Friday, December 12, 2008

2 Asian Am Cabinet Secretaries

Under 80-20's leadership, our community's effort in the 2008 election has resulted in

a) 2 Asian Am. Cabinet Secretaries:
General Shinseki as the Veteran Affairs Secretary,
Noble Laureate Steve Chu as the Energy Secretary.

b) 2 top leaders in the Transition Team & 2 key staff in the White House:
Pete Rouse (Japanese Am. mother) as the Co-Chair of the Transition Team (TT) and Senior Advisor to the President, and
Chris Lu as the Executive Director of the TT and Cabinet Secretary for the President.

Do you believe in giving credit when credit is due? We know you do.

So please help us achieve our goal of 1600 members in 2008? We need 60 more NEW members to achieve the goal. If you join today, your membership counts toward 2008 AND 2009.

Join 80-20 by clicking on 80-20 doesn't claim all the credit. However, have we earned your support as a dues-paying member? It's only $35 per year. Thank you.

With 19 more days to serve you,

Kathleen T