Thursday, February 25, 2010

Your Historic Achievement

Pres. Obama announced the nomination of Goodwin Liu, a law professor
at U. of CA, Berkeley to the US 9th Circuit court of Appeals. Consequently,

(1) There will soon be 2 Asian Am. Circuit Court judges -- a historic feat, &

(2) The number of AsAm life-tenured federal judges increase from
6 District judges + 0 Circuit Court judge
12 District judges + 2 Circuit Court judges,

since 2006 when 80-20 announced* its goal to increase the number of such
AsAm judges.


See Pres. Obama's commitment to YOU made through 80-20 Educational
Foundation, together with a table which documents the recent drastic increase
in such AsAm judges.

YOU and YOUR SUPPORT of 80-20 helped cause the above dramatic
improvement. But we have much more to do yet, including getting the
equal opportunity to rise to the top in any profession.
JOIN 80-20 as
dues-paying members. It is your best choice to help yourself and your
children. Click on 
send your check to 80-20 PAC P.O. Box 603 Osprey, FL 34229 .

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Pres. Obama's Commitment to YOU. See Q4 & Q5

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See how the number of AsAm judges had increased recently

Respectfully yours,

S.B. Woo
Acting Exec. Director (a volunteer), 80-20 PAC, Inc.

* 80-20 gratefully acknowledges the support of the leaders of
LEAP and CACA at the Press Conference in Los Angeles, CA.

Monday, February 01, 2010

Practice ESI, Enlightened Self-interest

1) "Stay out of politics!" my seniors warned. Why shouldn't I?

Circumstances have changed. Your seniors probably lived in the "old
Country," & were members of the majority race. They don't face
discrimination. YOU live in USA, and are a member of a very small
minority. You face discrimination, as historic and current record
clearly show. You need to rely on political clout to get the government
to protect your rights.

2) Will I get in trouble, if I join 80-20 PAC?

Are the founders of 80-20 in trouble? They are: Chang-Lin Tien
(late Chancellor of UC, Berkeley), Anna Chennault (a well known
AsAm GOP woman), Larry Ho (retired Harvard prof. of 2 endowed chairs),
Henry Tang (former Chair of Committee of 100), and S. B. Woo
(former Lt Governor of Delaware). Exercise your political rights!

3) Other AsAm orgs. sponsor candidate forums & lobbying activities, how
come 80-20 PAC only endorses candidates?

Endorsing candidates is politically more powerful than organizing
candidate forums & lobbying activities. Evidence? Do you see other orgs.
getting the results that 80-20 has gotten?

4) Why does 80-20 need money from me?

After 80-20 endorses a candidate, it buys media ads and sends direct
mails to deliver an Asian Am. bloc vote for the endorsed candidate. Why?
When elected, the candidate will help us back as president Obama is doing
now. Such activities require money. For example, 80-20 spent a lot of
money independently for Obama's campaign in the battleground states.

How 80-20 spent its money has a record. It must report to Federal Election
Commission website annually about income & expenditure. Visit: .

5. Don't I get the same benefit, even when I don't join 80-20?

YES. Do you get the same sense of inner satisfaction & self-respect?
Practice enlightened self-interest!


To find out if you are a member, visit this easy to use page: . If NOT a member,
please consider joining if you can afford the $35 or $50 
annual dues. If you
are already a member, please help recruit. 

To JOIN . 

Or send your check to 80-20 PAC P.O. Box 603 Osprey, FL 34229 .

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Record Membership at the end of January
2006: 661 members, 2007: 600, 2008: 387, 2009: 1,100,
2010: 1,301 -- tripling that of 2008.

Gratefully Acknowledging Your Generosity

(I) To 80-20 Educational Foundation:
Woo"s Foundation $7,550, Dr. Steve Ko $2,000
Chung-I & Mao-Lien Wu $1,000 The Baltimore Family Fund $1,000
National Philanthropic Trust $1,000 (courtesy of Mr. &Mrs. Mitchell Lou)
Lois Wong Chi $500 Alec Y. Chang, Esq. $500
Erica Liu $300 Tueh-Ting Lee $300

(2) To 80-20 PAC, Inc
Roy Saigo $1,000,
Kathleen To $350 Lawrence and Mary Schaffer-Tom $250

Sincerely yours,

Directors of 80-20 NEW Board of 2010 (titles are for ID purposes only),
Fel Amistad, San Mateo County Commissioner; Analyst (Finance)
Quan Cao, Prof., Florida Atlantic Univ.; a Vietnamese-Am scholar
Ved Chaudhary, General Secretary, Hindu Collective Initiative of N. America,
Rutgers University Board of Trustees (1993-95)
Dr. Beverly Hong-Fincher, Linguistics; currently teaching at the Univ. of
the District of Columbia
Dr. Hilary Hsu, Chancellor, City College of San Francisco, 1982-90
Dr. Laura Hsu, retired university administrator
Dr. Chenming Hu, Distinguished Chair Professor, Univ. of CA, Berkeley;
US National Academy of Engineering; Chinese Academy of sciences;
Academia Sinica
Dr. Alice Huang, President-elect, Am. Assoc. for the Advancement of Science,
retired professor, Harvard Medical School, retired Dean, NYU, Univ.
Administrator, Caltech
Dr. Yueh-ting Lee, Prof. of Psychology at the Univ. of Toledo, OH; Dean of the
College of Arts and Sciences, Minot State Univ, ND
Dr. Edward Lin, CEO, Ingenious Technologies Corp, Co-Founder, Gulfcoast
Chinese Am. Assoc.
Dr. Yuko Nakanishi, MBA, Principal & President, Nakanishi Research &
Consulting, LLC.
Linden Nishinaga, Calif. licensed professional engineer & Leadership in
Energy & Environmental Design Accredited Professional
Dr. Roy Saigo, Two university presidencies (Auburn Univ. & St. Cloud St. Univ)
Dr. Kim Song, Assoc. Prof., Univ. of Missouri, St. Louis
Lena Tam, Vice Mayor, Alameda, CA; MPA, licensed Engineer
Kathleen To, Honorary Texas Commercial Attache (1991-93); President & CEO,
KATO Foundation
William Uy, President, PBidet Corporation; Retired DuPont Sr. Research Scientist
with 25 patented inventions
Joel Wong, President, APAPA-Bay Area Chapter
Hon. S.B. Woo, Lt. Governor of Delaware (85-89), retired Physics prof., U. of Del.
Dr. David Yang, Associate Political Scientist, Rand Corporation
Jing-Li Yu, 3rd yr. law student, Univ. of Chicago; Operation Director, 80-20
(05 -06)
Charles Zhang, President and Managing Partner, Zhang Financial, the only
advisor in the nation selected as a top advisor by BOTH Worth Magazine
and Barron’s each year from 2004-2007.