Monday, July 02, 2007

Freedom From Discrimination and Injustice

by Dr. Edward Lin
Director, 80-20 Initiative -- Equal Opportunity and Justice for ALL Asian Americans

July 1, 2007

Dear members and supporters of 80-20:

As Independence Day approaches, I would like you to reflect for a moment what significance it holds for Asian Americans.

In the early 60's African Americans risked their lives under threat of menacing police dogs, pepper sprays, gun barrels and burning crosses to attend school and vote. While not as well publicized, Asian Americans also suffered notable discrimination and injustice. Examples include:

[1] The Chinese Exclusionary Act that barred immigration and forcibly kept families from being re-united in the US (,
Yes, it is safe to open this file.

[2] The internment and forfeiture of rights and property of Japanese Americans during WWII (, and

[3] The brutal murder of Vincent Chin for which the convicted perpetrators paid a token fine and did not serve a single day in jail (

The human rights we enjoy today came about only through the enormous sacrifices of many brave individuals who came before us. From the thousands of coolies who built the transcontinental railroad to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., each paved the road to equality with their sweat, tears and not infrequently, their blood.

Today, the price paid for that freedom and progress has been largely forgotten by those complacent and unwilling to carry the torch of equality forward.

May this Independence Day mark a new awakening of Asian Americans to the importance of freedom from fear, discrimination, and passivity. JOIN US, as 80-20 works to attain equality and justice for all of us via the political democratic process, including:

[1] Enforcement of Executive Order 11246 to lift the glass ceiling for Asian Americans in academia, government, judiciary and corporate America, and

[2] Bloc-voting to support presidential candidates who commit in writing to redress our rightful concerns as American citizens.

This is an attainable goal only with YOUR active support. It is not something we can leave to others and give lip-service. Don't let another day go by without making your personal commitment to this worthy cause. Invest in your future! Join 80-20 today at

This July 4, hoist the American flag before your home to declare your rightful place as a citizen of this nation. Rededicate yourself to the spirit of liberty and justice and do your part to help make this nation a more perfect union. Together, we can and will succeed.



"You must be the change you wish to see in the world" Mahatma Gandhi

Any US citizen or permanent resident can join - using a credit card, visit (easy to use) or

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