Sunday, December 13, 2009

A Stirring Video

80-20's reason for sharing this video is grounded in our hope and
belief that all Asian Americans acting with confidence and faith
can collectively impact our nation for the greater good.

While the song alludes to the bible, 80-20, a non-partisan and non-
denominational organization, respects everyone's right to choose
their religion, if any. Visit .

If you like the above video, please don't forget that the "Sharing Sacrifice
with Our Soldiers" drive is still on.
Visit .

We've raised $12,000+ so far. We now aim for a larger number of
participants. You don't have to contribute $1,000, as many of the current
contributors did. Just do what your heart feels is right. Thank you.

80-20 still needs more NEW members. If you join now, you'll be
counted as a member for this year and the next. Join 80-20
at .


S. B. Woo
Acting Exec. Director, 80-20 PAC., Inc.

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Call To Action

Do Asian Americans care deeply for America?

Are we capable of going to where others avoid, although it may
be the right place to go?

Do we dare set the right example, though it may seem foolhardy?

If your answers are YES, YES and YES, then please read the following
and do what your heart will tell you.

80-20's Board passed the following resolution:


Whereas, we the people, must share the burdens of our brave soldiers;
Whereas, soldiers need ample supplies, and increasing national debt is a
major concern of the American people;
Whereas, imposing additional tax seems out of question given the current
tough economic times;
Whereas, there are still those fortunate Americans with financial means
who desire to bear their share of the our soldiers' sacrifice ;
Whereas, the setting up of a webpage urging Asian Americans to be AMONG
THE FIRST to voluntarily contribute 1% of their disposable income or
$1,000 to the United States government will help advance or resolve the
concerns expressed above; and
Whereas, a side benefit of this valiant effort is to counter the prejudiced
perception that Asian Americans are "perpetual foreigners," which has
given impetus to the maintenance of the glass ceiling over Asian
Americans in private industries, universities and even the federal

BE IT THEREFORE RESOLVED, that 80-20 PAC shall set up a website urging
Asian Americans to voluntarily contribute 1% of their disposable
income or $1,000
to the United States government to concretely demonstrate
shared sacrifice in support of the upcoming surge announced by President
Obama. (Resolution ends.)

There is a broader message here. America faces huge challenges today.
It's time for us to OFFER sharing the burdens VOLUNTARILY in order to overcome
a few major challenges quickly. The influence of the Asian Am. community on our
nation may be small. But we can try.

Go to . Show America that we,
Asian Americans, care deeply. Fill out the blanks. Click on the "Done button".
Your name will appear in the CONTRIBUTORS' list below the done button automatically.

Visit the site NOW to also find out who have already pledged $1,000
each. Many of our best and brightest have committed & there will be many
more to come. Together, we shall pull ourselves up by our bootstraps and
make ourselves equal citizens.

80-20 gratefully acknowledges the endorsement of this project by John S.
Chen, Chairman, Comm. of 100, and Rajen Anand, Chairman, National
Federation of Indian Americans, NFIA.


S.B. Woo
Acting Executive Director (a volunteer), 80-20 PAC, Inc.