Tuesday, June 01, 1999

Reactions to 80-20

REACTIONS TO 80-20 (titles for ID purposes only):

  • "Your proposal is excellent. I support it 100%." -- C. N. Yang,
    Nobel Laureate in Physics
  • "The 80-20 movement is one of the most sensible strategies
    that I've seen in As-Am. community. .. You can count on my
    support at Philip-Am. Chamber & the Nat'l Federation of Fil-
    Ams" -- Gus Mercado, Regional Chair, PACC & NaFFAA

  • "Please count on me regarding the mobilization of the Vietnamese
    community in this issue." -- Quan Cao

  • "I have been passing your e-mails to the key people in
    various Pakistani organizations and recevd positive resposes.
    I favor Model 1." -- Adeel Shah, Director, Human Rights Asia.

  • "Thanks for the leadership. Count me in." -- Mei Wei Cheng,
    President and CEO, Ford Motor (China) Ltd.

  • "I think your team is doing a model work, and it ought to be
    emulated by other groups. Please keep up your good work."
    -- Sang Joo Kim, Executive Vice President,
    Institute of Corean American Studies (ICAS)

  • "Thank you for the update. Its interesting that we have to
    work so hard to get the attention of the public. ... Glad you
    are keeping us informed." -- Roy H. Saigo, Chancellor,
    Aubrun University at Montgomery

  • "Yes, I am interested in being a coordinator in my area .... I
    have served as an Assistant District Attorney, and now as an
    Assistant Attorney General." -- from a SECOND GENERATION
    Asian American. His identity is withheld, owing to possible
    sensitivity of his political office.

  • "Count me in. Thank you for your great leadership. ..... 80-
    20 will ignite Asian community." -- Steve Choi, Founder,
    Asian American Coalition of Georgia

  • "I was moved by your blueprint for empowering Asian
    Americans, sent to me by Larry Ho, a fellow NAE member. I
    will support whatever plan our AA leaders collectively choose
    to enact in connection with the 2000 election." -- Chenming
    Hu, member of Nat'l Acad. of Engineering

  • "Although I am not yet an American citizen, I would like to
    thank you on behalf of my daughter." -- Shiping (steve)
    Chen, Assistant Professor, University of Maryland

  • " ... this project deserves our attention & support." -- John
    Kim, President, Nat'l Asso. of Korean Americans - NY Chapter

  • "I am currently a senior at Whittier College in Whittier, CA,
    ........ I would like to help in any way I can." -- Jeremy Wang

  • " We'll be very happy at Asian American Village to help
    spread the word of your initiative to our readers."
    -- Stewart David Ikeda, Editor, Asian American Village -- an
    on-line magazine

  • "Thanks for your efforts in fighting on our behalf. We are
    still in the early teens but we are the future you are fighting
    for. .... Much thanks in advance." -- Kevin (Choong) --
    A 12 Year Old


Help spread our message. A single vote from an Asian Am. in
CA in year 2000 may just decide who will be the next president of
the US.

When we can deliver 80-20, the two major political parties
will compete to help us achieve equal opportunity in order to win
our favor ! We and our children benefit. American becomes a
"more perfect Union."