Thursday, February 26, 2015

Justice vs. Politics for Officer Liang of NYPD

 Indictment Against Peter Liang Politically 

   Some made the above charge.  80-20 is not ready to 
believe it yet.  However, 80-20 must be ready to act, when 
called for.  In the event that politics is interfering against 
justice, 80-20 shall play a counter-balancing role.

   So we looked into politics in Brooklyn and the track 
record of District Attorney (DA) Kenneth Thompson.

          The Demographics of Brooklyn 
     The demographics, shown in the table below, project a 
rapidly rising political role for Asian Ams in Brooklyn elections.

Racial composition2010199019501900
White 49.5% 46.9% 92.2%98.3%
-Non-Hispanic 35.8% 40.1% n/an/a
Black or African American 35.8% 37.9%  7.6%1.6%
Hispanic or Latino (of any race) 19.8% 20.1%  n/an/a
Asian 11.3%  4.8%0.1%

   From 1990 to 2010, the population of non-Hispanic Whites, 
blacks and Hispanics all decreased.  In contrast, that of Asian 
increased by 135%, or approximately 5% per year.  

    By Spring of 2017, when the next Democratic primary for 
Brooklyn DA will occur, the Asian population will be about 16%.  
A primary in which one constituent has an emotional grudge is 
where a PAC like 80-20 can play a pivotal role.

      The Track Record of DA Ken Thompson

      DA Thompson was elected in 2013 after a very bitter election 
against a 6-term former Brooklyn DA Charles Hynes. Thompson 
was sworn in as DA on 1/1/2014.  He seems to be doing 
respectable job.  Being a public servant in a city like Brooklyn is 
not easy.  80-20 wishes him luck.  


    However, in 1.2 years, DA Thompson has generated much 
negative publicity.  See some Newspaper headlines about him 

DA's detective driver is former drug dealer | New York Post 
                                  - Oct 29, 2014, and
                                    - only 4 days ago.
One quote in the above article says, ""He's a psychopath," the 
source said. "There is no DA I know of in the state who has his 
own ­advance team."

Shopping for a DA Candidate for the 2017 Election?

    No, no, no!  80-20 will focus its effort on fact finding* to 
advance justice.   Politics should never interfere with justice.  

    Let the word go forth that 

          if 80-20 must use politics to counter-balance politically 
          motivated scapegoating against Officer Peter Liang of 
          NYPD, we will!

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S.B. Woo, a volunteer
President, 80-20 Asian Am. National Political Action Committee, Inc.
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Facts that 80-20 is very interested in verifying:
 i) Were Liang and his partner explicitly ordered not to do vertical patrolling in 
    that building by their boss?
ii) Had Liang admitted that his finger was on the trigger?  Or, did he state that 
    his finger was along the gun barrel but slipped when his right shoulder 
    hit a door?
iii) Is there any physical evidence that the bullet hit the wall and ricocheted?  
     Has the physical evidence been protected and/or photographed?
iv) Did Liang and his partner call the Police Union first and 4 minutes later call 911?
 v) Some articles describe the stairwell as being "pitch black."  Is it true?  The 
     jury could easily be convinced that Officer Liang would feel threatened in 
     this dangerous public housing project area where the stairwell is pitch black. 
     Would it then have been reasonable for him to keep the finger on the trigger?
vi) What other police shooting or assault cases has the Brooklyn DA prosecuted r
vII) What role did Liang's partner play in this incident?  Is he under investigation 
      or being disciplined?