Saturday, December 16, 2017

80-20 PAC 2017-18 Membership Drive – Building Our Own Political Power

Our home is here...let's build our own political power
Do you have personal experience of being treated unfairly at your work place?

Have your children been treated unfairly in their college application?

Do you have a dream to realize your fullest potential in your career?
Please join or give to 80-20 PACTogether we will fight for equal opportunities in this country that we call home.

Happy Holidays!
Yin-Long Qiu, Co-coordinator,

Kathleen To, Co-coordinator,

80-20 PAC

Saturday, December 09, 2017

80-20 PAC 2017-18 Membership Drive - A Special Time to Join

A Brand New Board and All Officers Elected – A Special Time to Join!
We are pleased to announce that our 2017 board and officer election has been successfully completed. 
Please see below the final vote counts. The names in RED are the 14 elected board members. The top 9 vote recipients will serve a 2-year term and the other 6 members will serve a 1-year term.

Officers elected: President - Joel Wong, Secretary - Kathleen To, Treasurer - Jing-li Yu, and Nomination Committee Chair - Ved Chaudhary
Please NOTE
1. Yin-Long Qiu yielded his position of Nomination Committee Chair to Ved Chaudhary.
2. Harold Brueckner declined to serve.

Total votes: 160

1 Yes=30 (=18.75 %); Candidate 0, Upendra Chivukula President Candidate 
2 Yes=128 (=80.00 %); Candidate 1, Joel Wong (incumbent director)  President 
3 Yes=22 (=13.75 %); Candidate 2, Harold Brueckner Secretary Candidate 
4 Yes=136 (=85.00 %); Candidate 3, Kathleen To (incumbent officer)  Secretary 
5 Yes=53 (=33.13 %); Candidate 4, Tony Nakazawa Treasurer Candidate 
6 Yes=102 (=63.75 %); Candidate 5, Jing-Li Yu Treasurer 
7 Yes=62 (=38.75 %); Candidate 6, Ved Chaudhary Chair, Nominations Candidate 
8 Yes=90 (=56.25 %); Candidate 7, Yin-Long Qiu Chair, Nominations 
9 Yes=123 (=76.88 %); Candidate 8, Piyush Agrawal (incumbent)  Director Candidate 
10 Yes=65 (=40.63 %); Candidate 9, Sudha Agrawal Director Candidate 
11 Yes=86 (=53.75 %); Candidate 10, Harold Brueckner Director Candidate 
12 Yes=124 (=77.50 %); Candidate 11, Ved Chaudhary (incumbent)  Director Candidate 
13 Yes=99 (=61.88 %); Candidate 12, Upendra Chivukula Director Candidate 
14 Yes=121 (=75.63 %); Candidate 13, Jose Esteves (incumbent)  Director Candidate 
15 Yes=121 (=75.63 %); Candidate 14, Tony Nakazawa (incumbent)  Director Candidate 
16 Yes=141 (=88.13 %); Candidate 15, Yin-Long Qiu (incumbent  Director Candidate 
17 Yes=104 (=65.00 %); Candidate 16, Munsup Seoh Director Candidate 
18 Yes=83 (=51.88 %); Candidate 17, Mukta Sharma Director Candidate 
19 Yes=91 (=56.88 %); Candidate 18, Victor Swaroop Director Candidate 
20 Yes=138 (=86.25 %); Candidate 19, Kathleen To (incumbent)  Director Candidate 
21 Yes=119 (=74.38 %); Candidate 20, Ching-Chang Tsai Director Candidate 
22 Yes=133 (=83.13 %); Candidate 21, Joel Wong (incumbent)  Director Candidate 
23 Yes=132 (=82.50 %); Candidate 22, George Yang (incumbent)  Director Candidate 
24 Yes=139 (=86.88 %); Candidate 23, Jing-Li Yu (incumbent)  Director Candidate

PLEASE join us at this exciting time in the history of 80-20 PAC!
Yin-Long Qiu, Co-coordinator,
Kathleen To, Co-coordinator,

80-20 PAC

Saturday, December 02, 2017

80-20 PAC 2017-18 Membership Drive - Giving Back to Society

 80-20 is a national, nonpartisan, Political Action Committee dedicated to winning equal opportunity and justice for all Asian Americans
Giving Back to Society & Building Our Own Community
December is a month when most well-established professionals, as well as those who recently found new or better jobs, think of giving back something to the society that has given us so much. This is even more true of us, the Asian Americans, the recent immigrants, because we are the New Americans and this society has given us so much, no doubt. 

Some of us who came to these shores decades ago, have realized our American Dream. However, there are also many who found that although we do have jobs and are paid well, we never achieved the potential we had due to the invisible glass ceiling all around us. Similarly, many of our children got admissions to Harvard, Yale, Stanford or Princeton, but we also know that many of our well deserving students have been denied admission to the Ivies, while less qualified students have been admitted instead. 

The reason: While Asian Americans are called a model minority due to our hard work ethic and success in education, professions and business, we are not a model minority when it comes to participating in democracy or giving back to the society. We lack in these matters.

So, if you want to do your part, and give back to a cause that would improve the system of justice for everyone and by doing so, improve the system of fairness and justice for all Asian Americans, look no further.  80-20 is that organization. It's politically astute and working hard to achieve equality for all Asian Americans.

Please help 80-20 to help yourself, your children, your grandchildren, and future generations to come - by making a level playing field for all Asian Americans in this country.

What 80-20 does for you and yours, takes a lot of effort. Getting the political establishment and the media to pay attention to Asian American issues is not easy. But we have turned the corner. This year we have received a lot of good press, exposing the Asian American students’ plight, and exposing the duplicity of Harvard, Princeton, and other Ivies.

But change does not happen in a year or two. It requires sustained effort for the long haul.

We need your support. Please Donate. Become a member, orenew your membership Today.
Ved Chaudhary
Board Member & Life Member
80-20 National Asian American PAC