Friday, July 18, 2008

80-20 Cause the "Milestone" in UCLA's Report?‏

UCLA's Press release of July 3,2008 stated:
"Super Tuesday of the 2008 presidential primary was a milestone in the emergence of Asian Americans as a factor in American politics."

Question: Did 80-20 cause that milestone?
Answer: Yes.

Q: Do you have evidence?
A: 4 irrefutable evidences. 80-20 challenges anyone who disagrees with the evidences.

1) 80-20 is the only Asian Am. organization that has ever advocated an AsAm bloc vote.

2) 80-20 has the knowhow and the work ethic to create that bloc vote. 7 months before Super Tuesday, 80-20 already predicted the "MILESTONE." 80-20 sent a newsletter to its 700,000 supporters entitled "Political Secrets II: AsAms, the Kingmakers in CA Primary." To verify, visit

3) On 2/4/08, 80-20 sent a newsletter entitled "Advice On Who To Vote For Tomorrow." It said, " In California, do a bloc vote for Sen. Clinton." It went on to predict that we'll cast a bloc vote in CA for Clinton "stronger than that of the Hispanics." Result? AsAm voted 3 to 1 for Sen. Clinton, while Hispanics voted 2 to 1 only.

4) CNN recognized 80-20's contribution to that MILESTONE. Visit

Of course 80-20 had help. 80-20's California affiliates like CAPA, CBC, CPAC and APAPA helped. The large number of Asian Am. elected officials in CA, who've endorsed Clinton, helped. Together, under the leadership of 80-20, we produced this "MILESTONE."

To non-80-20 members:
80-20 has served you greatly. It set a vision to make AsAms a factor in American politics. It worked tirelessly for YOU to deliver the vision. Will you encourage us by joining as dues paying members? Does $35 or $50 mean that much to you? As UCLA's Press release says "still more can be done." Go

80-20 is gutsy, knowledgeable in politics, and dedicated to you. Be pioneers! Help make the "awaken sleeping giant" even stronger. Share the burden.

Respectfully yours,

S. B. Woo Member, Exec. Comm., 80-20 PAC, Inc.