Thursday, March 22, 2012

PISA Report, “an Absolute Wake-Up Call for America”

Dear Fellow Asian Americans and other Friends,

We are only 2061 people away from the 50,000 minimum survey goal. Will YOU help make it
happen? Urge your spouse, children, parents, friends, colleagues to VOTE NOW. Talk to
your friends outside your ethnic group. This Monday, a Chinese American sent the survey
link to an Indian American friend, all of a sudden, ~50 Indian Americans from the same
company voted!
Do your part to improve our destiny and Help America! Why?

Why is America Losing Competitiveness?

In the 2009 PISA [1] report, the US secondary school students ranked 30th in math, 23th in
Science and 17th in Reading, behind the majority of the developed nations. The companion
NAEP [1] study found only 6% of US students competent in Advanced Math, as compared
to 28% in Taiwan. The highest ranked US state (Massachusetts) was just 17th in the world
rankings. US Education Secretary Arne Duncan called the data "An Absolute Wake-up
Call for America."

However, the US is also distinguished in several areas: We have the highest level of self-
confidence, based on…well, self-confidence. We believe no standardized test matters and
that everyone is a winner. We may well be the only developed nation who cares about the
skin colors in college admissions.

One day, we would wake up and found the emperor has no cloth. It would be too late. Let's
face it: The crop of US secondary school students is not distinguished in anyway by any
international standard, and we do not want the brightest and the most prepared among those
to enter the best colleges for the sake of "political correctness"? Is America losing
competitiveness? Why bother to ask if we are content with a college admission process that
rewards mediocrity and punishes excellence?

Keep heading down, until you find the United States in the list.

Then take the Survey to challenge the status quo, and fulfill your patriotic duty to our great

We are able to push the fight to the Supreme Court because we do not take grants or financial
interests from either the government or any school. Do you wonder why so many other
organizations are silent on this is 5959 sue when the Asian American opinion is so clear? Will you
help us sustain the fight?

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[1] Wikipedia on PISA
The Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) is a worldwide evaluation of
15-year-old school pupils' scholastic performance. The mathematics literacy test asks
students to apply their mathematical knowledge to solve problems set in various real-world
contexts. The reading test asks students to "construct, extend and reflect on the meaning of
what they have read across a wide range of continuous and non-continuous texts". A
companion program by National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) assess each
individual states in the US and their students competency level against the international competitions. The test director, Andreas Schleicher, said that the results "refute the
commonly held hypothesis that China just produces rote learning" and "Large fractions of
these students demonstrate their ability to extrapolate from what they know and apply their
knowledge very creatively in novel situations."

[2] Official PISA Website,2340,en_32252351_32236159_33688954_1_1_1_1,00.html

Monday, March 19, 2012

Becoming “the New Jews”? A Historical Perspective on “Diversity”

Dear Fellow Asian Americans:

46,301 people have voted in the 80-20 EF Survey. Will your vote send it to across the 50,000
minimum to show the INTENSITY of your concerns to the Supreme Court? YOU can do it by
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Asian Americans, "the New Jews"? A Historical Perspective on "Diversity"

After repeated failures at the Court, "racial balancing" proponents rephrased it into an ostensibly
well-intentioned "diversity" program, to be forcefully implemented through "racial preferences".
After all, how can anyone be against "diversity"?

However, even an ardent supporter of "racial preferences" such as Kevin Carey found the current
practice troubling: "Elite colleges too often meet their diversity goals by enrolling minority
students from privileged backgrounds while offering few spots to poor students of any kind.
Meanwhile, some appear to have dusted off their "don't admit too many Jews" playbooks
from the 1920s in order to limit Asian enrollment, AGAIN on the grounds of "diversity,"
since, to the white people who run things in this country, people of Chinese, Japanese, Korean,
Cambodian, Thai, Malaysian, Vietnamese, Filipino, and various other origins apparently all kind
of seem the same."

"Academically outstanding", "economically successful", "politically inactive", "socially
awkward", "meek" "invisible" "not well rounded". Are we talking about Asian stereotype? No,
these are the same descriptions heaped on the Jews 90 years ago to limit Jewish college
enrollment. Indeed Asian Americans has become "the New Jews" [1].

A comparison between Jewish and Asian Americans in higher education offers some historical
perspectives that the high ideal of "diversity" was often used as a pretense to further not-so-lofty
institutional objectives. From 1900-1950, academically proficient Jewish students were
considered a "problem" by the elite schools, and their population had to be kept at ~10% through
the application of "geographic diversification" policy [2]. Today, through their political
activism, Jewish students are no longer classified as a minority, and are allowed to compete on a
merit basis. Currently, ~25% of the students in some elite schools are Jewish [3] out of a total
Jewish American population of 6 million. In a26 contrast, ~17% of the students in the elite schools
are Asian [4], out of a total Asian American population of 15 million. Asian Americans are a
minority, whose percentage has been rather consistently managed to be below ~20% through the
application of a "racial diversification" policy. The irony is that the higher presence of Jewish
students does not appear to diminish campus diversity.

The Jewish example is a good template for two reasons: (1) All people should be allowed to
compete based on broadly-defined individual merits, without harmful effect to "diversity". (2)
Group status could only be improved through political activism. By taking the 80-20 EF survey
and bringing the issue to the Supreme Court, we are writing history together!

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The 80-20 Collective Leadership


[1] "The Price of Admission", by D. Golden (Three River Press, 2006), "the New Jews" are covered in Chapter 7.
[2] "The Chosen, the Hidden History of Admission and Exclusion at Harvard, Yale and Princeton" by J. Karabel
(Mariner Books, 2006), "the Jewish Problem" are covered in Chapters 3 & 4.
[3], % of Jewish students in some Ivy League school are: Columbia 30%, Yale 27%, Harvard
25%, U Penn 25% Cornell 23%, and Brown 22%.
[4] "Do colleges Redline Asian-Americans" by Kara Miller, Boston Globe, Feb 8, 2010.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

A 450 Point SAT Gap: Large Racial Preferences Hurt All College Applicants, Including the Intended Beneficiaries

Dear Fellow Asian Americans:

41,483 people have shown the courage of their conviction by taking the 80-20 EF Survey. We
need 9,000 more votes to show the INTENSITY of your concerns. A 50,000 total would
impress the Supreme Court, as few issues in the US can mobilize an equivalent 1 million people
when projected to the general population (of which Asian Americans are 5%)

Send it across the finish line. YOU can do it by ensuring your spouse, youths, parents, friends,
and colleagues all VOTE. (Permanent residents and citizens only)

Take the Survey NOW! Do Your Part to Improve our Destiny.

Is the racial preferences in college admission merely a "tie breaker", a "nudge factor",
and "one in many" consideration?

The "National Study of College Experience" (NSCE) project conducted over 9000 student
interviews. Princeton sociologist Thomas Espenshade performed rigorous regression analysis on
the vast NSCE database and released the empirical findings in his 2009 book [1], which was
widely cited by the news media: To receive equal consideration by elite colleges, Asian
Americans must outperform Whites by 140 points, Hispanics by 280 points, Blacks by 450
points in SAT (Total 1600). The result is not a simplistic test score comparison: The
differences have been controlled for other variables such as sex, citizenship, athlete and legacy
status, # of AP tests and SAT II test, GPA, class rank, National merit scholar status, and high
school type.

We believe college admission policy should reflect the common American ideal of Equal
Opportunity, afforded to every individual through the "Equal Protection Clause" in the 14th
Amendment of the US Constitution. The admission policy should not discriminate against any
group of people for innate collective characteristics, such as race and ethnicity, which an
individual can NOT change. Instead, it should be firmly based on individual merit, which is to
be broadly defined to include academic qualifications necessary for successful college learning,
and personal character strengths such as perseverance, hardworking ethic, leadership skills, and
individual initiative to overcome adverse conditions, such as those imposed by socioeconomic

Race, ethnicity and national origin ar daf e PROTECTED categories in the US constitution, for good
reasons. In a job interview, if you ask a candidate's race, you could be sued and your company
could be investigated for racial discrimination under the "Equal Protection Clause". Why is
college admission so different? Not only the race question MUST be asked, you MUST answer
(or your last name would be Googled to determine your race), and your answer MUST be used
as the basis for differential treatment. Is this not institutionalized reverse discrimination?

Furthermore, large racial preferences also hurt the intended beneficiaries. It imposes an
"academic mismatch" among the admitted students, reducing the efficiency and quality of
classroom instruction to all students, and leading to academically weaker students to self-
segregate into less challenging classes, thereby reducing classroom diversity [2]. The US Civil
Right Commission issued a 2010 report about the disconcerting role of racial preferences played
in undermining minority graduation in science and engineering programs [3]. In professions
where universal qualification exams are required, such as legal service, higher numbers of
"racially preferred" students entering the law schools did not lead to an increased numbers of
"racially preferred" lawyers because of the high attrition rate [4]. Large racial preferences
were also found to hurt the minority pipeline to academia [5].

It is time to do what every other developed nation does, which is NOT to even ask
the race question in college application.

Please join 80-20 TODAY. Go to     
Or send your check to:      80-20 PAC   13337 South St. #189   Cerritos,   CA 90703.   
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The 80-20 Collective Leadership


[1] "No Longer Separate, Not Yet Equal: Race and Class in Elite College Admission and
Campus Life" by Thomas Espenshade (Princeton University Press, 2009)
[2] "The Role of Ethnicity in Choosing and Leaving Science in Highly Selective Institutions", R.
Elliott et. al. 37 Research in Higher Education 681 (1996)
[3] "Encouraging Minority Students to Pursue Science, Technology, Engineering and Math
Careers", US Commission on Civil Rights, Briefing Report, Oct 2010.
[4] "Are Black/White Disparities in Graduation and Passing the Bar Getting Worse, or Better?"
by R. Sander. sander_2_black_.html
[5] "The Occupational Choices of High-Achieving Minority Students" (Harvard University Press

Thursday, March 08, 2012

Restore the Dignity of Your Asian Names: 35481 voted!

Dear Fellow Asian Americans:

35481 Asian Americans have spoken in 10 days, voted 31:1 FOR a race-neutral, merit-based college admission. Please mobilize your friends to take this 80-20 EF SURVEY, projecting your voice to the Supreme Court!

80-20 will advocate YOUR choice to the Supreme Court and elected officials.

Inaction will prolong the sad reality outlined below. If each forward and get ten more people to vote, we will prevail.

Why care? Ask which world do you prefer to live in?

o The high ideal
"I have a dream that my four children will one day live in a nation where they will NOT be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character."
-Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

o The harsh college reality
"I had a 3.7 undergraduate GPA. As an Asian I didn't qualify for loans or grants as I was not an 'under-rep' minority so worked 3 jobs to get through school. One of them was to tutor 'under-rep' minorities that usually had GPA in the 1's and 2's and had an overall graduation rate of 30%. Just lowering the bar to absolute rock bottom to meet diversity quotas is absolutely, positively absurd. …. Fix the problem in K-12 because it's pointless by college." -BrandonH, St. Louis

Currently, the prevailing college admission policy artificially places highly qualified Asian Am. applicants to compete against each other rather than against the general pool of all applicants, instilling such a fear that many Asian Americans hide their own racial identity in application. Will we survive as a minority if our youths feel that way? If we don't fight back, the status quo will remain.

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Four noble individuals have joined as our newest life members, we are honored to have you.
Larry Shen & Sally Wu, San Diego, CA $1500
Donald Hu, Norwalk, CA $1000
Harry Xu, Allendale, NJ $1000


The 80-20 Collective Leadership

5700 people of all races commented on 'Some Asian's College Strategy: Don't check "Asian"'

o "I used to be a faculty representative on a college admissions committee and when students either didn't mark a racial category or marked "other" or "decline to state", I saw admissions officers Google the surnames and then write an ethnic identify in pencil on the non-compliant applicant form. The committee then divided the applicants into piles for quotas based on the affirmative action goals. The point was always made that the percentage of each racial/ethnic group must mirror the percentage in "the community." Political correctness has ruined high education in this country, provided degrees to young people who can't read, write, and do arithmetic; and denied admission to hundreds of people"

o "Rewarding mediocrity in the US for whatever reason has allowed other countries to catch up."

o "Why doesn't the NBA do this to make sure there are enough white and Latino and Asian players?"

o "Asians are not smarter, they just have parents who hold them to high standards, read to them instead of using the TV as a babysitter when they were young, and encourage them to learn."

o "I am from Canada. I don't remember seeing any race boxes on our college/university application forms. America is so obsessed with race."

o "I live in Europe, and not one question on our letters of application for colleges asked for race."

o "Asians who are stereotyped as boring academic robots...."

o "Compete, by improving yourself, not by tearing others down!"

o "If the United States is a melting pot why is it necessary to identify each ingredient? "

o "The irony is that the progressives of yesterday have left us with a legacy of oppression."

o "Asians are unfortunately, too much of a minority to be a politically correct minority."

o "I checked the Asian box once applying to UIUC champaign IL and it was the biggest mistake of my life."

o "True diversity: celebrating the differences instead of equalizing everything."

o "In the name of "diversity" and feel-good "multiculturalism," universities are watering down
standards by imposing what is effectively a race-based quota system for admissions."

o "Affirmative is just #$%$ - I am black and very good in my job…People are always going to
wonder if I got my position because of race, and it's very frustrating. Let's all get rid race in..."

o "I consented to my daughter using my ex-wife's family surname so she could claim to be
Hispanic. Says a lot about the sad state of America."

o "Asians excel academically and economically because they have not adopted the "group
victimhood" mentality"

o "I'm half Puerto Rican and half Irish-German. My college adviser told me to only check the
Hispanic box"

o "Martin Luther King and civil rights movement argued only for equality, not special rights."

o "I'm black and I'd be mad as heck if another brotha or sista whose scores weren't up to par but
was accepted to a top notch school instead of the student ( white, asian or whatever) who busted
their tail and worked hard..."

o "What about the old complaint that the SAT is designed favorably toward white students?"

o "Some of those same schools tried to limit us Jews in the past. So more of us changed our
names... Asians often have surnames with some ancestral significance and it would be a shame
for them to resort to the same thing."

o "How dare some people do better than others! - America - no longer believes in equal rights-
but strongly believes in equal outcome- despite effort and ability."

o "Sometimes I feel like I got into the program by the fact that they need diversity. Well I guess
that's how the professor made me feel all the time."

o "I'm half Spanish/Filipino so I checked 'Hispanic' instead of 'Asian/Pacific Islander.' Why
compete with other Asians when I can be a grossly underrepresented … Hispanic?"

o "So what do I do if I'm 100% Asian? 100% screwed?"

o "…Some minorities are more equal than others."

o "Stop dumbing down America."

o "Education, ultimately, should free us from all forms of discrimination...but when educators
does it?... help!!!!"

o "…institutionalized reverse racism"

o "Education in this country is not about education, but politics. We undermine our own best,
and then we wonder why we are losing our competitive edge in the world."

o "African Americans…we are bullied by the losers in our families and community who want
to keep us down at their level by saying being smart is trying to be white or "the white man
ain't gonna let you get ahead anyway."

Please join 80-20 TODAY. Go to
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