Saturday, May 31, 2008

Faxes From Asian Ams To Sen. McCain

Faxes poured into Sen. McCain's headquarters. Asian Ams of all ethnicities, from afar and near, participated enthusiastically. All included the central message: "Without your positive reply, I/we will definitely vote for the Democratic nominee."

Beyond the central message, however, sentiments for Sen. McCain vary significantly. See below. The McCain campaign will see that it has MUCH TO LOSE by not replying to 80-20's questionnaire with all yeses.

Most who sent a fax were Independents (46%). Others were D (22%) and R(18%). Yet others didn't identify their party affiliations (14%).

I add a note to some quotes. Notes are shown in red. Apologies to all for not quoting your particular fax, owing to space limitation.

Feedback to Senator McCain

1) Equal opportunity and justice for Asian Americans are key issues for me and my family. Judy Li, Ph.D. (Independent), full address provided (FAP)

2) I have to share the reasons to my Republican Korean American friends and relatives why they have to vote against you. Kim H. Song, Ed.D

3) S.B.: My wife, my daughter, and I will all send a fax to McCain. Wayne
(A reminder to all 80-20 supporters: Do that if you want!)

4) We have noticed your many good and strong leadership characters.
Liang Lin and Daming Zhu

5) Dear Mr. Woo: I tried to fax it to both of his fax no. but they are not available, either busy or not in service. Bik-Kee Vuong (Mr. Vuong: The fax numbers are good. They were busy often. That has happened frequently when 80-20 has targeted a political office. :-)

6) You spoke at my college graduation in 2001 and inspired me with the integrity of your character. Jing-Li Yu

7) With an equally strong reply from you, my friends, relatives and I will certainly be able to support your candidacy. Deyi Woo Tcherdakoff, member, American Associaton of Wife of Europeans, Paris, France

8) Mr. Woo: I just did fax my letter to Senator McCain. 80-20 Initiative organization can empower the common voice of all individuals of Asian Americans. Vinh Hoang

9) We are Asian American Independent Voters residing in the great state of Hawaii. Ying-Ming and Wanny Cheng, (FAP)

10) I served in Vietnam years ago as part of an allied force. In fact I have talked with many friends of mine that I feel America owes you a presidency. Chuck Kim, Businessman

11) Please tip the balance of support by answering to 80-20's questionnaire! Ying Hsu & family, Democrats, (FAP)

12) 80-20 Initiative is a national, nonpartisan, Political Action Committee dedicated to winning equal opportunity and justice for all Asian Ams. through a SWING bloc vote. Shirley Chow, MBA & Sheldon Chow, Ph.D.

13) I am a long time Republican. Chien-Kuang Chen, Ph.D. (FAP)

14) Equal opportunity and justice for Asian Americans, mixed with a new and insightful Republican leadership that you provide, shall ensure both a winning formula and a winning ticket for America. Kong-pei Chen (a Republican Supporter)

15) Mr. Woo: I sent the fax to Sen. McCain. Yuko

16) American statesmen have always used a presidential campaign to right the wrongs for America and Americans, while winning themselves votes. I beseech you to share that vision. S. B. Woo, (FAP)

17) I am an independent but I will vote GOP if you are not biased against Asian Americans.. Dr. Hsia S. L. Choong, (FAP)

Fax Sen. McCain via 703 413-0740 now. Do your share! THANK YOU.

Member, Executive Comm., 80-20 PAC

Thursday, May 29, 2008

How faxing Sen. McCain will help YOU!‏

We all have jobs. We all want good jobs.

If you fax and help induce Sen. McCain to reply to 80-20's questionnaire with all yeses, after this election all of us will be treated equally in jobs. Result? In time, the number of Asian American

o managers in private industries and universities will DOUBLE, adding another 0.5 MILLION persons;

o federal employees in the Senior Executive Service will TRIPLE;

o Federal judges will increase by 8 FOLD.

All of the above will come to us by just being treated equally!

But what if McCain wins, WITHOUT replying all yeses? Our assured equal opportunity in workplace, as promised by Obama and Clinton, will VANISH.

Can we sit idly by & let it happen? No!

What can you do? Send a fax to Sen. McCain using (703) 413-0740. Copy me in, if you want please. Use your own words. Please include the following central message.

Dear Sen. McCain:

Please reply to 80-20's questionnaire with all yeses, as did Senators Obama and Clinton. Equal opportunity and justice for Asian Ams are key issues for me. Without your positive reply, I'll definitely vote for the Democratic nominee who has made iron-clad commitment to our community. However, with an equally strong reply from you, I'll consider your candidacy carefully and ask my friends and relatives to give you another look.

Name & Party Affiliation: (Specify a R or D or Indep.)
Title: (Optional. If used, specify "for Identification only").

What if we Sen. McCain doesn't reply affirmatively after all?
As required by 80-20's Bylaws, 80-20 shall hold an Endorsement Convention to endorse the presidential candidate who do share our rightful concerns!

One way or another, 80-20 will find a way so that you will be treated equally in workplaces.

As a group we can achieve dreams that are unachievable by any of us as an individual. FAX NOW.

Member, Executive Comm., 80-20 PAC

Wednesday, May 28, 2008


80-20 will soon endorse a presidential candidate who shares Asian Am. concerns. However, Republican nominee Sen. John McCain has not yet replied to 80-20's questionnaire in spite of great efforts by 80-20 to reach out to him.

80-20 worked with 3 great Republicans asking Sen. McCain to respond positively. They are US Sen. Daniel Evans of Washington (retired), Cong. Mike Castle of Delaware, and C. C. Yin of CA who raised $60K for McCain when he polled only 4th among the GOP presidential candidates. 80-20's questionnaire asks all presidential candidates to give Asian Ams iron-clad commitments to help us achieve equal opportunity in workplaces and in judicial appointments.

Although Sen. McCain is disappointing when compared with Sens. Obama & Clinton, 80-20 sees a continued effort to induce him to reply as a win-win situation for now. His positive reply would guarantee that the next president, whether a D or a R, will enforce Exec. Order 11246 for Asian Am. in workplaces -- a win for us. McCain's positive reply will give him a fair chance to win Asian Am. votes -- a win for him.

Fax a strong message to Sen. McCain using (703) 413-0740 or (703) 752-2515 ! Copy me in via Use your own words. Please include the following central message.

Dear Sen. McCain:

Please reply to 80-20's questionnaire with all yeses, as did Senators Obama and Clinton. Equal opportunity and justice for Asian Ams are key issues for me. Without your positive reply, I'll definitely vote for the Democratic nominee who has made iron-clad commitment to our community. However, with an equally strong reply from you, I'll consider your candidacy carefully and ask my friends and relatives to give you another look.

Name & Party Affiliation: (Specify a R or D or Indep.)
Title: (Optional. If used, specify "for Identification only").

Please do it NOW. You know how effective such efforts have been with Senators Clinton & Obama. Please do your share and enjoy the pride of having done it! The more the faxes go in, the more Sen. McCain will know how united we are.

To join 80-20, go

Best regards,

S. B. Woo Authorized by Pres. Kathleen To to head this project.

Special Reminders:

[1] 80-20 will hold an Endorsement Convention soon. Check out its key features -- fair, democratic and working for YOU!

1) Delegates MUST be composed of 1/3 R, 1/3 D and 1/3 Independents.
2) All delegates are 80-20 members and elected by 80-20 members.
3) The endorsement criteria are specified in Bylaws:
a) the quality of the commitment from a presidential candidate, &
b) the deeds done by the candidate's party for our community in the past 4 years.
4) Candidates and/or their surrogates are invited to address the delegates.
5) All 80-20 members may apply to run for delegates.

To verify the above, see Article 7 of our Bylaws. Please fax Sen. McCain now.

[2] America's political world has learned, 80-20's endorsement is extremely effective. 80-20 delivered 3 to 1 for Clinton in Calif. on Super Tuesday, 2/5/08. Doubters can view a recent 2 minute CNN video on 80-20:

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Proposed Bylaws amendments Needs your approval

Important Proposed Bylaws Changes
Democratic nations & organizations are RULED BY LAW. 80-20 is one of such orgs. Soon, 80-20's Board shall submit 4 Bylaws amendments to you for approval. A Bylaws amendment for an organization is equivalent to amending the Constitution of a nation. Hence, our proposed 4 amendments are of the utmost importance to all who care for 80-20.

Prior to a vote, 80-20's members must be given a full month's written advance notice, as required by Article 10 of 80-20's Bylaws. This is so that members will have adequate time to consider the proposed changes and to organize "support for" or "objection to" the amendments. To view the current Bylaws visit:

All 4 amendments deal with Article 3, entitled "Organization." After operating under the existing article 3 for several years, your Board feels that the proposed amendments will help make 80-20 a better organization. The 4 amendments are appended at the end of this email.

Only members may vote. As a member, you'll have the following rights & privileges:
i) vote on Bylaws amendments and all other elections,
ii) be a candidate to become a "Delegate" to 80-20's Endorsement Convention where 80-20 will endorse either Sen. McCain or his Democratic counterpart later this year, and
iii) be a candidate to become a Board Member or Officer.

To join, visit Thank you.

Respectfully submitted by

Kathleen To
President, 80-20 PAC

Proposed Amendments
1) Amend Article 3.2.3 by replacing its third sentence: "No director shall serve more than two complete consecutive terms." with the following sentences: "Directors can serve up to four (4) consecutive terms, so long as he or she has substantially contributed while serving as a board member, and that the re-elections of board members are contested."

2) Add a new sub-article 3.5:

3.5 Guiding Principle In Taking Actions
Whenever feasible, 80-20 shall try to create a win-win situation in its dealings with other individuals and organizations. In dealing with organizations working for the same goals, 80-20 shall be patient and tolerant. In dealing with others that are damaging or have damaged our effort to achieve equal opportunity and justice, if the entity repeatedly refuses to agree to a win-win solution, 80-20, being a political action committee, shall apply strong and strategic pressure to counter the other side's principal interests. If and when a satisfactory solution is reached, 80-20 shall retrospectively make the other side a winner, or appear to be a winner.

3) Add a new sub-article 3.6:

3.6 Prohibition
Until Dec. 31, 2016 or a membership exceeding 10,000, whichever comes first, 80-20 shall not take any position in US foreign policies and/or foreign matters, except when it may impact upon its goal to achieve equal opportunity and justice for Asian Americans. The decision to invoke the exception must be approved by 3/4 (75%) of the entire Board. However, related decisions and actions subsequent to the approval of the exemption shall be governed by the Robert's Rules of Order only.

4) Add a new sub-article 3.2.6:

3.2.6 Board Communication Protocol and Behavior Guidelines:
Members of the Board shall behave professionally at all times, so as to effectively promote and advance the goals and images of the organization, both within and without. This includes but is not limited to the following cases:

a. The Board shall keep the internal communications of the organization strictly among the Board members, unless it is explicitly approved otherwise by the Board. These include Board and Executive Committee e-mail messaging of important and sensitive organizational topics and issues.

b. Members of the Board shall be cognizant of their roles thoughtfully carry out their responsibilities in a manner that is consistent with advancing the goals, interests, and public image of 80-20.

Monday, May 05, 2008

Is affirmative action good or bad?

For years, the Asian Am. community has debated that question. It hasn't been settled. Reason? We asked the wrong question. The question was too general. Here is my attempt.

Affirmative action was NOT applied uniformly to all Americans. It was applied to blacks, Hispanics, Native Indians and women, but not Asian Ams. Why? The implementation of AF was left to the Labor Dept. All past and current Labor Secretaries have knowingly bypassed Asian Ams!!!

Given the above knowledge, specific questions about AF can be answered easily.

1) Is affirmative action good or bad for blacks, Hispanics, Native Americans and women?

Of course, it's GOOD for all of them. Before 1965, the year when Exec Order 11246 was issued to enforce affirmative action, there were practically NO managers among blacks, Hispanics, Native Ams. and women. Now there are so many. Many are indeed CEOs of Fortune 500 companies. We are glad for them.

2) Is affirmative action good or bad for Asian Ams.?

As it is now, our adults do NOT get the advantage of affirmation action in workplaces while our children gets the disadvantage of affirmation action in admission to first tier universities. Of course, it has been BAD for Asian Ams.

See 80-20 Educational Foundation's full page ad which clearly lays out our grievances. The ad has only 300 words with 2 easy to understand charts. Visit

3) How will 80-20 make affirmative action good for us also?

80-20 has obtained the signed iron-clad commitment of Senators Clinton and Obama that if elected, each'll apply AF to Asian Americans. See .

80-20 is now working hard on Sen. McCain to give the same commitment. A number of very high ranking Republican elected officials are helping, although not a single Republican elected Asian American official has offered to assist us yet. Please contact me via , if you are an elected official and want to help.

Let's live up to our generational responsibility for our offspring.

Join 80-20. Visit .

Respectfully yours,

S. B. Woo Member, Executive Committee, 80-20 PAC, Inc.

(a) We proudly welcome about a thousand Asian Ams. who joined 80-20 in the last 2 months, including Dale Minami, the famous civil rights lawyer who in effect overturned the Japanese Internment Act of WW II.
(b) We thank Jack Zhou, Veronica and w-c Lam and Tak-Chuen Kwan for each donating $1,000.
(c) We thank Henry Lee and Edward Lin for respectively asking their friends to donate to 80-20 instead of gifts or flowers.