Monday, November 17, 2008

Inaugural Tickets & Input to Transition Team

Inaugural Events

Here are some tips on how to get tickets in official inaugural events and to look out for fraud. We want to thank you for your support to 80-20 throughout the 2008 election.

(1) All official inaugural events (swearing-in/parade/balls) in which the president shall make an appearance will be held on Jan. 20 (Tuesday) in Washington D.C.

a) Swearing-in and Parade Tickets: Tickets are free for the swearing-in. Part of the National Mall will be open to the public to attend without tickets and large screen televisions will be on the Mall. Request such tickets from the Senator's/Representative's office. Do it early.

b) Inaugural Ball tickets: Although the details of the inaugural balls are to be decided by the Presidential Inaugural Comm. which has not yet been appointed, we are fairly certain that it'll be by invitation only. Photo I.D. is required to enter the balls, and tickets are NOT transferable. The cost is about $150.

(2) Look out for fraud. There are many other "Presidential Inaugural Balls or Galas," which are NOT official. They could be organized by a state, a university, or by individuals. Some are very upright in letting you know that they are not official. Others are not.

Want input to the Transition Team (TT)?

Want to nominate other &/or yourself for an appointment? Want to tell the incoming administration your vision of America? If you do, visit and click on

"Send your view to the Transition Team."

You'll get direct input to President-elect Obama's Transition Team. Don't forget to let the TT know that Asian Americans yearn for equal opportunity in workplaces and justice.

Agreeing with a Supporter's Critique

Lin Fei of Cincinnati, Ohio, a great supporter, said that my last e-newsletter stating "When that law is enforced, . . . , we become equal citizens. ..." was too optimistic. He preferred: "When that law is enforced, . . . , we are one (big) step closer to becoming equal citizens, . . . " I heartily agree and thank him. :-)

Respectfully yours,

S. B. Woo
Member, Executive Comm., 80-20 PAC, Inc.