Monday, December 22, 2008

A Personal Plea

Fellow Asian Americans,

I have less than 2 weeks left to serve you as 80-20's President. Please hear my last request.

First, let us recount what YOU have achieved with 80-20 this year:

Asian American elected officials uniting in urging Presidential candidates (first urging Sen. Clinton & then Sen. Obama) to address our community's concerns.

Iron-clad commitments from President-elect Obama and Vice President-elect Biden to help Asian Americans achieve equal opportunity and equal justice.

Asian Americans voters, especially in the battleground states, uniting in helping to elect Obama and Biden, who share our community's concerns.

The appointment of 2 Asian American cabinet secretaries who share our community's concerns.

More Asian Americans who share our community's concerns volunteering to serve our community and our country. e.g. 80-20's judicial talent bank.

All of the above are unprecedented changes made possible because people like you responded to our calls to action. Congratulations to YOU for advancing our community's concerns.

But what was hard to gain can be easy to lose. How can we ensure our community's advancements are built on rock and not on sand?

When YOU buttress 80-20's grassroots foundations by joining as members.

Will you PLEASE spare $35, $50 or more, whatever you can afford, to help us reach our membership goal of 1600 by the end of 2008? Your membership will last through the end of 2009. We only need 30 more NEW members to reach our goal. To Join, visit

Thank you, and Happy Holidays.

With less than 2 weeks left to serve YOU,

Kathleen To
President, 80-20 PAC