Tuesday, November 25, 2003

80-20 Hiring Another Full-Time Assistant

80-20 is looking for another full-time Special Assistant. ONLY

Pay Range: From $30 to $40K, depending on qualification &
experience. Some benefit is provided..

(1) A US citizen or Permanent Resident, residing in California (LA and
SF preferred) or willing to relocate to those two cities,
(2) Computer skills (e-mail, spreadsheet & html),
(3) Good in verbal skills,
(4) Ability to speak either Chinese or Korean or Vietnamese is
preferred, and
(5) Media experience is considered a plus.

Major responsibilities:
(1) To reach out to Asian American communities, particularly the
Indian Am., Korean Am. and Vietnamese Am. communities,
(2) To surf Internet doing research in topics of interest to the
President and/or Executive Director of 80-20,
(3) To recruit Members for 80-20,
(4) To assist in making TV, radio and newspaper ads in Korean,
Vietnamese and Chinese languages and placing the ads with
respective stations and papers, and
(5) To help organizing political events & fundraisers.

Please send an essay of 250 words or less describing why you
choose to apply for such a tough job in the public service area.
Include a resume, complete with three references, to S. B. Woo via
sbw@udel.edu .

This is a very demanding job. Whenever a political challenge
rises, whether it is in the evening or during a weekend, we rise to
meet the challenge. In 2004, the challenges will be even stiffer.

1. Want to see who are 80-20’s Life Members & generous donors? Go
www.80-20.initiative.net & click on "Life Members/Donors List"
2. If you are a member, please see if there is a special note next to
your name. Go http://www.8020initiative.net/memberlist2003.html
It means we more info. from you. Go to the top of webpage to decode
the special note.

Wednesday, November 19, 2003

General Clark Phoned 80-20 President S. B. Woo

General Clark, one of the 2 leading Democratic presidential
candidates, phoned 80-20 President S. B. Woo at home last night to
apologize for his use of the word "Chinaman." Here is the

On 11/03, Gen. Clark was interviewed by The National Public
Radio. He said, "I am a fair person.... But if somebody from Russia does
something right, or a Chinaman does something right, or even a
Frenchman, I'm going to say they did something right. Same thing with
the Republicans."

That statement was reported to 80-20 by one of its 650,000
supporters. Although it's obvious from the context that Gen. Clark
didn't mean to use "Chinaman" in a negative sense, Woo thought
Gen. Clark should know that Chinaman was a derogatory term. Woo,
therefore, e-mailed one of Clark's strong Korean Am. supporters,
Richard Choi Bertsch, asking him to make the general aware of his
faux pas and consider apologizing to the APA community.

To Woo's great surprise, Gen. Clark phoned him at home at 5:40
p.m. yesterday to PERSONALLY DELIVER THE APOLOGY. Such a
gesture seems a very positive reflection on Clark's leadership quality.

In their chat, Clark also expressed strong support for helping
the APAs break the glass ceiling. He stated that if elected President, he
will order the Labor Department to enforce Executive Order 11246,
should a Congressional hearing or a Labor Department study
conclude that there is a glass ceiling above APAs. E.O. 11246 is a
very powerful law that has been enforced on behalf of African Ams. and
women, but NOT APAs, to help them break glass ceilings. Equal
enforcement of that law will be 80-20's single crucial goal for
campaign season 2004.

Gen. Clark's verbal promise makes him the FIRST presidential
candidate to do so. 80-20 will soon write to BOTH Republican and
Democratic presidential candidates seeking their written promises to
enforce E. O. 11246 on our behalf. To find out more about the E. O.,
go http://80-20initiative.net , click on E.O. 11246.

Note that the two leading Dem. candidates, Gov. Dean and Gen
Clark have both made sincere effort to reach out to our community
through 80-20. Gov. Dean helped 80-20 raise funds in Los Angeles by
being a keynoter. We trust that President Bush will soon do the same.
Together, we shall overcome.

ANNOUNCEMENT: S. B. Woo will be speaking at Princeton U.
coming Monday in Woodrew Wilson Bldg, Bowl01 at 4:30 p.m.

Tuesday, November 18, 2003

Election Results: Elected Members & Their Brief Bios

Purpose of Election: To replace 5 Board members whose terms
were over & to add 3 Board positions. The length of each term is 2

Procedure: Only dues-paying members may participate. Every
dues-paying member who wanted to be a candidate was nominated.
Half of the candidates were elected.

Elected Members & Their Brief Bios:

1. Jerry Yang - elected by 70.8% of the voters, CT, incumbent, Prof. at
U. of CT, cloning expert, a really helpful Board Member, Family
Life Member, Co-Chair of 80-20's LA fundraiser
2. Julia C. Wan - 67.5%, S. CA, retired director of a center, Calif.
U., Fullerton, was NSF program director, mainstream & APA
political experience, Family Life Member, Co-Chair of 80-20's LA
3. Peter Luh - 55.1%, incumbent, Chaired Prof. at U. of CT, a
Board member who has always accomplished his Board duties; he
was the second Board member to successfully recruit 20 new 80-20
4. Jason Kothari - 54.9%, PA, Indian Am., lived in Hong Kong, an
undergraduate at Wharton School, U. Penn, President of Beta
Gamma Sigma, a Wharton student's highest honor, experience
with The Conference Board, McKinsey & Co., AmCham Washington
Doorknock 2003 Delegate, new 80-20 member .
5. Giga Andreyev - 54.3%, incumbent, President of World Mongolian
Assoc., President of a Glazing Comp., flew from NJ to attend 80-
20's LA fundraiser.
6. James Wu - 52.5%, N. CA, retired Goergia Tech professor, a
Delegate to 80-20's 2000 Endorsement Meeting, a Life Member, a
Co-Chair of the LA fundraiser
7. Albert Huang - 50.9%, S. CA, President of LA 80-20 chapter, an
architect, Principal of a real estate firm, Founding Benefactor
80-20, an Honorary Chair of 80-20's LA fundraiser
8. Kenneth Chia - 50.3%, N. CA, retired IBM manager, has first hand
experience in job discrimination, believes strongly in political
participation, a member for 2 years.

A BIG THANKS to members of the Election Monitor Comm. for a good
job -- Kathleen To (Chair), Larry Ho, Jing-Li Yu, Shangyou Zhang.

Once again, 80-20 demonstrated that it is an open, democratic
and transparent organization that goes by the rule of law -- its own
bylaws which are accessible via the web site. In addition, 80-20 is
effective in fighting for YOU. Please do YOUR share to support it.

- - - - - - -
WARNING: Bad guys are using @80-20.net to sell Viagra & other
drugs; @80-20.info to scam money. We will find & prosecute them.

Monday, November 03, 2003

80-20 & The 2004 Presidential Election

Lot of Good News:

Many APAs used to think that a bloc vote is an extremist's method
to win equal opportunity for themselves. Well, David Broder, often
considered the Dean of American Political Reporters, just wrote an
article describing a bloc vote as "one of the unnoticed glories of
American life -- the entry of yet another immigrant group
into the mainstream of the nation's politics." "That is how
the Irish, the Italians, the Poles and other 19th-century immigrants
became" equal partners in the making of the American Dream. See

More APAs will follow 80-20's bloc vote in 2004. We are
more mature politically.

"Bush may be able to win in 2004 without winning CA.
But Democrats cannot possibly win the next P.E.
without winning CA
." -- a belief shared by most experts.

80-20 is the strongest in CA that has 55 electoral votes. In 2000, 80-
20 delivered 70% of the APA votes to Gore whom it endorsed, according
yo a poll partially sponsored by the National Science Foundation. See

Up till recently, the most optimistic estimate of APA voters in CA
is 6.5%. The 2000 Census says it is actually 7.4%. Source: Current
Population Survey, November 2000. In 2004, the % will easily top 8%.

GOP lost CA by 11 points in 2000. If a bloc of APA voters of 6%
will change from voting Dem. to voting for Bush. It'll be a swing of 12
points! That is how pivotal we are in the 2004 presidential election.

(4) 80-20 IS STRONGER

80-20 Email List 80-20 Members
2000 450,000 Zero
2003 650,000 2000

What do we want? We want EQUAL OPPORTUNITY & JUSTICE.
The political party that does the most DEEDS to help us achieve that
goal will get our endorsement for the 2004 presidential election.
That is what an election in America is all about! Join 80-20 to help
yourself & your children.

#### All members'll get a vote in 80-20's election of Board members
from 11/8 to 11/12. To find out if you will receive a vote, go
http://www.80-20initiative.net/memberlist2003.html. If your
name is there, you will be sent a vote. If you see a notation
next to your name, it means we need more info. from you
before e-mailing you a vote, e.g. valid email address. Thanx.####