Sunday, June 30, 2002

Generating Positive Image for the APA Community


Associated Press, a worldwide media service, is doing a fairly big article on 80-20's Flag Project. It may be carried in YOUR local papers. Please look for it. Topics covered include the following.

4500 poster flags will be up in store windows owned by APAs in big cities in CA, NY, Texas, and other states. If you live in those states, please look for the poster flags in Koreatown, Chinatown, etc. The flags have 80-20's name and web site address. A SPECIAL THANKS goes to all volunteers who distributed & put up the flags.

Radio ads urging APAs to display flags on July 4th shall be broad- cast in many big cities in 3 languages, Vietnamese, Korean and Chinese, from 6/28 to July 4th.


Joy Chang, 80-20's Special Assistant till now, will be leaving to attend Hastings Law School on 6/31. Many at 80-20 are starting to miss her already. Best wishes, Joy. We appreciated your dedication to 80-20.

Jing-Li Yu was selected to replace Joy, after a national search. Jing's SAT scores were 800 in verbal, 750 in math; his Graduate Record Exam scores were 98% in both categories. He was an economics major at U. of Penn and a cum laude graduate of Penn after only 2 years. At the age of 21, he has finished his course requirement for a Master's degree in Social Sciences at the U. of Chicago. He comes very highly recommended.

Tim Chen is still 80-20's Special Assistant stationed in San Francisco.

3) An OUTSTANDING Article by Stewart Ikeda

PLAYING THE HATE-CARD IN THE MIDTERM ELECTIONS -- Racial Attacks in Campaigns aren't Just Politically Effective, but Politically Correct

Stewart is the web master of Asian-American Village, and a good friend of 80-20. His article starts with an "teaser:"

What do Matt Fong, Ben Cayetano, David Wu, George Nakano, David Chiu, and Elaine Chao have in common?

a) All Democrats
b) All elected to federal office
c) All Chinese Americans
d) All presumed or implied to be foreigners by their countrymen

For the full article, visit

Tuesday, June 18, 2002

For Dues-Paying Members Only

Dear Dues-Paying Members: If your name is shown below, it implies that 80-20 still doesn't have your e-mail address to send you a ballot to vote in 80-20's internal election in Oct. Your having received this e-mails from us does NOT imply that we have identified your name to your e-mail address. 80- 20 simply has a list of 430,000 e-mail addresses WITHOUT names.

PLEASE look at the list below of about 100 names, arranged in alphabetical order. If you find your name there, please e-mail with 1) your name, 2) your e-mail address, & 3) your postal address which is for verification purposes only.

Even supposing your name is not there, we encourage you to go to our membership list shown in:

If you find a symbol next to your name (*, # , % or !), it means 80-20 still needs some information from you in order for you to enjoy YOUR FULL RIGHTS as a member. For example, 80-20 must be given two names before a family membership gets TWO votes. The meaning of each symbol is explained on the web site. Thank you.

Sunday, June 09, 2002

Erase our "Foreigners" Image on July 4th

What if people always see a sea of American flags on July 4th, when they drive through major APA population centers such as Chinatown, Indiatown, Japantown, Koreatown, or Little Saigon?

Will they STILL think that APAs are foreigners? No, because the best way to solve an image problem is to present a diametrically opposite images.

July 4th will be here soon. Get ready.

(a) As organizations, help create "Seas of Flags" in prominent APA localities, and (b) As individuals, display a flag in front of your home/ business.

To help you accomplish the above, please visit , where you can 1) listen to and/or download 30 second radio ads in Chinese (Mandarin and Cantonese), Korean, or Vietnamese for use in your community!

2) read the articles mentioned above and send your favorite to your friends
and relatives to get them to join the Flag Project!

3) get FREE paper flags, suitable for store windows and fronts (indoor
and outdoor usage), mailed to you in bulk, IF you volunteer to distribute
these flags to APA stores in your locality! E-mail Tim Chen
who will provide "how to do it."

4) find out where to buy flags with holders at a good price!

As a part of 80-20's $50K investment in the Flag Project, 80-20 will buy air time in radio stations in major APA population centers. So you'll be getting plenty of help.

What did we get for our last year's effort?

Hundreds of thousands of dollars' worth of good publicity resulted in mainstream media, including Newsweek, Business Week, NY Times, LA Times, Boston Globe, SJ Mercury, major TV channels, and National Public Radio.

Our community rallied. Superlative editorials came from prestigious ethnic papers. Examples are:

"... When mainstream society stops doubting our loyalty,

our equal opportunity follows. What a great campaign led

by the 80-20." -- editorial, SingTao, July 4, 2001

"... We truly support the "seas of flags" strategy .. What is so pleasing is that the strategy has met with great response. It is unlike past suggestions from our elite which often met with cold reception from grass roots." -- editorial, The World

Journal, July 4, 2001.

TOGETHER, we can change odds and lift ourselves up by our own bootstraps. BUT YOU MUST DO YOUR SHARE!