Monday, October 25, 2021

Moment of Truth Arriving Soon

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Boston Globe Endorsed Michelle Wu for Boston mayor

     Its editorial states:

          "In this election, that choice is very clear: The Globe endorses
          at-large City Councilor Michelle Wu of Roslindale, the first-place
          finisher in the preliminary election who has both an expansive
          vision for the city’s next chapters and a proven record of ethical

     Many weeks ago, 80-20 predicted that Michelle Wu will win by at least 55%. We now predict that she'll win by a close to 2 to 1 ratio. Michelle is looking for small donations in the last days of her campaign. To donate $8.02, click here.

Why Is 80-20 Focusing on Michelle Wu's Race so much?

     For 3 reasons:

(1) Michelle Wu is an AsAm who knows how to build a solid political career. If elected, she will likely serve her constituents well and make AsAms proud. She could serve as a good role model for AsAms who are interested in politics.

(2) She is the diametric opposite of another AsAm who is ignorant & egotistical but who is unfortunately much better known among AsAms. He has no experience in politics but ran for U.S. President and later for mayor of NY City. If elected, he'll likely ruin the U.S.A. or NY city. He is becoming a magician specializing on sucking money from AsAms who lack political maturity. His
recent antics include establishing a third political party and/or the largest AsAm political action committee. We are not against him. He needs to reflect on his crushing defeats, learn much more about politics and repay his AsAm donors
in deeds and heart. After he has done all that, 80-20 may even help him to come back to politics.

(3) So 80-20 wants to use the strong contrast of the 2 candidates to build up our community's maturity in election politics. Note the drastic difference in results. One lost miserably twice, the other is seemingly winning big,

The Moment of Truth Is Arriving Soon!

     In another 9 days, on Nov. 2, you will know whether 80-20's prediction on Michelle Wu's victory and the huge size of her victory is true.

     If so, we hope that YOU'll remember that 80-20 is not only always courageous in fighting for your rightful interests but also has the political know-how AND deep understanding in ELECTION POLITICS. Together, we can build a strong AsAm community to make ourselves EQUAL citizens!

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S. B. Woo
President and a volunteer for the past 22 years
80-20 Asian American Empowerment PAC,
Lieutenant Governor of Delaware (1985-89)

     80-20 gratefully acknowledges all donors, including
Margaret Shih, Clemente, CA ($2000 for EF).
Henry & Alice Liu, Walnut Creek, CA ($2000 for EF), and
Yang Xia, Oakland, MI ($1000 for Empowerment PAC).