Friday, October 29, 2010

Final Words on Whitman/Brown in CA

Whitman or Brown?

Satisfied with the CRUMBS that Brown had thrown you 30 years ago?

Then vote for Brown.

Want to use this election to tell politicians in CA that you want to
be treated as EQUALS ?

Then vote for Whitman.

Does it matter who win the election? Not that much. Why?

Both campaigns will see from their own polls,
how Asian Ams are voting.

If Asian Ams SWING from 65 to 7 in favor of Brown
to 70 to 30 in favor of Whitman*,
no matter who wins !

This is the kind of political insight that
ONLY 80-20 PAC can provide you.

You Decide!

Please FORWARD to share such political insight that is
critical to the political maturity of our community.

*Currently, we are only doing 60 to 40 in favor of Whitman. See how
Brown is already more humble to the AsAm elected officials & our media
in CA? Everyone benefits from 80-20 -- our courage to fight for Asian Ams.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Initial Reminder

Please Vote!
In a tight race, the side with the better "ground game", i.e. larger turnout, wins!!!

Wherever you are,
vote for the Democratic candidate for Congress. It is our
way to thank Pres. Obama who has set a historic precedent
in responding to Asian American concerns.

If you live in California,
vote for Barbara Boxer, Democrat, for US Senate, &
Meg Whitman, Republican, for Governor.

If you live in Ohio,
vote for the re-election of Governor Ted Strickland, Democrat.

If you live in Nevada,
vote for the re-election of Sen. Harry Reid, Democrat.

We know that you'll vote. We plead that you forward
this email to your friends to urge them to vote. Solidarity !

Monday, October 25, 2010

What we'll gain in 2010 election

Every election is a precious window for small minorities to win
equal citizenship through the political process. Examples for us are:

[A] Our 2008 Effort

In 2008, 80-20 helped elect Pres. Obama who gave us iron-clad
commitments. He became the firstUS president who publicly and
repeatedly responded to the rightful concerns of AsAms, whether in
appointing more AsAm judges or in assuring equal opportunity in
workplaces for Asian Ams., or in responding to our petition to re-
nominate AsAm judges.

[B] Two 2010 goals

[1] The Primary Goal -- to extend our political clout to the STATE level, .
beginning with CA and Ohio. Why begin with CA & Ohio?

In CA, we have a 8% vote-share and a very tight governor's race.
Whitman responded to our yearning for equal opportunity, while Brown
said he had no time for us. So let's elect Whitman & punish Brown. When
Whitman wins, WE win
-- our political clout in CA will be firmly

GREAT NEWS: A McLaughlin-Hill poll taken 10/22 reports
that Asian Ams already favor Whitman 41 to 38. What
a great turn around from the Rasmussen poll of a month
ago reporting 7/65 against Whitman. All good polls see
the same results. So Brown's polls will see that GREAT
turn around caused by 80-20. Henceforth Brown will
NOT take Asian Ams for granted, whether he wins or loses.
Now help Whitman win and make our victory complete!
(Forward "Great News" to AsAms in CA & urge solidarity!)

In Ohio, 80-20 has 4 chapters. The sitting governor is Strickland, who
is running for re-election. He answered our chapters' questionnaire with
ALL yeses. He is leading by 2 pts. So let's help "Elect Strickland."

[2] Our Secondary Goal - to thank Pres. Obama for helping us, by helping
to elect Congressional Democrats. When our President sets a historic
precedent in helping us publicly, we MUST help back.

80-20 focuses particularly on TWO tight Senate races.

&nb 8c4 sp; (a) RE-elect Sen. Barbara Boxer of CA. She recommended Asian Am.
jurists to be Federal judges, as we respectfully requested.
(b) RE-elect Sen. Harry Reid of Nevada, the Senate majority leader.
Unfortunately, 80-20 doesn't have many Asian Am e-addresses in

So we come to YOU, who have repeatedly made possible what
seems impossible. PLEASE email your friends in Nevada and urge
them to vote for Sen. Reid.
Always copy me in, so that we can do
follow-ups with your friends.

Please remember that every election is a precious window for us
to help ourselves and our children to become EQUAL citizens.


S.B. Woo, a volunteer
Acting President, 80-20 PAC, Inc.

- - - - - -

THOSE who added to 80-20's WARCHEST. Can YOU help too?

To 80-20 PAC, Inc.:
Jason Huang & Kate Zhou, Pittsford NY $1,500
S. B. Woo, DE $3,000
Lin Liu, Cincinnati, OH $1,000
Jian-Zhong Zhou, Folsom, CA $1,000

To 80-20 Educational Foundation (EF): Contributions to EF are tax
Woo's Foundation, Delaware $8,400
Lin Fei, Cincinnati, Ohio $1,000

Thursday, October 21, 2010

The BIG PICTURE in coming election

[A] So much has happened that some of us have lost sight of the BIG
a) what 80-20 is all about and
b) why Asian Am. voters in CA should vote for Meg Whitman.

Here is a summary.

80-20 is endorsing carte blanche ALL Democratic US congress and
senate candidates in this election.

Jobs, economy, housing, and recovery are important problems, but
AsAm equality is the most important and urgent issue for 80-20.

Brown ignored us; Whitman signed letter pledging AsAm equality.

The question we should ask is NOT "Who can be the better
Governor?" BUT "Which Governor is better for Asian Americans in
our quest to become equal citizens?

Finally, if WE don't put our Asian Am interests forefront and
foremost, then WHO WILL???

80-20 thanks CAPA, a big political organization in CA's Bay area, for its
support of all of 80-20's endorsements. CAPA also asks it supporters to
reflect on these quintessential observations.

[B] 80-20's Great Media Offensive Started !

Click on
to see the newspaper ads in "India West," "Singtao" and "The World
Journal." Also hear the radio ads in Korean, Cantonese & Mandarin.
You can copy them and send them to your friends. More ads are
being added.

[C] From: Google Alerts

(1) "Meg Whitman Announces Endorsement of Influential Asian American
. . . Cupertino." Visit

(2) "Kasich (R, of Ohio) Snubs Influential Asian American Group
Loses Endorsement . . ." 80-20 encourages AsAm to . . cast votes for Gov.
Strickland (D). Click on

Why do both articles used the word "influential" to describe 80-20?
YOU & solidarity did it.

[D] Choice quotes
(Apologies for not using so many great write-ins! SB)

(1) This Democrat has just voted and to be mailed: YES WHITMAN and no
Jerry the once almighty. Of course, NO BROWN. Gary Tang,

(2) Brown's conduct throughout this episode has raised a more
fundamental and troubling question for me: Is he fit for the job? Does he
have the energy, the toughness of mind and judgment to govern,
especially in dealing with the Legislature?
Hilary Hsu, a Life-timeDemocrat & Former Chancellor,
City College of San Francisco

Respectfully yours,

S.B. Woo, a volunteer
Acting President, 80-20 PAC, Inc.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Fantastic response on Whitman Endorsement

When Whitman wins, WE win. Why? Henceforth, no one will
ever take Asian Am. voters in CA for granted. This is the empower-
of our community that 80-20 seeks to achieve through
this gubernatorial election.

Fantastic response to 80-20's endorsement of Meg Whitman is still
pouring in.

(1) great job. any help you need let us know. ravji h patel

(2) All my family total of 28 votes have sent the absentee ballots for Ms.
Whitman. David Wong

(3) My wife and I will keep our promises. Meg will get two additional
votes from Democrats. Guopin

(4) My husband and I will vote for whoever 80-20's endorsed. I will
suggest all my Asian friends follow my vote. Thank you for your
hard working. Christine

(5) My absentee ballot was put in the mail today in which Ms. Whitman
got my vote. I am an Independent in San Diego voting for Republican
to support 80-20 that we are in it together. Sherwin Wang

(6) I sent it to a few of my CA friends. I think it is powerful if we all do
the same thing. And if Whitman wins, we win! Great negotiation
power in the future if we do help her win the race. Again, thanks for
what you and 80-20 have done. Shau

(7) After considering your efforts regarding the CA Governor’s race, I will
for the first time be voting for a Republican, Meg Whitman. Thanks
for your effort, James Chen, Santa Barbara

(8) Tim Wu sent to 47 of his CA friends the following message. He also
attached our e-newsletter "80-20 Endorses Republican
Whitman for CA Governor"

" The California election is upon us. It is time to do some soul
searching as to whom has earned our votes. I have never voted
for a Republican in a abf General Election before but there is always
a first time. Go Whitman." Tim Wu

(9) Bob Chang sent to 48 of his friends the following message:

" Dear All :
Enclosed please see the announcement from 80-20 about
endorsing Meg Whiteman for Calif Governor, while Brown
did NOT give a dame to our questionnaire. If you are a CA
resident, please consider a block vote for our children's/grand-
children's sake. If you are NOT, please encourage your friends
in CA to make the right decision.
It's NOW or NEVER. If we do NOT teach Brown a lesson,
there is NO first class citizenship for our descendents in this
country !!! Thanks ! Bob Chang"

(10) Thank you for your forever energy and endless efforts! I have just
sent a request for support email to 197 friends in CA, and
asked them to vote for Whitman and Boxer. Lao Li

I apologize for not publishing all your responses, owing to space
limitations. Reward Whitman while punishing Brown. Solidarity!

Respectfully yours,

S.B. Woo, a volunteer
Acting President, 80-20 PAC, Inc.

PS: Brown called a press conference in Japantown in SF on 10/17 at 9 a.m.
to announce that AsAm Democratic officials are endorsing him. Is that
a surprise or of political value to Brown? [S. B. Woo said rhetorically
to Brown, "Jerry, this is the general election, not a primary. You need
Asian Am. civic groups, Independents, Republicans to endorse you, not
Democratic officials." ] We heard that even AsAm officials only let
Brown use their names but avoided appearing with him. It reveals that
Brown is sweating bullets sensing that he is losing Asian Am. votes fast.
Let that be a lesson to the HIGH AND MIGHTY Brown.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Response to 80-20's endorsement of Whitman

When Whitman wins, WE win. It'll mean the establishment of an
Asian Am. political presence in California. Most Asian Ams, regardless
of thier party affiliation, understand that.

A bloc vote is powerful in helping our children's future. A "swing" bloc
vote that can be delivered to either a Democrat or a Republican depending
on which candidate offering the better commitment to our community,
will help our children's future even more. Most Asian Ams. also
understand that. Evidence?

See some of the responses that are pouring in.

1) Have just voted for Meg Whitman via mail . . . and will thank
her committee for helping 80/20. Janice S, Wong

2) Thank you for all the hard work on behalf of Asian Americans. Due to
80-20's involvement in the California Governor's race, I WILL be voting for
Meg Whitman, although I've been a registered Democrat all my life.
Best wishes and a big thank you to everyone working at 80-20. Please
keep up the excellent work. Wayne Cheng
2601 Main Street, Suite 900, Irvine, CA 92614

3) Great, thank you for your leadership! Sam Wong

4) I have been a member of 80-20 for several years. Although I was
supportive of 80-20, I sensed that there might be a bias of 80-20 to
support Democrats. As a Republican,
I was only willing to support 80-20
at the basic membership level. However, your recent endorsement of Meg
Whitman, a Republican, has clearly shown that 80-20 is an unbiased
organization that works hard for Asian American! Kudos to you and 80-
20 for your excellent work and selfless dedication. Upon hearing news, I
have just increased my support to 80-20 to a life-time family
Jason Huang, MD

5) Thank you very much for your continuous effort in enhancing Asian
political presence. This mail is the most encouraging news to our
Asians. Your efforts on this matter are greatly appreciated.
Richard Wang

6) The following email was forward to me by Erl Yu, who has already
emailed his friends in CA to urge them to vote for Meg Whitman.

"Hi, my friend:
I have been a member of 80-20 initiative for many years, because I
believe they are working hard for a good cause for all Asian American,
especially in California. 80-20 recently asked me to send a letter to the
Republican candidate for California governor, Ms. Meg Whitman asking
her to agree with 80-20's request in a questionnaire. If her answer is
favorable, members of 80-20 will vote for her as a block and will also ask
our friends in California to vote for her.
Ms. Whitman’s answer is more than 80-20 asked for (see below), while the
other Democrat candidate, Mr. Brown, didn’t bother to answer
Normally I vote for Democrat, but this time in order to show that we Asian
American are in it together, I opt for Republican. Since I can’t vote in
California, but you can. I hope you can vote Ms. Whitman in the November

- - - - - - - - -

GREAT NEWS on a Another Battle Front,

Ohio's Democratic Governor Strickland replies to a questionnaire
from 80-20's 4 chapters in Ohio with "Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes, and Yes". When
we have 4 chapters in OH, a critical political mass is created resulting in
explosive political clout. See Gov. Strickland's reply below.

If we can establish our political presence in CA and Ohio with respectively
an 8% and 1.5% share in voters, can you do the same in YOUR state
if you don't live in CA or OH? Let your imagination run !

Respectfully yours,

S.B. Woo, a volunteer
Acting President, 80-20 PAC, Inc.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

80-20 Endorses Republican Whitman for CA Governor

The 80-20 PAC applauds the recommendation of the 80-20 California
Coalition and has endorsed a Republican Meg Whitman for California

When Whitman wins, WE win. Here is why.

Meg Whitman has actually gone above and beyond what 80-20 had
asked for in its questionnaire, and gave us more.

In Q1 through Q3, 80-20 looked for a yes/no answer from Whitman and
Brown to address
1) the glass ceiling above Asian Ams in CA's state government,
2) the paucity of Asian Am. university trustees , and
3) the lack of Asian Am. state judges.

Brown said he didn't care to answer. Click on
visit .

Whitman's answer was "I'll go beyond that. I'll not only appoint
APIs to the positions referred to in your questionnaire, I'll give you
input to who are to be appointed. The glass ceiling problem shall be
solved the same way. Help me appoint the best high level officials who
have the authority to shatter the glass ceiling for Asian Ams."

Are these her exact words? No. But it could be what she could legally
state, given the dictate of CA Proposition 209 which explicitly
prohibits "political institutions to consider race, sex or ethnicity." Go .

Her reply to us is sown below.

Only the sentences shown in red (emphasis added) are substantive. All
the rest may just be sweet words signifying nothing.

What is her answer to Q4? Her answer is why wait till the 3rd year to
check my performance? See me "early in my term" so that I'll make
the kind of appointments that will yield the desired results for Asian

Why didn't she answer yes to Q5? Because CA's Legislature (Senate plus
Assembly) has already formally apologized in July 2009 to Asian Ams for
its past wrongs. Click on .

Is 80-20 absolutely certain that Whitman will do that much good for
us? NO. That is the defect of a statement. However given the dictate of
Proposition 209, Whitman's reply "meet with me . . . to discuss API
appointments" does seem the best she can do, perhaps a bit more
than what we asked for.

80-20 is not without a recourse, if those were empty promises.
There is always Whitman's NEXT election! We choose believe her for now.

Use your imagination to help Whitman win. When Whitman
wins, WE win.
[5 "W" words? Do a high-five for the 5 Ws & be a
Whitman supporter. :) :) ]

Respectfully & proudly yours,

S. B. Woo, a volunteer
Acting President till December, 80-20 PAC, Inc.

PS Additional News! 80-20 brings values to Asian Am voters. Politicians
now chase after Asian Am. voters, like they do other voters. Example?
(1) Whitman bought political TV ads in Asian Am. community, a historic
first for any major non-Asian politician in CA.
(2) Brown sought out Dr. Albert Wang of Fremont, CA to be a
"talking head" for Brown. Albert, an 80-20 Life Member, showing
solidarity with 80-20, declined.

Before we are equal citizens, if WE don't put our AsAm interests
forefront and foremost, then WHO WILL???

Monday, October 11, 2010

Super Urgent

TO: Asian Ams. Residing or Having Friends in California

80-20 is having discussions with the Whitman campaign. If you are a
Democrat or a Decline, please call 408-400-3887 or send a fax 408-404-
with a message similar to the one below, within the next 12 hours.
If 100 or more calls/faxes get into Whitman's campaign in one day, we may
have something positive to report to you, THANKS TO YOU!

"Dear Ms. Whitman:

I am a Democrat (or Decline), I'll vote for you if you reach an
agreement with the 80-20 Initiative, and it endorses you. I'll also ask
my relatives and friends to vote for you. Thank you.

Title (For identification purposes only):
Complete Street Addresses:


If you don't have a fax machine, click on
which allows you to send a free fax. Please be sure that you are either a
Dem. or a Decline, because Whitman's campaign may check it.

If you can demonstrate to CA politicians that 80-20 has the broad based
support to deliver a bloc vote for either of the two gubernatorial candidates,
80-20 shall, one way or another, get the job done for YOU and YOUR
children. Email me now saying "I've done it." :) :) THANK YOU.

Best regards,

S.B. Woo (a volunteer)
Acting President, 80-20 PAC, Inc.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

A copy of 80-20 California Coalition's questionnaire
> > to Meg Whitman is shown below:

Friday, October 08, 2010

HOT News: Whitman vs. Brown

TO: All Asian Ams who reside or have friends in California:

Your want to know how Am. politics is really like? Read this article!

Jerry Brown doesn't have time to answer our questionnaire, but he has
the time to call a Union officer and said, " . . . give me a call . . I love to
talk to you . . Call me back will you? This is really really important . .
The race is tied. . . ."

For the video tape that documents Brown and/or a staff calling Whitman
a W-H-ORE after Brown thought that he has hung up the phone, go to a LA
Times report (go to the middle of the page): .

Why does Jerry Brown personally call a Union officer and say it was
"really really important" to have a call-back but doesn't have the time to
answer a questionnaire asking for his commitment to help 6 million
Asian Ams. in his state win equal citizenship? ??

It is because Brown believes that Asian Ams don't have the WILL to
it out with him? Is he right? ? ?

80-20 has appealed to you many times that to be effective in politics in
America, we must play politics the American way. To witness for yourself
how politics is played in America, go listen to the conversation in a
youTUBE tape, AFTER the phone was thought hung up.

"they'll go to Whitman to make a deal, . . w-h-ore . . w-h-ore . . cut a
secret deal . . she is a w-h-ore . . "

The truth is that both side cut deals. However, we, Asian Ams, have
traditionally been cut out of the deal.
80-20 tells you the truth, and fights
hard for you to be EQUAL citizens.

Join us! No other Asian Am orgs. fights for YOU like the 80-20
Go . Or send a check to
80-20 PAC P.O. Box 603 Osprey, FL 34229. Write your e-address at
the back of your check please. Forward this to friends. Thank you.

Respectfully yours,

S. B. Woo (a volunteer)
Acting President, 80-20 PAC, Inc.

PS Have you sent a fax to Brown? If not, send something like the
following to 510 628-0909. If you don't have a fax machine, go to . BTW, the Brown Rally in LA scheduled for
today has been cancelled. See how our GROUP political clout works!
Mike Eng may be the real hero behind the scene. 80-20 thanks him.

"Dear Mr. Brown:

Please seize this LAST chance to reply to 80-20 California Coalition's
questionnaire. Otherwise, I'll be voting for Meg Whitman and ask
my friends to do. You are beginning to offend me.

Complete address:


Tuesday, October 05, 2010

AsAms versus Jerry Brown in CA

ALL OF US WILL BECOME EQUAL CITIZENS, if we have the courage to
reward our political friends and punish our foes, instead of selfishly
calculating how it'll benefit "ME"!

Of course, we MUST exercise due diligence to know which politicians
are truly our friends or foes. The ones showering us with sweet words
may not be our friends, nor those with the "right" party affiliation whether
R or D. We look at the DEEDS of a politician.

That is where Jerry Brown comes in. He said he has no time to
answer our questionnaire expressing our concerns -- a BAD SIGN. A
candidate must share its voters' concerns. If Brown is NOT willing to
share our concerns now, he'll NOT share our concerns if he wins
the election.

That brings us to LA. Assemblyman Mike Eng, a friend and an 80-
20 member, who has without knowledge of Brown's unwillingness to
address our concerns, scheduled a rally to appear with Brown in LA to
get Asian Am votes. Upon learning of that rally, 80-20 immediately
emailed Mike to ask him to stop that rally, unless Brown answers
our questionnaire positively.

Mike is working on it. 80-20 expects Mike to refuse the appearance, if
Brown doesn't answer positively. It's time for our political leaders to stop
endorsing candidates, unless there is a concrete benefit back to the

At the worst, 80-20 will organize a demonstration against Brown
in LA on 9/8 (Friday)
. If 80-20 calls for a demonstration, I'll of
course be there.

On a different front, 80-20 rewards it friends. 80-20's Exec Comm. has
authorized $15K to $25K to help get Sen. Boxer elected in CA, because
she responded to 80-20's appeal to recommend Asian Am. jurists to
President Obama.

80-20 has begun an aggressive media buy for the last two weeks of the
election to reward Sen. Boxer and punish Jerry Brown, since he said no to
us first perhaps encouraging Meg Whitman to do the same. In any respect,
hitting both punishes neither. We must punish the one who said NO to us

Mark my word. Even when Brown wins, he'll come court us for his next
election, IF our punishment is effective this time. This is how American
politics works. If Brown answers with all yeses, we'll then swing our army
to confront Whitman.

Watch us. 80-20 fights for you like no other Asian Am. orgs have ever
done in the history of America.

We need 8 more NEW members to receive a $3.5K matching fund. Help!
Go . TOGETHER, we shall overcome.
Forward "AsAm versus Brown" to friends pls.

Respectfully yours,

S. B. Woo (a volunteer)
Acting President, 80-20 PAC, Inc

Saturday, October 02, 2010

AsAms mad at Jerry Brown

Calls and faxes poured into California Democratic candidate for
Governor, Jerry Brown's headquarters. All saying that if he is unwilling
to share our rightful concerns, then we'll not vote for him or we'll
reconsider our earlier intention to vote for him.

Among the faxes copied to me, there are many very thoughtful
observations and comments:

1) . . . Even Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama had time to answer our
questionnaire when they ran, why not you?

2) . . . Lacking in energy at your age?

3) . . . Even if your office are too busy to fill out the questionnaire prepared
by (80-20 California Coalition), would you please address those grievances
in your own way and say what Mr. Brown is prepared to do to relieve the
grievances stated in the questionnaire, if elected?

4) . . . If you lack resource and time for appropriately responding our
request, then I don't think you will have time and energy to take care us in
the future.

Please keep on calling Jerry Brown's headquarters 510 628-0202 or

faxing 510 629-0909. Keep up the pressure. Let Jerry Brown know that
Asian Ams will not tolerate being treated as tokens today. We are NOT like
the olden days when he was the Governor from 1975 to 1983.

We heard that there may be a Brown event in LA on Oct. 8th aiming at
Asian Americans. We may organize a demonstration at that event.
Those of you who may want to participate in the demonstration, please let
me know. Also share you ideas with me about that event.

Do your share! Together we shall overcome.

Many also asked for Meg Whitman's phone and fax numbers to
urge her to reply quickly & positively. They are (T) 408-400-3887
(F) 408-404-3826.

Meg Whitman is still silent. But Brown has already said NO to us.
See Brown's answer at .


S. B. Woo (a volunteer)
Acting President, 80-20 PAC, Inc.