Tuesday, May 27, 2003

Parents who don't speak English can be citizens!

Do you have parents who don't speak English? Do they want to attain citizenship? If so, there are four possible exceptions to the rule of taking an English test.

The following information was provided through the courtesy of Jon Wu, Attorney at Law, who specializes in immigration law:
650 N. San Mateo Drive
San Mateo, CA 94401

The literacy requirements does not apply to any person
(1) with "physical or developmental disability or mental impairment," or
(2) over 50 and have had a green card for over twenty years, or
(3) over 55 and have had a green card for over 15 years.

In addition, the Attorney General may give "special consideration, as determined by the Attorney General," to any person who is over the age of 65 and have had a green card for over 20 years.

The sections of the Immigration and Nationality Act are: 312(b)(2)(A) and section 312(b)(2)(B). [INA: act 312 - requirements as to understanding the English language, history, principles, and form of government of the united states sec. 312. [8 u.s.c. 1423]

ANNOUNCEMENT: China Press (Chao Pao) will be publishing a
series of three articles on 80-20 on May 29, 30, and 31.

According to its Special Correspondent Ms. Dajiu Li, its "newspaper will use three almost full pages to publish this article on the special page 'news pursuit'. The article has about 20,000 words in Chinese and about 12 pictures. The articles tell what 80-20 has done for the Asian community, the reason 80-20 had been founded ...." "The article will explain why 80-20 wishes to get 80% of the APA voters to vote for one candidate. The articles will appear on May 29, 30, and 31."

Thursday, May 22, 2003

No Free Lunch/ Good NEWS

Hi. 80-20 is the ONLY organization of its kind in our community.
If you deem it as uniquely effective in serving our community's
needs, and if you can afford it, then please join 80-20 as a member.
There is no free lunch.

Winning equal opportunity in workplaces for YOU & YOUR
CHILDREN is a BIG job. A lot of 80-20 volunteers and
members have born a lot of sacrifice. These dedicated supporters
have accomplished the following:
http://www.80-20initiative.net/unity1.html . With YOUR support,
we can win equal opportunity and justice for our children.

We look to you to be a role model.

1. Honorary Family Life** (2 votes) -- $10,000
2. Honorary Life** -- $5,000
3. Family life** (2 votes) -- $1,500
4. Life** -- $1000
5. Family (for couples only, 2 votes) -- $50
6. Basic (1 vote) -- $35
** Members' names in permanent display on 80-20's web site. See
http://www.80-20initi ative.net/members.html .

Any US citizen or P.R. can be a member, using a credit card,
visit http://www.80-20initiative.net/membership.html or
PERSONAL checks are payable to "80-20 PAC", mailed to:
Jing-Li Yu
80-20 special Assistant
43-34 Union St., Apt. 6-d
Flushing, NY 11355-7042
Write down your E-MAIL address & PHONE no. in the BACK of the
check. Thank you.

- - - - - - GOOD NEWS
(1) 80-20's Boston Chapter was formed on 5/17/03, with more than 25
members including two Life Members. It "interim" officers are:
PRESIDENT: Grace Shieh, VICE PRESIDENT: Chi-Chen Chang,
TREASURER: Tj. Ong-Dahl, & SECRETARY: Andrew Li.

(2) 80-20 has filled 2 of its 3 intern positions. Their names are Denise
Wong of Columbia, Missouri and Ling Bob Hsia of Richmond, VA.
Both are National Merit Scholars and each had a huge amount of
extracurricular activities. They are truly among the best and the
brightest of our youths. 80-20 is privileged to have them.

Friday, May 16, 2003

A Shining Example of Overcoming SARS Hysteria

For Immediate Release May 16, 2003
Contact Persons: Amy Chin (no. deleted)
S. B. Woo (no deleted)

The New York Chinese Cultural Center (NYCCC) and The 80-20
Initiative (80-20) jointly announced today that a potentially
dangerous precedent
against all persons of Chinese descent in the US
has been turned into a positive and inspiring precedent.

On May 4, five artists sent by NYCCC to a middle school in Vineland,
NJ were denied the opportunity to perform their contractual duties at
the school owing to fear over SARS. The five have not been to "SARS
affected areas" in the last two years, and the school knew about it in
advance. Should this hysteria over SARS have been allowed to stand
and spread, extreme harm could come to all persons of Chinese
descent in the USA. Fortunately, under the inspiring leadership of
Superintendent Clarence C. Hoover, III and Assistant Superintendent
Mary Adair of the Vineland School District, the bad incident has been
turned into an inspiring and positive precedent of how to overcome
the SARS hysteria.

Dr. Hoover said, "As the Superintendent of the Vineland Public
Schools, I am making a public apology to all of these performers ...
He also said that the unfortunate incident will be used by the School
District as "a teachable moment." He said, "Over the next several
weeks, we will be working with our schools to heighten public
awareness of SARS and .. to create a climate of understanding

The artists will be paid for the week as contracted. Their program will
be re-scheduled if not this semester, then the next semester.

Amy Chin, Executive Director of NYCCC, said, "I am happy to report to
our community that this incident has been resolved to our Center's
complete satisfaction. I want to acknowledge the enlightened
leadership of Dr. Hoover and others. I also want to thank The 80-20
Initiative for its support to the Center and the Chinese community
during this episode. In addition, the outpouring of letters and calls
from concerned individuals and organizations from folks across the
country has been very heartwarming for me and all the artists. This
incident has truly strengthened our community in untold ways."

S. B. Woo, President of 80-20 and former Lieutenant Governor of
Delaware said, "It was a pleasure working with leaders like Amy Chin
and Dr. Hoover. 80-20 is glad to see that the school incident in
Vineland has turned into a shining example for the nation in how to
deal with hysteria of SARS scare. I hope our community will keep the
reports on the satisfactory resolution of this incident on hand.
another incident of SARS hysteria occurs elsewhere in America, send
them the newspaper articles or this press release. Hopefully,
overreacting persons or organizations will quickly realize their
mistakes and make proper amends. However, 80-20 will continue to
be vigilant in protecting our community against SARS hysteria

Wednesday, May 14, 2003

Is 80-20 a Front for the Democratic Party?


1. Is 80-20 a front for the Democratic Party?

No. 80-20 is non-partisan. Its strategy is to induce
Democratic & Republican Parties to compete in serving our
rightful interests. The party that helps our community the most,
get 80-20's help in the presidential election.

2. Didn't 80-20 endorsed Gore, a Democrat, in the 2000 election?

Yes. It was because the Democratic party had done more for
our community in the preceding 2 years. First, Pres. Clinton had
appointed the historic first APA cabinet member, Norm Mineta.
Second, the Dems. were more supportive of immigration and anti-
hate crime legislations. Both are important to the APA community.
Thirdly, Gore wrote 80-20 to state that he would strongly support
80-20's specific programs designed to win equal opportunity and
equal justice for APAs, should he become the President, but Bush
didn't. Bush sent an indirect letter to 80-20 filled with general

3. Isn't 80-20's President, S. B. Woo a Democrat?

No. S.B. Woo is now registered as an Independent. He has
also announced never to run for an office or accept a federal
government appointment .

4. Why has 80-20 criticized the Republican Party so often?

Not often. Only twice since 2000. Both because the
Republican Party deserved it. The first time was when Senator
Lott reminisced about the good old days of segregation. The
second time was when Congressman Coble said that the
internment of Japanese Americans during WW II was proper. If
80-20 didn't spring to action during those incidents, 80-20 would
be guilty of not doing its job for our community.

5. Has 80-20 ever criticized the Democratic Party?

Yes. In 80-20's e-mail message of 10/2/02, entitled "Senator
Torricelli/ David Chang/ Asia Gate," we stated "John Huang raised
$3,000,000 from our community for the Democratic Party. Result?
Our community got trashed instead of gained political clout."

6. Has 80-20 ever praised the Republican Party?

Yes. In a 11/12/02 e-mail, entitled "Stopping Racist Attacks ­
Unity Is Power," 80-20 stated: "Since the 2000 election, the
Republican Party has served APA interests well in two
particular aspects
. First, President Bush has appointed more APAs
to significant federal level positions than President Clinton. Second,
GOP's immediate rejection of its own candidate owing to her racist
attack on an APA candidate was exemplary. The Democratic Party
may have some things to learn from the Republican Party
in these aspects.

7. Why did some APA Republican leaders describe 80-20
as a "front for the Democratic Party?"

If and when 80-20 endorses the Republican presidential nominee,
APA Dem. leaders will describe 80-20 as "a front for the Republican
Party." Such things come with the turf. :-)

8. Is 80-20 trying to distance itself from the Democratic Party
through this e-mail now?

No. 80-20 will continue to pressure both political parties to
respond to our rightful concerns. The response of the Republican
leadership to our concern over Congressman Howard Coble is
unsatisfactory. 80-20 will continue to press for the desired result.
Note that to be effective in politics in America, one must use
"carrots and sticks."

Wednesday, May 07, 2003

What Has 80-20 Done for Us?

Hi! Will you join 80-20 as a dues paying member, if you can afford
it please? Here is what 80-20 has done for YOU and OUR children.
Please read it. Give 80-20 a fair hearing!

S. B. Woo
President, 80-20PAC, Inc.

(For all details visit: http://www.80-20initiative.net/unity1.html )

A. Effective In Standing Up for Our Community:

1. 10/27/00: 80-20 single-handedly forced the infamous "Daisy TV Ad"
off the air. The ad fanned "yellow peril," and was aired by a
Republican group in the Mid-West region. Time required: 1 day
2. 2/22/02: Induced the second and serious apology from The Seattle
Times regarding Michelle Kwan. Timed required: 8 days
3. 4/17/02: Induced Abercrombie and Fitch to take its new line of 4 T-
shirts, that denigrated the APA community, off the market. Time
required: 3 hours
4. 12/16/02: Induced the Republican Senate Caucus to take a re-vote
on Sen. Lott's leadership position. Time required: 6 hours, although
80-20 probably only functioned as the "last straw" in this matter.

B. Effective in Empowering Our Community Politically

1. 12/27/00: Urged the Bush Administration to appoint an APA
cabinet member. 2 days later, Vice President Cheney approached
Norman Mineta.
2. 6/9/02: Urged the community to display flags on July 4th to help
erase the "foreigners" image. 80-20 spent big $$ to buy ads in
radio, and newspapers in big cities with large APA population to get
the message out. By now, our community's growing tendency to
display flags to identify with America is quite evident.

C. Effective in Protecting Our Community's Political Candidates & Scientists

1. 5/1/02: 80-20 publicized a warning to political candidates who
would mount racist attack on APA candidates, stating that such an
attack would bring 80-20 into the election campaign. Result: 100%
success in the general election of 2002.
2. 2/6/03: Announced a policy to protect APA scientists from trumped
up charges and abusive government investigative techniques that
fail to stand up in court. Such a result will cause 80-20 to join
the victim in suing the government for damages. No such cases have
popped up since.
3. 4/17/03: A policy to stop biased media reports relating to SARS/Spy
from spreading in the mainstream media. Result: too soon to

D. Fighting Harder, When the Pressure Is On -- The Coble Case

This is another area where 80-20 may be uniquely valuable to YOU.
80-20 doesn't just issue press releases to condemn this and
that, and end up meekly walking away when ignored or mocked
by the offending organizations or individuals. 80-20 increases the
pressure & fights on until the job is done. Thus far every case 80-20
has taken up has ended satisfactorily. For the ongoing Coble case, see
details via http://www.80-20initiative.net/coble1.html.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
For decades, our community yearned to have an org. like the 80-20.
Now that the seed has been planted and a small tree has taken hold
bearing a few fruits, your money or time is the water to nurture it
into a big tree

Basic (1 vote) -- $35
Family (Two names to get 2 votes) -- $50
Life (name permanently display on web site) -- $1000
Using a credit card, go
http://www.80-20initiative.net/membership.html or
PERSONAL checks are payable to "80-20 PAC", mailed to:
Jing-Li Yu
80-20 special Assistant
43-34 Union St., Apt. 6-d
Flushing, NY 11355--7042
Write down your E-MAIL address & PHONE no. in the BACK of the
check. Thank you.