Monday, May 12, 2014

Our Youths Spoke Up

                                True Empowerment I
   You've heard me said it before, "Nothing that 80-20 has done is really
that significant. However, if 80-20 has helped to induced AsAms adults
to rise and act to defend their rights, that is significant. That is empower-
ment. Empowerment is significant, because it is not only more lasting but
may also be causing a permanent change in the fabric of our community."
   When AsAms adults, especially Ch-Ams, rose to defeat SCA 5 in CA,
that was proof for our "True Empowerment I."
                                True Empowerment II
   Great News: Our youths have spoken up for their rights!
   See articles written by our youths who are enrolled in our nation's best
high schools, speaking against "race preference" in college admissions:
1) From the school paper of Styvesant High School, NY (80% AsAm
     students), an article entitled:
     "Ivy Day Is Asian Discrimination Day Subtitle: And Whites Reap
     the Benefits" was published. Click here to read it.
2) On Phillipian, Phillips Academy, MA, this article
     "The Price of Discrimination" by David Shin
     was published. Click here to read it.
   Just a few years back, AsAm student organizations, including East Coast
Asian American Student Union, ECASU, adhere to the political correctness
of OCA, AAJC, and NAACP. They supported "race-conscious" admissions.
My conjecture is that the new AsAm high school graduates may soon change
ECASU's position. The making of "True Empowerment II"?
                                True Empowerment III
   No empowerment is complete, if ELECTED political officers of a minority
community may blatantly ignore the rightful interests of their voters. During
our struggle to defeat SCA 5, two elected AsAm officials are not helpful.
The are Sen. Leland Yee and Assemblyman Paul Fong. We must UN-elect them,
as a punishment for their abandonment of our interest.
   Leland Yee is already UN-elected. He withdrew his candidacy owing to
federal indictments.
   We still need to defeat Paul Fong who is now running for City Council
Distr ict 1, San Jose. Fong' faces a primary election on June 3. His strongest
opponent is Charles "Chappie" Jones. Mr. Jone was interviewed by
Silicon Valley Chinese Club, a good local organization, which subsequently
endorsed Chappie. This is the Paul Fong who didn't fight for us to stop
SCA5 and who sponsored the "Prohibit shark's fin soup" legislation without
giving our merchants an adequate warning. When Fong is Un-elected, it'll
be "True Empowerment III." Thereafter, few will dare to blatantly ignore
our rightful interests.
   EMPOWER YOURSELF! Click on SELF . Thank you.
S. B. Woo, a volunteer
President, 80-20 National AsAm PAC, Inc.