Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Bylaws amendment proposed by 80-20's Board

A 30-day Advance notice to PAC Members!

You Be the Judge.  Is 80-20 Unique?

(1) 80-20 has always fought fiercely to win full-fledged citizenship for AsAms,
(2) 80-20 has always insisted that AsAms have the right to comment, provide input, or even oppose U.S. foreign policies, and yet
(3) 80-20 PAC has had the following Bylaws provision for the last 10 years:

      "Article 3.6 Prohibition 
   Until Dec. 31, 2016 or a membership exceeding 10,000, whichever comes first, 80-20 shall not take any position in US foreign policies and/or foreign matters, except when it may impact upon its goal to achieve equal opportunity and justice for Asian Americans.  The decision to invoke the exception must be approved by 3/4 (75%) of the entire Board.  However, related decisions and actions subsequent to the approval of the exemption shall be governed by the Robert's Rules of Order only."


   That is where 80-20 is unique.  It knows U.S. politics.  It designs the best strategy to win EQUAL opportunity for you.   80-20 designed its Bylaws Article 3.6 in order to enable 80-20 to effectively execute for you, its goals (1) and (2), stated above.


Ask yourself these questions:

(a)  Can organizations that are not effective in winning rights for AsAms domestically possibly be effective in affecting the U.S. foreign policy?  

(b)  While AsAms are united on winning full rights on the domestic front, do we all have the same view on U.S. foreign policies?  Do Indian-, Pakistani-, Chinese-, Japanese-, Korean-, Vietnamese-Ams share the same view on U.S. foreign policies?   No, not even close!   If 80-20 took positions on U.S. foreign policies, would it split the AsAm community wide apart?

(c) While 80-20 stands on solid constitutional and political ground fighting for our rights, will it be as securely anchored politically when it ventures into U.S. foreign policies?

                           Why not prohibit it permanently?

   To permanently ban our foray into US foreign policy is to voluntarily agree to be permanent 2nd-class citizens.   One day, 80-20 could become a pillar advising our government on US foreign policies in Asia and elsewhere.

This is the Moment to Explain

   80-20's strategy is always carefully thought out, although we don't always have the time & the occasion to explain it.  However, the need to amend Article 3.6 provides such a moment.   

   By a 7 to 1 vote, the Board has voted to extend the "PROHIBITION" by five years.  The 4th word in the Article, "2016", will be amended to "2021".  Besides the approval of the Board, 2 more steps are required to amend 80-20's Bylaws.  (a) 80-20 must give its membership a 30-day advance notice, and (2) schedule a membership vote to ask for their approval.  

   Such a vote will be scheduled, together with the election of Delegates to 80-20's Endorsement Convention, in early August. All Members will be notified.


     Basic/ Family membership per year: $35/$50  
     Student membership: $15. 
     Professional/ Family Professional membership: $75/$100
     Life/Family Life Membership: $1,000/$1,500.
     Honorary/Family Honorary Members: $5000/$10,000

   To verify if you are a member in good standing, click hereTo join by using a credit card, click here.   Or you may send a check payable to 80-20 PAC, & send to         
                                       Frederick Wong, Treasurer  
                                       250 H Street, # 786  
                                       Blaine, WA 98230

   Please do YOUR share.  80-20 is uniquely courageous and effective in fighting for you and your children.

S. B. Woo

President and a volunteer for the past 18 years
80-20 Initiative, Inc.
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Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Help 80-20 select the best president for AsAms

You Can be Part of this Selection Process

Pivoting to the General Election

     (A) History: 80-20 endorsed Sec. Clinton for the primary season only, which ends tomorrow.
     (B) Future: For the General Election, 80-20 will hold an Endorsement Convention (EC) in accordance with its Bylaws article 7.

About 80-20's EC

Q1:  What does the EC do?
A:    It decides whether to endorse Clinton or Trump.

Q2:  What is EC's decision process?
A:    80-20's  Bylaws article 7.2 states:

      "An endorsement convention, whose Delegates are elected by the membership and are composed of equal portions of Democrats, Independents and Republicans, shall determine which candidate is the more deserving." 

      Note, therefore, that 80-20's endorsement process is 100% non-partisan. Granted that after having endorsed the nominee of a given party, 80-20 becomes partisan to make its endorsement effective.

Q3: Are there written criteria for choosing the best presidential candidate? 
A:   Yes.  Click here to read the second half of Article 7.2.   Why will a convention still be necessary then?  It is because different people may use the same criteria to view the same two presidential nominees and yet come up with very different conclusions.  Hence, we need to have a convention floor for open & friendly discussion (NOT debate) of Delegates' varying views to reach a consensus.

Every Asian Am. Can Be a Delegate to the EC

Q4: What are the qualifications?
A: (1) Must be a PAC dues paying member.  You can join here.
     (2) Must volunteer to be a candidate running for a Delegate position, and satisfying the following additional qualifications specified in Bylaws article 7.3.1 :
         "a. has signed a form declaring his/her willingness to support the presidential candidate endorsed by the Convention regardless of personal party affiliation and preference; 
          b. has declared possible conflict of interest such as holding an official position in a political party, and/or having financial dealings with a political party and/or a presidential candidate; 
          c. has paid membership dues by the date set by the Executive Committee, and 
          d. has declared the willingness to attend the Convention at his/her own expense so long as it is somewhere in the continental United States."                           
     (3) Must win the delegate election, where all PAC members will vote.

Become A PAC Member TODAY

   Basic membership is $35 per year.  Student membership is $15.  If you are a professional, we hope that you'll join as a Professional member, paying $75/yr.  To verify if you are a member in good standing, click here

   To join, click here.  80-20's war chest is badly depleted after campaigning for Hillary during the CA Dem. primary.  Help us build it up again. Thanking you in anticipation,

   S. B. Woo

President and a volunteer for the past 18 years
80-20 Initiative, Inc.

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Sunday, June 05, 2016

Why? What? How?

Inspiring and Informative

   Please see below a link to a 6.5-minute video entitled "Help Asian Americans be kingmakers ... ".  It is informative, inspiring and powerful.  It is narrated by former NBC correspondent and CNN Business News anchorFarland Chang.  

   In addition, you'll be entertained by beautiful music, professional narration, and learn answers to the following important questions:

1. Why must Asian Americans fight for our civil rights?
2. What's the price of doing nothing?
3. How can We induce politicians to fight for our equal opportunity & justice?
4. And how can YOU and all Asian Americans help on June 7th in California's primary election?

   To view, click on the link below:     

   Please give us your feedback upon viewing it.  A small distance below the screen, you may see a "like" or "dislike" choice on one of the corners i.e. a thumb up or down icon. Please give us your evaluation, if you can see the icon. If you mistakenly click on "like" or "dislike", you can always click on the desired icon to fix the error. Note that you will be asked to log in using your gmail account as Google owns YouTube.

   Forward the link to your friends!

   A bloc vote for Hillary to establish our clout

Let's prove in 2016, as we did in 2008, that the
candidate endorsed by 80-20 will win the critical CA
Democratic primary. 80-20 needs this kind of political clout 
to win the battles for first class citizenship for you.  
Vote for Hillary on June 7th.

S. B. Woo

President and a volunteer for the past 18 years
80-20 Initiative, Inc.
WeChat ID:  "AmericanDream8020," 

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80-20 Mission Statement

Friday, June 03, 2016

CALL TO ACTION - bloc vote for Hillary

CALL TO ACTION - To AsAms Nationwide
Whether you live in CA or elsewhere,

E-mail AsAms residing in CA

to urge them to help create a BLOC vote for Hillary Clinton on June 7th.

Prove to the political establishment that we, Asian Ams, 
 can affect the outcome of an important election like the CA 
 Democratic primary.  

Since Hillary shares our rightful concerns, we'll reward her 
 with our bloc vote.  
Since Sanders doesn't want to hear our concerns, we'll punish 
him by defeating him on June 7th.
Once the two major political parties have seen clear results 
of how we use our "power of the ballot box" to reward or punish, 
we will be in a position to win EQUAL opportunity for our children.

One can't eat the cake and have it too.  If you want 80-20 to 
get very difficult political tasks done for you, you need to vote for

       Let's each do our part in this political struggle.

   Just copy and paste the boxed section and email it to ALL your Asian American friends in CA.  Your offspring's future depends on YOUR doing your part TODAY.  

   With less than a week to go, Hillary is up by 13 points, according to a poll done jointly by Stanford University's Bill Lane Center for the American West.

S. B. Woo

President and a volunteer for the past 18 years
80-20 Initiative, Inc.

PS: Dr. Yukong Zhao emailed me stating that "I initiated the complaint against Harvard independently ..... We did review his (Ed Blum's) complaint document and used some data...."