Monday, February 11, 2013

What 80-20 PAC'll do in the NEXT 4 YEARS

   About 50% of PAC's members voted in the last election -- a superb voting % for a civil rights organization with 2000+ members. The results are:
Kathleen To: 773 (=75.93 % of those having voted);
S. B. Woo: 933 (=91.65 %);
Jing-li Yu: 487 (=47.84 %);
Charles Zhang: 600 (=58.94 %);

   Kathleen To, S. B. Woo, & Charles Zhang will lead the Interim Executive Committee (IEC). They'll try hard to serve you in the next 4 years.

   IEC's key goals for the next 4 years will include:
(1) To induce the Republican Party to compete with the Dem. Party to serve the rightful interests of Asian Ams in order to win our bloc vote. Both R & D feverishly court Jewish Americans. Why not Asian Ams., we have twice as many votes? Timing seems right, the Republican Party is seriously re-examining its strategy.
(2) Be the courageous voice of Asian Ams. to advance our rightful interests.
      They include: (a) breaking the glass ceiling against us in workplaces,
      (b) eliminating the higher college admission bars against our children,
      (c) enlarging even more the number of Asian Am. federal judgeships, and
      (d) leading a fight against any wrongs done against us in a major way. IEC will ignore the little issues, e.g. the little insults uttered by radio jockeys, to focus on the big issues. The clock is ticking. PAC may die after 2016.
(3) To raise millions for a needed "REWARD SYSTEM" for a professional & larger staff. We can't count on decades of extreme sacrifice from a few individuals to serve the community. Ask yourself and your friends, "Can you and I help our community a bit more?"

     We've read about Asian Ams giving tens of millions to philanthropic causes in America. Have you ever heard an Asian Am giving even $5 million to help his/her own community to become equal citizens of the USA? Is that a shame on all of us?
   Please note that you may not hear from us as often. But we'll be working. When we need your help, we'll holler. When we get something done, we'll inform you. :-) :-)

Respectfully yours,
Kathleen To, S. B. Woo and Charles Zhang, Member of IEC, all volunteers
80-20 National Asian Am. Political Action Committee