Friday, October 03, 2008

Good News. Winning the Battleground States!

8 days ago, on 9/25, 80-20 issued a "CALL TO ACTION" kicking off its campaign to focus on the Asian Americans residing in battle ground states (BGS) to go for Obama. Some asked, "Why? The %s of Asian Am. voters in those states are soooo small that it seems foolhardy to engage in such a campaign!"

Friends, our %s of voters in those states may be small, but the marginsof difference between Obama and McCain in those states are EVEN SMALLER.

Your GREAT response in sending me Asian Am. email addresses, coupled with 80-20's political know-how, have again paid off. 80-20 has receivedat least 4 times the number of Asian Am. email addresses in BGS than ithad before the "CALL TO ACTION." Using those new e-addresses, 80-20sent emails to Asian Ams residing in those states. Dramatic changes in BGS have occurred.

According to the CNN poll, Obama, who was once behind in 4 of the 6 states 80-20 is focusing on, is now ahead in Florida, Colorado, Missouriand Nevada!!! In Ohio and Virginia, Obama is so far ahead that they are already counted as "leaning Obama!"

80-20 does NOT claim that it did it alone. However, it is just another proof that 80-20 knows what it is doing – focusing on the right battles, creating the necessary momentum, and turning the tide – all with your trust and help.

80-20 is effectively rewarding Obama for sharing our concerns, and it is effectively punishing, YES PUNISHING, McCain for repeatedlyrejecting our rightful concerns. That is what effective politics in Americais all about – the ability to reward and punish. Our newsletters are so effective that numerous former McCain supporters either joined us (see* for an usual response) or gave up helping McCain.

With each effective "rewarding and punishing," America's political establishment has paid more attention to the RIGHTFUL concernsof Asian Americans.

Help 80-20 so that it can continue to help YOU. Keep sending Asian Am. e-mail addresses in BGS to! These e-addresses will help win the BGS for us! Together we shall overcomeand become equal citizens of America!


S. B. Woo
Member, Exec. Comm., 80-20 PAC, Inc.

* See a typical response: "So I may still hold my nose and help 80-20 byvoting for the unproven B.O. and hope that somehow he can grow into his role. Tiara"