.

Finally, we want to thank Andrew Wong, Lisa Le, Julia Wan,
Kathleen To, and CAPA, Chinese Am. Political Asso, for help in the formation of EF.

Prof. Larry Yu-Chi Ho of Harvard donated $5000 worth of stocks,
Woo's Foundation gave $2700, and a few other individuals gave
generously to EF. 80-20 PAC gave permission to EF to use its
marvelous email list. To one and all, THANK YOU.


S. B. Woo
The 80-20 Educational Foundation (NOT as the Pres. of 80-20 PAC)

Footnote: EF has the same goals (equal opportunity and justice) as
the 80-20 Political Action Committee, PAC, that you have always
known. However, EF and PAC use different approaches. EF focuses
on educational matters e.g. the July 4th Flag Project and the mass
emails which disseminate "what politics in America is all about." PAC
focuses on taking political actions e.g. the endorsement of political
candidates & is therefore not tax-exempt. The two orgs. have same
goals, use different methods to achieve the goals, and are
independent of each other.

Monday, November 21, 2005

Different Ways To Love Your Children

   Parents love their children in many different ways.  One popular
AsAm way is to give children a good education.  AsAms work hard and
sacrifice to save tens of thousands of dollars to send their children
to good schools.

   Is that sufficient?  NO.

   Here is how a loving father, Kien A. Hua, prepares for his
daughter's future.  80-20 thinks it is most enlightening.

   Mr. Hua strives to give his daughter not only a good education
but also equal opportunity to live to the maximum of her
potential.  America doesn't practice perfect meritocracy.  Good
education & talent count heavily at the entry and middle level jobs.
The closer one gets to the top, the more the intangible factors come
in*, among which is our community's lack of political clout.  See
Mr. Hua's email shown below.

Dear Kailee,

So, your 18th birthday is coming up.  I would like to encourage
you to start that big date by joining 80-20, an Asian Am. political
organization (see the following email).  I am one of their first-
generation member.  Your mom is also a member.  After joining the
org., encourage all your Asian friends at Emory to join as well. If
there will be enough interest at Emory University, you might even
want to organize a local chapter.  With Asian contributing to less
than 4.5% of the U.S. population, we need every one to join the

If someone says 80:20 is pro-Republican or pro-Democrat, that
is what they want you to think.  The correct answer is - "80-20
is pro Asian American."   The bottom line is that if pro-Republican
or Democrat) is the right thing to do for Asian American, it is pro
Asian American.  Consequently, 80-20 members do bloc votes,
instead of voting independently for Democrat or Republican.


  Join 80-20.  Share the above email -- parents with their children &
the other way around.  Using a credit card,   (easy to use)  or   (Paypal)
PERSONAL checks are payable to "80-20 PAC", mailed to:
            Jing-Li Yu            80-20 Director of Operations
            P.O. Box 527340          Flushing, NY 11352-7340 .
Write down your E-MAIL address & PHONE no. on the BACK of the
check.  Student membership is $15, Basic membership is $35, Family
(2 voters for 2 names) is $50, and Life Membership is $1,000.

 - - - - - - - -
* See S. B. Woo's letter to Labor Sec. Chao showing that AsAms have
by far the least opportunity to rise to the top, whether in private
industries, universities and/or Federal government.  Visit
The letter was sent on May 17, 2005.  Thus far, Sec. Chao has chosen
the not-so-benign neglect.  Might she have the responsibility to
publicly answer 80-20's charge of discrimination, backed with
government published statistics?  Is she concerned?
- - - -

THANKS TO: $1,000 from Dr. Ki-Hyun Chun of NC &
           $500 from The Asian Pacific Bar Assoc. of Silicon Valley


Friday, November 18, 2005

How 80-20 can make a difference in Vincent Chin's

   How 80-20 can make a difference in a case like Vincent
Chin's?  Here is how.


   In 1982, Am. Auto workers were angry over Japanese imports.   In a
Detroit bar one evening, Vincent Chin, a Chinese Am., was taken to be
a Japanese by two auto workers.  They quarreled and fought.  Later,
in a parking lot, the two auto workers killed Vincent by bashing his
brains out with a baseball bat.

   A Michigan court fined the two murderers $3000 each. The AsAm
community rose in protest, getting the Fed government to step in.
Despite some early successes, ultimately the 2 murderers were
acquitted and did not serve a day in jail. A civil suit ordering one to
pay $1.5 million to Chin's estate was not carried out because the
murderer fled. Vincent Chin's mother, disgusted with the injustice,
left the USA for China.


   80-20's impact in a similar case in the future will not be
qualitatively but quantitative.  The AsAm orgs of that period did a
magnificent job.  Quantitatively, 80-20 can communicate with
710,000 AsAm families and almost all of the AsAm activists several
times per week.  There is not a single AsAm organization today that
has even 1/10 that ability.  Politics depend on numbers.  And the
injustice seen in Vincent Chins case was a reflection of our lack of
an effective political action committee at that time.

   Helen Zia, a co-founder of "American Citizens for Justice (ACJ),"
that played a key role in rallying the AsAm to fight the injustice in
Chins case summarized the situation well.  She spoke of the need for
a strong national APA organization to deal with hate crime in a
consistent and experienced manner. "Otherwise we are reinventing
the wheel in different regions where hate crimes occur."


   The good deeds that those civic orgs. have done should not be
forgotten.  80-20 will use this opportunity to salute their magnificent

   Outraged, our community rose to the challenge of an unjust
Michigan court.  For the first time, Asian Ams. realized that in the
eyes of a lot of Americans there was no difference between Japanese,
Chinese and other Asians.  AsAm organizations like ACJ, APALC,
CAA (Chinese for Affirmative Action), JACL, OCA, & local orgs. of
the Filipino and Korean communities in Michigan all worked together
to organize demonstrations & a letter writing campaign.  They wrote
to politicians, the press, and the U.S. Department of Justice
demanding that the two men be charged with violating Chin's civil
rights."  Under that magnificent pressure, the case was re-tried in a
Federal District Court, ACJ hired a lawyer and became "a friend of
the court" or "Amicus curiae."


   80-20 was not active in any of the spy cases *, whether it was Wen
Ho Lee, Captain James Yee or Katrina Leung.  There are two major
reasons.  First, all three worked for our intelligence services
even before they were accused of spying against our nation.  In
international espionage, huge investment is made to deceive "the
whole wide world."  Believing in the apparent truth could be a BIG
mistake.  Second, if one of those accused turned out to be a real spy
against our nation, the consequences could be severe for us all.

       Asian Ams want 80-20 to be straight with them, even when the
truth may not be what they want to hear.  80-20 tries to serve you
with integrity.  80-20 stands tall and fights for the AsAm community.
Visit  to see the numerous
battles 80-20 has fought & won for the AsAm. community.

   Join 80-20. It can make a difference in your life. We showed how
80-20 can make a difference in unfortunate cases like the LA riot,
the campaign finance scandals of 1997, &amp a case like Vincent Chin's.
Using a credit card, visit   (easy to use)  or
PERSONAL checks are payable to "80-20 PAC", mailed to:
            Jing-Li Yu               Director of Projects
            P.O. Box 527340         Flushing, NY 11352-7340 .
Write down your E-MAIL address & PHONE no. on the BACK of the
check.  Life membership is $1,000; Family (2 voters) is $50; Basic
Membership is $35;  Student membership is $15.

* 80-20 did use its mass email to let AsAms know where they
might donate money to orgs. raising money for Wen Ho Lee.  80-20
also has a policy to aid AsAm scientists & engineers who face trumped-
up government charges that fail to stand up in courts.  Visit:


Tuesday, November 15, 2005

How 80-20 could make a difference in "Asiagate" of 96-97

   Here is how YOU now have the power to deal with a
similar unfortunate scandal as the "Asia Gate" of 1996 to 97.


   From 1996 to 97', the entire AsAm community suffered, owing to the
political misdeeds of a few.  Do you still recall names like John
Huang, Johnny Chung, Charlie Trie, Pauline Kalchanalak and
James Riady who all made illegal political contributions in the
presidential election year of 1996?  The mainstream media covered
those misdeeds so intensely as if it was the new "Watergate."  It was
as if there was an Asian cabal to undermine the US government,
while the misdeeds were no more than the follies of a few AsAm
political amateurs.  The amount of illegal contribution (less than
$250,000) was small as compared to the normal campaign
irregularities of a presidential election year.

   NY Times christened the term "Asia Gate."  The two political
parties competed to be distant from Asian Ams. & to harshly
investigate their Asian Am. big donors.

   The Democratic National committee, DNC, was in comparison the
worse.  After the scandals ballooned, DNC blatantly practiced
racial profiling and investigated only its big contributors who had
Asian last names.  Such donors were asked to show (1) proof of US
citizenship/PR status, & (2) income tax filings of past years to
verify their financial means.

   Results of the hysteria?   An average Asian Am became more
"foreign" and more suspect of "undermining the USA" in
the eyes of the Am. public.  How ironic!  That was the pay back to
our community for having given at least $8,000,000 to presidential
candidates of both parties in 1996.  Given the hysteria, Congressman
Cox's House Committee held a hearing.  It claimed that there were
many spies among AsAms and that it would prove it later, which of
course it didn't.  But the damage has been done.

   You can of course understand that the combined images of
"Perpetual foreigners" and "disloyalty to USA" leads to
discrimination against YOU in workplaces.

   Lesson?  Hear 80-20 out, which is non-partisan.   Don't let
amateurs politicians with personal political ambitions talk
you into giving money and votes to their political party or
bosses, without scrutiny.

   A few valiant Asian Ams spoke up against the "Asia Gate" hysteria,
but they were not heard.  Not a single Asian Am organization stood
up to lead our community to fight the hysteria.  Outraged, 80-20
was born a year later!


    Had 80-20 existed then, it would have immediately hired lawyers
to question the legality of DNC's method of investigation.  If
necessary, 80-20 would have taken DNC to court.

    In addition, 80-20 would send a "Call to Action" to the 710,000
AsAm persons and families on its email list.  80-20 will urge them
to send letters to DNC and RNC to protest their attitude towards the
Asian American community.  80-20 would also lead "a letter to the
editor campaign" to stem the hysteria, which eventually caused so
much damage to the average Asian Ams.  80-20 would of course
remind both parties of its ability to deliver a bloc vote in the next
presidential election.

    This is the political power that YOU have now.  You have a
political action committee that has a war chest, the political
know-how, & the ability to communicate with the entire AsAm
community, several times a week if necessary.  Communication is power. 
War chest &amp political know-how is power.  Bloc vote is power.

    Join 80-20.  That is how you & 80-20 mutually empower each
other.  Next email will show how 80-20 would have made a difference
in the Vincent Chin murder case in Detroit in 1982.

       Using a credit card, visit   (easy to use)  or
PERSONAL checks are payable to "80-20 PAC", mailed to:
            Jing-Li Yu               Director of Projects
            P.O. Box 527340         Flushing, NY 11352-7340 .
Write down your E-MAIL address & PHONE no. on the BACK of the
check.  Life membership is $1,000; Family (2 voters) is $50; Basic
Membership is $35;  Student membership is $15.

Friday, November 11, 2005

How 80-20'll protect Korean Ams if an LA riot recurs

### NOTICE: Members should have received a ballot to vote for 80-20
Board elections by 11/13. If not, contact . ###

   Did you feel impotent politically when a crisis fell upon the
Asian Am. community?  Examples are (I) the Los Angeles riot of
1992, (II) the "Asiagate" -- campaign finance scandals of 1996 & (III)
the Vincent Chin murder in Detroit of 1982.  With 80-20, you now
have the needed political CLOUT. We'll explain how in each case,
starting with (I).

                 (I) The Los Angeles Riot

    Courageous Korean Am. were on the roofs with rifles defending
the lives and properties of their families.  The police force
was protecting other areas of LA, but not Koreatown. The National
Guard was activated & ready to go.  But politicians
ware hesitant about ordering the troops in.  Another
terrifying day passed for Korean Ams., before the troops were finally
ordered in.  Outrageous!

    If, God forbid, a similar situation occurs, 80-20 will work with
Korean Am. leaders in LA to jointly place a phone call to the relevant
politician.  We'll respectfully request that the troops be ordered in
IMMEDIATELY.  But the underlying message is this:

    "Order in the troops IMMEDIATELY, or you'll face an Asian
    Am bloc vote organized by 80-20 to DEFEAT YOU in the next
    election.  80-20 has an email list of 710,000 AsAm families,
    80% of whom are registered voters and 40% of whom reside in
    California.  80-20 has led two successful bloc votes in the
    presidential elections of 2000 & 2004.  For evidence go to our
    website.  In addition to using the emails AGAINST YOU, 80-20
    will buy ads in Asian Am. media (radio, TV and newspaper) in
    Los Angeles or California, to DEFEAT YOU in the next
    election."  See footnote 1.

    Result?  There is a 99% chance that the troops will be ordered in
IMMEDIATELY.  Most politicians respond much more readily to the
fear of having some one gunning for them in the next election than
anything else.

    What if the 1% chance wins out???  In some ways, 80-20 loves the
challenge of being denied that rightful request.  With 8% AsAm voters
in CA & an estimated 10% AsAm voters in LA, 80-20 is CONFIDENT to
2 for why such a small % of voters can defeat that official.

    FROM THAT "DEFEAT" ONWARD, the not-so-benign neglect of the
rightful interests of Asian Ams will be over.  Your sense of political
impotency will vanish!  Asian Ams become equal citizens of America!
That is how politics really works, although we should always try
win-win solutions first.

    Join 80-20.  That is how you & 80-20 mutually empower each
other.  Next emails will show that you don't need to feel politically
impotent in cases (II) & (III) any more.

    Using a credit card, visit   (easy to use)  or
PERSONAL checks are payable to "80-20 PAC", mailed to:
            Jing-Li Yu               Director of Projects
            P.O. Box 527340         Flushing, NY 11352-7340 .
Write down your E-MAIL address & PHONE no. on the BACK of the
check.  Life membership is $1,000; Family (2 voters) is $50; Basic
Membership is $35;  Student membership is $15.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Footnote 1: If a readers hasn't seen the evidence of the two
successful bloc votes either, visit:  (2000) &  (2004)

Footnote 2: To understand why a bloc vote by such a small % of voters
can determine the election outcome, see below.

     Two candidates run against each other in a political division,
which for simplicity is assumed to have two constituent groups
only.  One group has 1 million votes (8%) and the other has 11
million votes (92%). Candidate A, a novice, courts the larger group,
not being aware that the smaller constituent group has the internal
political cohesion to deliver a bloc vote in an 8 to 2 ratio while the
larger group does not. When the ballots are open, candidate A wins the
larger community by the ratio of 52/48.  The margin of difference is
4%.  Since the larger group has 11 millions votes, 4% of 11 million
votes provides a winning margin of 440,000 votes to candidate A.  His
opponent, candidate B, is a seasoned politician.  She courts the
smaller group and wins that community by a ratio of 80 to 20, which
is the voting pattern of the Jewish Americans and African Americans.
The difference between 80% and 20% is 60%.  60% of 1 million votes is
600,000 votes.  As a result, candidate B wins the election by (600,000
440,000) or 160,000 votes.