Friday, April 29, 2016

GREAT NEWS II. Why no More Profiling?

Do Your Share & We’ll Win

What Does DOJ's "New Rule" Imply?

   It implies ending the profiling by race, national origin, ..., etc. in national security matters against all Americans, including Asian Ams.  Such profiling is always prohibited by law, but NOT so in practice against Chinese Americans, especially in recent years.  That's why 80-20 sent an e-newsletter entitled "GREAT NEWS.  No More Profiling".  

   A huge number of "thank you letters" came in, including NEW donation checks in 4 figures.  BUT, 80-20 also sensed that many of us did NOT know why DOJ's new rule has that effect.  80-20 wants to make sure that all of us understand it well!

   80-20 has done two due diligence services for YOU:

(1)  we communicated with reporters and experts in the area of national security, including Matt Apuzzo, the reporter who wrote the NYT's front page article, and Pete Zeidenberg, the lawyer who successfully defended Sherry Chen and Dr. Xiaoxin Xi, and

(2) we obtained a copy of the "new rule" to read it ourselves.  It is Section 90 on national security of the "US Attorney's Manual".  

   80-20 is proud of its service to YOU through this e-newsletter.

What does the "new rule" mean in practice?

   The "new rule" affects national security matters only, although national security is defined in a very broad sense.  The "new rule" essentially 
adds an extra layer of review by high level espionage experts, before charges, arrests, indictment and prosecutions, ..., etc. are made against individuals and/or organizations.

Why would that be helpful?

   High level espionage experts are less likely to risk their careers and reputation by violating laws which prohibit profiling.  They also see more cases so that they can use statistics, e.g. number of rejected cases in the new review process, to determine if profiling may be occurring in practice.  At lower levels, U.S. prosecutors see only isolated cases in their own respective districts.  They are also probably less experienced/capable and more willing to risk violating the law for career advancement.  

In the Spirit of Political Compromise

   The new rule doesn't ask DOJ to apologize and compensate victims. For now, however, 80-20 is satisfied with the new rule, in the spirit of political compromise.   

   We all hate the partisan squabbles that have gone on in D.C., because each political party wants 100% of its "wants" satisfied.  They've forgotten the art of compromise for the benefit of the nation.

   The AsAm community has had its major concern satisfactorily addressed - the ending of profiling against us in practice.   80-20 will continue to work on "apology and compensation for victims" under 80-20's proposal to the Department of Homeland Security of March 26, 2016 - a nice piece of work by PAC Board member Fred. M Wong.
Pivoting to the CA Democratic Open Primary on June 7th

   For now, it's time to look to the future instead of focusing on the past.  80-20's Board will be meeting to discuss our "pivot" to that critical primary.  In CA, it is an OPEN primary and AsAms have twice the % of Declines/Independents as in all other races.   Are you ready?  Every AsAm can help in that critical battle, whether you live in CA or not.

S. B. Woo 

President and a volunteer for the past 17 years
80-20 Initiative, Inc.

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Thursday, April 28, 2016

GREAT NEWS. No more profiling.

Do Your Share & We’ll Win

We Persisted & Won - for Sherry Chen, Prof. Xi & our Children

   Our united effort succeeded AGAIN.  Read this NYT front page article entitled 
"After Missteps, US Tightens Rules for Espionage Cases"   It will mean that the prohibition against the profiling of Chinese Americans as spies, owing to our national origin, is a law that will be ENFORCED in the field.  

   This article begins with "The Justice Department has issued new rules that give prosecutors in Washington greater oversight and control over national security cases after the collapse of several high-profile prosecutions led to allegations that Chinese-Americans were being singled out as spies."

   "The new rules are intended to prevent such missteps .... All cases affecting national security, even tangentially, now require coordination and oversight in Washington.  ....  Peter R. Zeidenberg, ... , who represented Dr. Xi and Ms. Chen, called the new rules "a very positive step."

Does that mean "no profiling by National Origin"?

   Yes, but stay vigilant!   Our laws have always prohibited profiling by national origin.   However, lower level investigators, full of ambition for career advancement, could choose to violate the law.

   Now, the national oversight and control should stop most, if not all, such violations.

The heroes & heroines who helped in this Seminal Achievement

   They include:

1) Senators Carper, and Coons of Delaware, and 45 Congresspersons from many states including Ted Lieu and Judy Chu, who wrote to A.G. Lynch; &
2) 6 Nobel Laureates and a dozen winners of Presidential Medal of Science; Presidential Medal of Technology and Innovation, together with about 6,000 prominent AsAm scientists and engineers who petitioned to A.G. Lynch. 

   Next, I want to thank  "60 minutes" which was planning a program; Wall Street Journal and China Press which were (and may still be) planning detailed investigative articles.  

   I also want to thank individuals like Peter Zeidenberg, Jeremy Wu, George Koo and all those who responded to appeals by 80-20 and other organizations to donate to Sherry Chen and Xiaoxing Xi.

   Lastly & most importantly, 80-20 wants to thank Sen. Tom Carper of DE and his capable staff who strained their relations with the DOJ to fight for the Chinese- American community.   Senator Carper personally called Director Monty Wilkinson, Director of all United States Attorneys in the 50 states.  Tens of hours of a senior staff in his office were spent helping convey 80-20's messages to DOJ.

   A recent email from this staff illustrates how hard Sen. Carper fought for our community:

"Dr. Woo, 

I spent about 45 minutes on the phone today with our Justice Department liaisons trying to convince them to put something in a letter or email that relayed my characterization of the Wilkinson call.  Specifically I wanted them to send us something to articulate the process they went through to arrive at the "assurances" that race did not play a factor. 

At times, our conversation was very animated, as the Justice Department feels that they have been more than accommodating. . . .  Our DOJ liaisons told me that in light of our conversation and how animated I was about the matter, they would take back this request again and would try to provide me another update by the end of 
this week or early next week. 

xxxxx"   (a senior staff member's name deleted.  Emphasis was added by S.B. Woo.)

Do YOUR share to make the Asian Ams vote 
count on June 7th
The date of the CA Democratic open presidential 
primary is June 7.  Be ready to fight.

S. B. Woo 

President and a volunteer for the past 17 years
80-20 Initiative, Inc.

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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Sanders' Campaign Dead? Our Prospect to be Equals?

A Presidential Election – AsAms’ Golden Opportunity
To Win Equal Opportunity

Is Bernie Sanders' Campaign Hopeless?  NO!

   NO.  Beware, however, that  today's results will be very disappointing to Bernie supporters. He is likely to lose the primaries in the following 5 states:

CT  (55 delegates)
DE  (21)
MD (95)
PA (189)
RI    (24)

   The total number of delegates of those 5 states is 384.  Sanders needs to gain (not lose) pledged delegates.  That is not to mention the huge lead in super delegates currently enjoyed by Sec. Clinton.

   So why isn't Sanders' campaign hopeless?  

   On June 7th, Sanders will likely gain almost 3 times more delegates than what he'll lose today.

   Here is the mathematics:  Sen. Sanders will

(1) lose today's primary by about 60 to 40, losing a 20% share of the 384 delegates, but
(2) win the CA primary, say, with AsAms' help, by 70 to 30, gaining a 40% share of CA's 475 delegates.

   So on June 7, Sanders will roughly gain a net of (40% of 475) = 190 delegates.   Today, however, he'll likely lose (20% of 384) = 78 delegates. Recall Sanders also lost 33 delegates to Clinton in the NY primary, so on June 7th Sanders will gain* about  (190 -77 -33) = 80 delegates.

   In addition, the super delegates don't vote until they get to the Democratic National Convention.  If Sanders really begins to catch up, the super delegates may change their votes.

Is 80-20 Supporting Sanders?  NO!

   Neither of the two Democratic candidates have answered 80-20's questionnaire.  During the primary, 80-20 will support the first candidate who answers satisfactorily, whether a Democrat or a Republican, against his/her opponents.  In the general election, 80-20 will hold an Endorsement Convention, with elected delegates, to decide whether to endorse a D or a R.  

   As long as the primaries are very tight, 80-20 has the best chance of inducing the candidates to reply to its questionnaires to HELP YOU GAIN EQUAL OPPORTUNITY.

What if 80-20 helps Clinton in the CA primary on June 7th?

   If Secretary Clinton is the first to answer our questionnaire satisfactorily**, 80-20 will be as delighted to help her as helping Sen. Sanders on June 7th.  In which case, Sanders' campaign will unfortunately die on June 7th.  

S. B. Woo, a volunteer for the last 17 years
Acting President, 80-20 PAC, Inc. 

*After today, there will also be 5 other primaries before June 7th.  They are; IN (83), WV (29), KY(55), OR(61) and PR(60).  Sanders and Clinton will roughly come out even in these races.  For source of delegates in each state, click here.

**The Clinton campaign has let 80-20 know that it is drafting answers to our questionnaire.

PS:  80-20 URGES you to send your friends' email addresses to us, using the method suggested here.  That way we'll be more effective on June 7th.   Please do your share!

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80-20 Mission Statement

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

A Great Battle Looms on June 7th in California

Be a Part of our June 7th Battle
To Win, We Need You

   June 7th (Tuesday) is the date of the Democratic open primary in CA. Although the battle will unfold in CA, its outcome will affect EVERY Asian Am.

   If we win big in that battle, it'll give us the political clout we need to win EQUAL opportunity for us and our children.

   We need to beef up our strengths to ensure a BIG win:
     1) 80-20 has booked tens of thousands of dollars' worth of media ads, and will spend up to six figures if necessary.  
     2) 80-20 has reminded you repeatedly about the Great Battle on June 7th, and
     3) You must do your share.  Help 80-20 to GREATLY increase the size of its e-mail list of CA AsAms.   

   The following is what YOU need to do:
     a) Put all your AsAm email addresses in your address book into the "To:" line of an outgoing email.  We want to save you time to search for just the CA AsAm e-addresses.  If there are a few non-AsAm email addresses mixed in it (less than 20%), don't worry about it. We'll take care of it.

     b) Send them an email with the following proposed contents:

         "I think you'll enjoy reading the e-newsletters from 80-20 Initiative, a very effective political org. helping AsAms achieve equal opportunity. Click on to view an 8-minute video to see 80-20's effectiveness. This email is NOT about raising money.  80-20 has already raised $1 million/yr for 5 years. Don't you love 80-20's effectiveness?  :-)

     If you want to unsubscribe, all you'll need to do is to click on SafeUnsubscribe™   which is ALWAYS available at the end of each e-newsletter you'll receive.  

     I hope you'll find those e-newsletters helpful in expanding your political knowledge about America and help you win EQUAL opportunity for yourself and your children!

                                                              Warmest regards,
                                                              Your first name"

     c) Having sent the above, forward the same email to>, my special assistant, who will add those e-mail addresses to 80-20's huge e-mail list.

   80-20 is a cyberspace organization, its size of its e-mail list is the size of its clout. I am COUNTING ON YOU.  

   When you do YOUR share, we'll all win, including our children.

S. B. Woo 

President and a volunteer for the past 17 years
80-20 Initiative, Inc.

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Thursday, April 14, 2016

A Harvard graduate or know one?

Help, if you are a Harvard Graduate

 A Harvard graduate (college or grad school) 
or know one?

   Help yourself fight against race-conscious college admissions NOW! Support a slate of 5 prominent candidates, 3 of whom are AsAms, to compete for the 5 Harvard Overseer seats

   The ballots are out.  Votes are being cast.  Their "Free Harvard Fair Harvard" campaign was mounted by Ron Unz andsupported by 80-20, urging for ACCESS and TRANSPARENCY in Harvard admissions and governance.

   Opponents want status quo, and falsely claim that FHFH candidates oppose affirmative action and diversity. Help clarify this misconception.

   80-20 and FHFH are aligned in supporting affirmative action and diversity programs to help the disadvantaged of all ethnic groups. However, both are against programs that discriminate based on race. In the case of college admissions, while race can be used as one of many equal considerations in admissions, it should not be the major or determinative factor, which statistics clearly show to discriminate against AsAms. FHFH's urge for transparency will help battle against such actions in the future.

   Email your Harvard friends to urge them to vote for the FHFH candidates.   Help them to help your children and future generations!

Do YOUR share to make Asian Ams the
 Kingmakers on June 7th
The date of the CA Democratic open presidential 
primary is June 7.  Be ready to fight.

S. B. Woo 

President and a volunteer for the past 17 years
80-20 Initiative, Inc.

PS: The legal team of "Students for Fair Admissions" would like to have two more AsAm students who were rejected from Harvard this cycle.  Thank you.

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Tuesday, April 05, 2016

Harvard Admissions / A Looming Critical Struggle

The Importance of Thinking Big, Aiming High & Working Hard

Good News
   Facts relating to Harvard class of 2020, as related by Harvard Magazine:

1) "Harvard Admits" are at a record Low:   5.2% of those who applied, and
2) "Harvard AsAm admits" are at a record High:   22.1% of the admits.

What could have caused the above changes?  Possibly,

a) The "Fisher vs. U. of TX" lawsuits in the Supreme Court, for which both 80-20 Initiative and the AsAm Coalition for Education filed respective amicus briefs. The Supreme Court will likely make its 2nd statement on that lawsuit later this year.
b) A slate of 5 prominent candidates, 3 of whom are AsAms, competing for the 5 Harvard Overseer seats this year.  The campaign was mounted by Ron Unz and supported by 80-20.  The candidates are running on a platform of "Free Harvard. Fair Harvard."
c) The lawsuits filed by "Students for Fair Admissions"* against Harvard and Univ. of North Carolina, led by Ed Blum and supported by 80-20.  The lawsuits are working their way toward a Supreme Court hearing in another couple of years.

“To strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield.”   Poet Alfred Lord Tennyson 1809 - 1892.
Do YOUR share to make us Kingmaker on June 7th

Q5: I never understood what political clout is.  Will you explain?
A:  It's the ability to affect the outcome of an important election. To illustrate, Asian Ams in CA can be the kingmakers to decide whether Clinton or Sanders will be the Nominee of the Democratic Party through the June 7 Dem. primary. Thereafter, we'll have the political clout to win EQUAL opportunity for ourselves and our children.  So please do your share and get ready to vote on June 7th as 80-20 will direct. Generations of AsAms will be grateful to you.
The date of the CA Democratic presidential primary is
June 7.

   There is a HUGE, CRITICAL battle to be won in CA, which holds an open Democratic primary between Clinton and Sanders on June 7th. If all AsAm Democrats and Declines come out to vote, AsAms shall be the kingmakers for the next Nominee of the Democratic Party, who will most likely be the next president, given the chaotic situation within the Republican Party.

   80-20 is waiting for the two Democratic candidates to answer its questionnaire, which is designed to win another big advance in our struggle for EQUAL opportunity. 

*The legal team of "Students for Fair Admissions" would like to have two more AsAm students who were rejected from Harvard this cycle.

S. B. Woo 

President and a volunteer for the past 17 years
80-20 Initiative, Inc.

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