Friday, September 19, 2008

Feedback on "President Palin?"

Feedback on 80-20's last email entitled, "President Palin?"

Many asked interesting related questions about the choices in this election. See items 3, 6, and 11, for instance.

1) Totally agree. Richard M. DiGeorgio

2) Valuable information and good analyses! Thanks! Lee

3) #1 and foremost, thank you so much for working towards equality for the Asians in this country.…. SB, I always value your ideas and political experience. Can you shed some light on me, please? Hau-Tak Yu
[My answer: I am voting for the Obama/Biden ticket primarily because it is for Asian Ams' self interest to get that team into the White House. In becoming equal citizens, we are also helping to make the US "a more perfect Union."]

4) I believe the Republicans have put a "wolf in sheep's clothing" on their ticket. After listening to the Charlie Gibson interview, I am convinced Sarah Palin is a George Bush "with lipstick". Ann Akiko Kusumoto

5) So it's not really about the country, huh? It's about self-interest as usual. A newspaper reporter
[My answer: OF COURSE!!! In America an election is a time for the people to air their grievances and get the grievances addressed.]

6) I would recommend that you not talk about "cashing in" on Obama's commitment. Jack Takamura
[My answer: Why not? In America an election is a window for people to air their grievances and get the grievances addressed.]

7) A nice shot. John Wang
[My comment: 80-20 is non-partisan until we have endorsed someone. Once we have endorsed, we are very political. The train for Sen. MaCain has left the station. ]

8) Good comments about Gov. Palin and Sen. MaCain. I appreciate your good work for the Asian/Chinese American community. Franklin Tse, P.E.

9) Here is some thought about McCain. Please share it with our members if you wish. It is my letter to the editor. Ramon Lim, Professor, University of Iowa (For ID purposes only)

"Subject: McCain - A Dangerous Combination

Over the past week, we have been deluged with information about the presidential candidates. Among the items that lifted our heart was the life story of John McCain as a war hero. Each and every one of us was moved by his patriotism and his refusal to be released as a POW. Nevertheless, while watching a CNN report on September 6th, I was bothered by two incidents that also came out of his life story. First, he graduated in the bottom five of his class at the Naval Academy, a fact less than flattering for leadership. The second occurred during a training flight in 1958, when his plane crashed and sank into the bottom of the sea because of engine failure, an that almost cost his life. McCain was quoted as saying that I remember there's some kind of a switch here somewhere that blows the canopy off the airplane, but I didn't read that book, and I don't know where the switch is. From the sea bottom, he was able to get out only after he managed to wrench the canopy open". Now, flying a military plane and not knowing how to eject oneself in an emergency is like learning to drive a car without knowing how to hit the brake. Such recklessness reminds us of the current president who mounted the invasion of a foreign country without an exit plan. What do these incidents tell us? Bravery without knowledge and prudence can be a very dangerous combination. Ramon Lim"
NOTE: 80-20 has verified that the above statements are true.

10) What's worse is that she believes that the war in Iraq is ordained by "God." How does she know? If so, why hasn't "God" won the war? When asked by Charlie Gibson, she didn't know what the Bush Doctrine was so how would she know if "God" supported the Bush doctrine. Tsiwen Law
[Note: Documentation of the above is shown below. ]

- On God's mission to invade Iraq:
- On possible war with Russia:

11) I am very worried about Democrats making empty promises just to get the votes. Ekonglo@xxxxxxxxx
[My answer: Those were NOT empty promises. See the appendix below to understand why the commitments are iron-clad!!!]

Respectfully yours.

S. B. Woo
Member, Exec. Comm., 80-20 PAC, Inc.

Appendix :
Subject: Are the promises really iron-clad?
(This newsletter was published on January 7, 2008)

Question: How reliable is the commitment made to 80-20, when a candidate actually becomes the President?
Answer: 100% reliable.

Q: Why?
A: Because if the world finds out that the President of the US doesn't honor a written and signed commitment answered with one word: YES, then no one will trust his/her words from there on. No president will ever want to lose his/her reputation of being trustworthy over such a politically simple task as giving Asian Ams the same rights that all other Americans have already enjoyed.

Q: What if the President DOES break his/her promise to us, how is the world going to find out? Is 80-20 going to tell the world?
A: While 80-20 will work like hell to get the White House to fulfill the President's commitment, 80-20 will NOT embarrass the President of our nation thusly.

Q: Then how will the world know?
A: The world of politics is full of intrigues. The president of the US, has many political enemies. Some of them will love to hurt the presidency anyway they can. Such parties will love to buy a full page ad in the NY Time, showing an electronic image of the reply that 80-20 has received and show that the President has not fulfilled his promise and is therefore NOT trustworthy. No President will ever ignore such a possibility. After all, electronic copies of Sen. Clinton & Edwards's replies have been released to the national press and on our website for a long time. Visit:

Q: If the commitment is fulfilled, how will Asian Ams gain?
A: In about 10 years, the number of Asian American managers will double in private industries, universities/school and in the Federal gov. In 4 years, the number of Asian American Federal judges will more than double. Their ranks will include Circuit Court Judges, if not a Supreme Court Justice. Above all, it will mean that all of us will finally be accepted as equal citizens.

Q: Hmm. That is truly significant, if you are right. But I still wonder why do you need to defeat Senator Obama? A: It is because we'll not get to benefit from these commitments if Obama wins the Democratic primary. When Obama wins, Clinton, Edwards and Richardson will lose. With their losses, we lose our historic chance to achieve equal opportunity. Hence, it is not that we want to defeat Obama, we want to protect our own much delayed equal opportunity in work places. (Note: This part is no longer relevant, since Sen. Obama also replied with all yeses on Jan. 31, 2008)

Note: For the same reason that we wanted to defeat Sen. Obama BEFORE he replied with all yes, we must now defeat Sen. McCain. 80-20 works for YOUR interest regardless of party affiliations.