Thursday, April 01, 1999

A Blueprint for Equal Opportunity for AsAms

Here we show how we can win equal opportunity.

AAs voted slightly in favor of Bush in 1992 and slightly in favor of Clinton in 1996. So long as an immigrant "underclass" votes roughly 50-50, no politician will bother to help the group win equal opportunity. To politicians, paying attention to a small constituent group that votes roughly 50-50 is like entering a small business deal with a puny margin of profit. On the other hand, courting a small immigrant group capable of delivering 80-20 is like chasing a small business deal with a huge profit margin of 60%. (The 80% vote obtained by the courting politician minus the 20% vote taken by the opponent yields a net gain of 60% of votes of that constituent group.)

Hence, if we unite to vote 80-20, a very different picture emerges.

AAs are strategically located. AAs represent 6.5% of the voters in CA -- the state with the largest electoral college votes and early primary in the presidential election of 2000. CA is a must for any presidential candidate in year 2000. Winning the March, 2000 CA primary creates so much momentum that it may be tantamount to winning the party nomination. Furthermore, CA has 54 electoral votes -- 20% of what's needed to be the next president.

If we'll unite to SWING to either political party at an 8 to 2 ratio in year 2000, we will be the equivalent of not only a business deal with a huge profit margin but also the make-or-break deal that tips the scale in the fight for market shares. We shall be courted by politicians of both parties IMMEDIATELY, and with that we can win EQUAL OPPORTUNITY for us and our children!

We envisioned a two-stage process in forging unity with the AA community. Uniting the Chinese American community first and then approach the other AA communities to form, as EQUAL partners, a Pan Asian American Committee (PAAC).

More than 90% of the 45,000 As-Ams. we approached become strong or moderate supporters. The Filipino-Am. community has formed a coalition with us. The Korean-Am. and the Pakistani-Am. community are considering doing the same.

November 2000 is around the corner. Will we succeed? THAT DEPENDS ON YOU! If you'll step up and say "COUNT ME IN", your children and grandchildren will thank you.

Sincerely (members of Steering Comm., titles for ID purposes only)

Alex Esclamado, Nat'l President, Filipino-Am. Political Assoc.Kenneth Fong, C.E.O., Clontech Laboratories,Yu-Chi Ho, Harvard Univ., member of Nat'l Acad. of Engineering, Stephen S. Ko, MD, Founder of Asian Am. Political Coalition N.J. Michael Lin, former Nat'l President, Org. of Ch-Ams (1994-98), Henry Tang, Chair , Committee of 100, Chang-Lin Tien, Chancellor, Univ. of Calif., Berkeley (1991-97), Dennis Wong, former Chair, San Francisco-Taipei Sister City Comm., Charles Woo, President, Magatoy, and S. B. Woo, Lieutenant Governor of Delaware (1985-89)