Thursday, September 25, 2008

CALL TO ACTION - America respects fighters‏

2008 shall be OUR year.

We got the commitments from Obama/Biden. More importantly, we got the candidates who can win the November election to honor their commitments to us.

However, we can't just sit back & watch. We must HELP Obama/Biden win. They need help in the battleground states (BGS) of
Florida, Missouri, New Hampshire, Ohio, Nevada & Colorado.

Whether you reside in BGS or not, you can help:

1) HELP S. B. WOO reach the Asian Americans who live in BGS.
Send S. B. the email addresses of people living in the BGS including your own if you live in a BGS. Group the email addresses, according to states and email to Even one e-address shall be appreciated. If S. B. gets one from each of the 700,000 on 80-20's list, he'll get 700,000 BGS Asian Am. email addresses.

2) VOLUNTEER to collect e-mail address in BGS for S. B.
E-mail S. B. your name, so that he'll know who are his great Captains in order to thank you personally & publicly. Send him your collected e-addresses in BGS ASAP. It will be FANTASTIC.
Remember the irrefutable evidence of discrimination against us in the workplaces that is shown in The Washington Post ad, which was entered into the Congressional Record? How could it have happened without arousing our outrage? Have we been too passive and timid? YOU can address that issue starting now. Join the CALL TO ACTION!

History beckons. Be an Equality Marcher who works to induce America to accept Asian American as equals, in words and in DEEDS. Your grandchildren may one day look at you and say "Wow."

Look up your address book NOW! I await your email.


S. B. Woo
Member, Executive Comm., 80-20 PAC, Inc.

PS If you really can't help with my search for e-addresses in BGS, and yet want to help, then please donate to Obama by visiting . Tell us that you have done so. Thanks. :-)