Monday, October 27, 2003

A Political Icon's View on 80-20's BLOC VOTE Idea

David Broder of The Washington Post is probably the most
respected political columnist in America. Want to test your political
judgment of a bloc vote against his? Choose one of the answers
below and scroll down for David Broder's view.

David Broder's statement about an immigrant group forming a
bloc vote is that :
a) a bloc vote should be made unconstitutional
b) a bloc vote is an extremist position
c) a bloc vote should at least be frowned upon by good citizens
d) a bloc vote is a necessary evil useful for new immigrant groups
e) a bloc vote is one of the glories of American life.

Scroll down for the answer!

Surprise!? The answer is e). It's another evidence that 80-20 has a
deep understanding of our political system. See excerpts from Broder:

nationally syndicated

"What happened here last weekend when about 300 Arab Americans
from all parts of the country gathered in this Detroit suburb was
another chapter in one of the unnoticed glories of American
life -- the entry of yet another immigrant group into the
mainstream of the nation's politics

With the chairman of President Bush's reelection campaign
and virtually all the Democratic presidential hopefuls
journeying here .... , Zogby said, "We have come a long,
long way" -- and almost all of the journey occurred in two decades.

... but in politics, the ruthless mathematics of elections -- the
simple fact that every vote counts as much as every other ... That
is how the Irish, the Italians, the Poles and other 19th-century
became mayors and congressmen often replacing
Yankees in those posts. "

For the entire article, go .


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Wednesday, October 22, 2003

Ghettopoly / Record Membership / Election

1) Ghettopoly

In the last two weeks, 80-20 worked hard to take care of the
aftermath created by Ghettopoly.

First, we established credibility to fight against others' prejudice
against us in the future. Remember, how we felt towards the
Abercrombie & Fitch T-shirts, the Shaquille O'Neal mimicking and the
Stephenson statement on Asian golf players? We can't adopt double

quickly got in touch with NAACP leadership upon stopping Ghettopoly.
We are the smallest and weakest of the minorities, BE SMART & STAY

Third, "Chinkpoly," created by Ms. Jones of 103.9 FM, was stopped.
She apologized on air, before 80-20 even knew about it. Credit goes to
Murali Balaji, President, Asian American Journalists Association of

2) 1924 members ­ a 20% annual increase ACHIEVED!

76 more members will get us go over 2000 -- a powerful sounding
figure. Please consider be one of those 76 new members & then help
select 80-20 leaders on Nov. 8th. See blow.

3) Electing 80-20 Board members:

From 11/8 to 11/12, up to 16 candidates will compete for 8 Board
positions. They will replace the 5 Board Members whose terms will
end on 12/31/03. Many candidates are very prominent. Names of
our voters/members and candidates are available on

All Board members & officers of 80-20 are elected by members
directly. 80-20 is the most open, democratic, and transparent organization
that goes by the rule of law. It is second to none, within or without the
APA community!

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Thursday, October 16, 2003

RED ALERT. Bad News for Our Entire Community

APAs May Face Nasty Racial Mess Caused By David Chang

A Philadelphia radio jockey is now playing "Chinkopoly" on the air as
a "pay back" for "Ghettopoly," the creation of David Chang. See [A]

Another radio station 101.5 FM, location unknown, was alleged to not
only have made derogatory statements about APAs but also "badly
humiliated" Asians who called in to protest. See [B] below. Is it also
caused by "Ghettopoly?" Investigating.

WHAT GOES AROUND COMES AROUND. That was why 80-20 took
immediate action against Ghettopoly so that it has the credibility to

80-20 has already approached the leadership of NAACP regarding
"Ghettopoly" and the action 80-20 has take against "Ghettopoly"
precisely for the purpose of preventing such conflict between
minorities. 80-20 will also do its best not to let the aftermath created
by David Chang fester into a bad feeling between the Africa Am.
and the APA community. For great letters written by 80-20 supporters
to David Chang, Yahoo & eBay go

Radio jockeys uttering racial slurs against APAs ARE VERY DIFFICULT
TO HANDLE. The best YOU can do is have a recorder ready to record it.
Send the tape to 80-20, whose address is in the next paragraph. We'll take
it up with FCC (Federal Communication Commission) or organize
effective boycott action against the radio station.

Be on YOUR alert. Unfortunately, things could be bad for us for a
while, thanks to David Chang. It'll takes time to let the African Am.
community know that the APA community decidedly censured
Ghettopoly. However, stay calm. Just GET YOUR RECORDER READY.

80-20 needs your support . If you are not a member, please consider
doing your share. We have over 1900 members now. Any US
citizen or permanent resident can be a member using a credit card, go or .
PERSONAL checks are payable to "80-20 PAC", mailed to:
Jing-Li Yu 80-20 special Assistant
P.O. Box 527340 Flushing, NY 11352-7340.
Write down your E-MAIL address & PHONE no. on the BACK of the
check. Thank you.

- - - - - - - - - - - -- - - - - - -

[A] "Chinkopoly" which 80-20 didn't know about until last night

Lynn Bruder, General Manager
WPHI-FM (103.9 FM)

Dear Lynn:

On behalf of the Asian American Journalists Association of
Philadelphia, as well as the Asian American community of the Delaware
Valley, I would like to express my concerns over recent comments made
by one of your station's hosts.

Last week, it was announced that a racist and crude board game called
"Ghettopoly" had been released, causing a stir among many
communities of color. It made stereotypical and inflammatory
references to the African-American, Hispanic, and Asian American
communities. The creator of the game, David Chang, is an Asian-

However, rather than looking at the across the board offensive nature of
the game, Miss Jones, "Jonesy in the A.M.", chose to focus on how an
Asian American could make a game about blacks and Latinos. She
proceeded to create her own game, "Chinkopoly," urging callers to
make degrading imitations of Asians and using old stereotypes as
"properties" for her game
. ....

We are strongly asking for a public on-air apology from Miss Jones and
are likely to urge a boycott of Philly 103.9 if one is not issued
immediately. We would also like the chance to have Miss Jones speak
at a town-hall meeting we will set up specifically to address how the
board game and Miss Jones' response to the game have heightened
tensions among communities of color.

Thank you for your time,

Murali Balaji
President, Asian American Journalists Association of Philadelphia

[S. B. Woo is in contact with Murali Balaji who said that he has heard
an "on-air apology from Miss Jones," and that his "belief is that she
was sincere in her regret." 80-20 will work with Murali Balaji for a
completely satisfactory solution.

[B] Another Similar Incident

Earlier this week, once again the two bozos from 101.5FM made
degrading racial comments against the Asian American community in
the late afternoon on their show. It was as offensive as the nasty letter
received by Peter. Their names sounded like Cardon and Rossi. One of
them was explaining why he would not move to a neighborhood that
had Asian Americans living in it. He criticized the accent, way of living
and labeled them as spooky and weird (and used a term that
I can't seem to remember). One Asian American lady called to protest
and she was badly humiliated. Another gentleman called. He got the
same response. ....

Mitsu Rajda

Tuesday, October 14, 2003

Yahoo & eBay Shut Down "Ghettopoly,"THANKS TO YOU!

Dear 80-20 supporters:

Thanks to you, who took your precious time to e-mail, &/or fax
"GHETTOPOLY." It is another wonderful demonstration that "Together,
we shall overcome." For 80-20's other effective actions to enhance
our community's welfare, see

Unfortunately, David Chang remains un-repentant. However, now
that he is facing the consequences, we hope that he would reflect upon
what he has done. For details please see below.

Again, thank you for taking the time to respond to help make
America "a more perfect Union." 80-20 shall continue to monitor sites
related to "Ghettopoly" for a while. We are also contacting the maker
of "monopoly" whose patent rights may have been violated, to ensure
the effective boycotting of "Ghettopoly."

Tens of supporters copied 80-20 in when they communicated with
David Chang, Yahoo and eBay. The messages ranged from being
humorous to very tender to very stern. Go for those great
messages. The page is being constructed & will not be ready till
tomorrow. Please wait and then visit. I learnt a lot from those

Best regards,
S. B.

[1] Yahoo and eBay shut "Ghettopoly" down

(a) eBay's Decision:
From: "Jones, Brian" (eBay, Inc)
To: John J. Fong
Subject: Re: Responsible Business Practices (Ghettopoly Board Game)
Date: Tue, 14 Oct 2003 11:33:01 -0700

Hello, On behalf of Meg Whitman and eBay, Inc. let me thank you for
sharing your concern about the item ghettopoly which had been
previously listed on the eBay site. eBay has made a conscience decision
that these types of items violate eBay's Offensive Materials policy and
we will not allow these items to be sold on eBay. Thanks again for

Brian Jones
eBay, Inc.

(b) Yahoo's Decision:
Date: Tue, 14 Oct 2003 06:32:11 -0700 (PDT)
To: Frank Chang
Subject: Yahoo! Auto Response

As of Mon, 13 Oct 2003 16:43:30 -0700. has been shut
down by To say that I am pissed off is an understatement.
I will use all legal resources to see that is will never happen again
to anyone else. For the people who already placed their orders, please
rest assure your orders are still coming to you as schedule. Please
let everyone you know what happened. Thank you for your understanding.

David Chang

[2] David Chang's Reply:

Date: Tue, 14 Oct 2003 02:46:09 -0700 (PDT)
From: David Chang
To: John J. Fong (deleted) and many others
Cc: sbw@UDel.Edu,
Subject: Re: Responsible Business Practices (Ghettopoly Board Game)

Should we banned every single black comedian who makes jokes about
Asian Americans? Is Jay Leno a racist because he made a comment about Asian
people eating dogs? How about Dave Chappell, is he a racist too? Do
you think the puppets they use on Crank Yankers are stereotypical too? How
about Snoop dog, is his show on MTV racist too? What do you think when
Rappers rap about " Chink eyes"or "eyes slanted like " are they all
racist too. Or how Asians are portrayed in Black Movies. I think before you
pass judgment on my game, you should first see it. I am sorry that my last
name is of Asian decent, maybe if my last name is of Simmons, you would
not be so harsh. There is all ethnic groups in Ghettopoly. Including
Asian, Irish, Jewish, Hispanics, White, Italians, just like the real
Ghetto. Remember, the game is called Ghettopoly not Blackopoly. Look
up in the dictionary of the meaning of the word Satire.

I hope from this email that you know I am not a racist person but a
person who simply decided to make a game that is not boring. I am sick and
tire of Asians being treated as weaklings with no real voice in this
Country. If all Asian-Americans stood up and addressed injustices from all races
they have felt, then we wouldn't be the silent majority we are now. It
is so sad that when for once Asians finally gather enough courage to
speaks up and is against one of their own. Stop living in fear, no one if
better than you or tougher than you. Do a little research first, find out the percentage of
people who actually like the game vs the handful of critics whose sole
purpose in life is to scream racism every chance they get. I will make
sure that the whole world will see what true American you guys are.
Remember this is USA not fucking China. Do me a favor, pass this email
to all the righteous Asian brothers and sisters.

David Chang

Sunday, October 12, 2003


80-20 stands with civil rights organizations in condemning the
"Ghettopoly" game. This game perpetrates harmful stereotypes against
African Americans, which is not a matter of humor, as the game
creator, David Chang, may suggest.

The game's stated objective is "to become the richest playa through
stealing, cheating and fencing stolen properties." Game pieces include a
cannabis leaf, crack cocaine, and a gun. Properties are not houses and
hotels as is the case in "Monopoly," but crack houses and public
housing projects. The object of the game is to build as many projects
and crack houses as possible while avoiding jail, car jacking, addiction
or death.

The game not only perpetuates massive stereotypes along racial lines, it
insults African American history - particularly Martin Luther King Jr.
and Malcolm X, who are both lambasted with insensitivity. For
example, "Martin Luthor King, Jr.," intentionally misspelled in the
game, is shown scratching his crotch and saying, "I have an itch." The
game also plays on Asian American stereotypes with an Asian brothel
as one of the spaces on the board.

This game is not meant for people to "laugh at themselves," as David
Chang, said. At a price of $32 a game, it can hardly be said to be
targeted at the ghetto demographic. It pokes fun at poverty, at crime,
at black history and at living in city slums.

David Chang immigrated to America from Taiwan when he was 8. His
father owned a Chinese restaurant. He is a graduate of the Univ. of
Rochester, and lives in PA. It is embarrassing that an Asian American,
who probably himself has experienced a lot of stereotypes is now the
creator of a such game perpetrating stereotypes against another
Since he is a member of our community, MAY BE HE'LL
LISTEN TO OUR VIEWS. YOU can reach him via or (866) 760-2135 .

Ghettopoly is sold through Yahoo! You can reach Yahoo's CEO
Terry Semel via 408.731.3300 voice, 408.731.3301 fax.

Sometimes a product that is rejected by decent persons in our society
can be auctioned off for big bucks in eBay, as was the case with the 4
T-shirts sold by Abercrombie & Fitch denigrating Chinese Americans.
We don't want that to happen again. YOU can reach eBay's CEO via or 408-376-6554 -fax.

Times were we had hoped that the other minorities will come to our
aid. Well, the best way to realize that hope is to stand with the
other minorities, when they need our voice and help. YOU will be
doing YOUR children a big favor by acting. COUNTING ON YOU.