Thursday, November 06, 2008

History Was Made! What Should We Do Now?

By Amy Wong Mok
Vice President of the Board

My heart was pounding when the votes of the first "Battle Ground States" Virginia came in for President Elect Barack Obama. With the winning of Pennsylvania, Florida, Ohio, Indiana...... I could no longer contain myself. I was jumping up and down, together with two African American friends of mine who were witnessing this historical moment. This was a moment for all Americans who have tirelessly struggled for equal opportunity and justice for all. I could feel tears roll down my cheek with joy, with hope and with great pride in being an American.

America has started a new chapter in history by electing the first African American President. President Elect Barack Obama has also made the following promises to the 80-20 Initiative with his signature (please encourage your friends to visit the 80-20 website for details):

1. Break the glass ceiling for Asian Americans.
2. Nominate more Asian American judges.

Now that we have a golden opportunity to secure opportunities fairly for all Asian Americans, we must follow up by making sure that this new chapter of American history will include the participation of Asian Americans as full and equal partners. We have witnessed the power of grass-root organizations. Together we can raise a strong voice that will not be ignored. I have faith in President Elect Obama, but we must be forever watchful to remind him that faith is a two-way street, and that he and us have waited too long to see promises of justice for all
to become reality.

We have taken a successful step in this campaign season. We must sustain our effort by building a solid and long-lasting foundation for our future campaigns. 80-20 needs a strong financial foundation. You can help us and help yourself and your loved ones by joining or renewing your membership today. Better still, upgrade your level of membership or offer a membership to a family member or a friend. Please consider becoming a life member to support our project, "$1K x 1000" to raise $1M for capital fund and seed money that we need for setting up an office and a professional staff in the DC area. It is essential to make our presence felt in our nation's center of political power. This is our best investment to ensure a brighter future for our children and for ourselves.

Please visit our website and ACT NOW.