Monday, September 20, 2021

Michelle Wu Won in a Landslide. Implication?

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Michelle Wu won the Boston Mayoral Primary by a landslide:
33% to 22% over Annissa Essaibi George who will be 
Michelle's General Election opponent.

Q&A on "The Implication of this victory to the AsAm Community"

Q: 80-20 endorsed Michelle Wu. So is 80-20 claiming that it has caused Michelle Wu's victory?

A: Certainly not. Michelle Wu's years of hard work and service to Boston did it. She also planned her race well.

Q: OK, then. Did 80-20 help Michelle Wu at all?
A: We'd like to think so. Before we endorsed her, she was leading by 1 point over her strongest opponent in the polls. A few days after 80-20's endorsement and fundraising for her, she led by many points in all later polls. Hence, we might have helped, & certainly didn't harm her campaign.

Q: Since 80-20 is NOT claiming much credit for Michelle's victory, why did you mention her in 5 of your last 7 e-newsletters, starting with"Smart donors get winning results"? Indeed, you devoted 2 of those 5 e-newsletters entirely to Michelle's contest. What's the hidden message?

A: The hidden message is "Smart donors get winning results". 80-20 wants  all AsAm donors to become smart donors. We want

(1) To remind you how we wasted millions of dollars helping unqualified AsAm political candidates run for "Governor of CA", "President of the USA" and "Mayor of NY City". Neither of these candidates had the slimmest chance to win. Our candidates were NOT ready. They didn't seriously prepare themselves for the runs, and

(2) To demonstrate to you that we can be smart donors bringing home winning results. Michelle Wu's campaign for Boston mayor is an example.

Q: But! Most AsAms don't know much about election politics, nor have the time to study polls like 80-20. You need to find a solution!

A: To offer a solution is 80-20's goal. Seeing how we've wasted millions,       80-20 wants to point to a smarter way. That is, from here on when an AsAm candidate runs for a nationwide, statewide or big citywide race,  if 80-20 thinks the campaign is ill-prepared, we'll be stone quiet. Other-wise, we'll offer encouragement, even when the campaign is NOT certain to win. Few political campaigns are certain to win. But a well-prepared campaign doesn't end up in 4th or 5th position in a primary.

Q: Do you think Michelle Wu will win the General election on Nov. 2?
A: Yes. Her campaign seems exceptionally strong. My conjecture is that she'll win at least 55% of the vote on Nov. 2. Click here and then go to "5.3 Polling" to view the first post-primary poll showing Wu leading by 48% to Essaibi's 28%.

Q: Can Michelle Wu possibly still lose the race?
A: Yes! If Michelle lets her opponent twist her image into that of an extreme liberal through negative TV ads

      A billionaire supported Annissa Essaibi with a SuperPAC and ran $0.5       million worth of TV ads for her during the primary. Such TV ads are   designed by high-priced political pros who have no concern for truth & decency. During the General Election much more money could be poured in, and the TV ads will most likely be negative ads attacking Michelle Wu.
      Help Michelle by donating generously. If you donated $80.20 last time, please donate $802.0 this time. ($1,000 is max.) Michelle needs serious money this time. Her victory will indirectly enhance AsAm political clout.

   Please DONATE yourself & forward this email to your friends who have big generous hearts.

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S. B. Woo
President and a volunteer for the past 22 years
80-20 Educational Foundation, Inc, a 501 C-3 organization,
Lieutenant Governor of Delaware (1985-89)