Saturday, October 02, 2010

AsAms mad at Jerry Brown

Calls and faxes poured into California Democratic candidate for
Governor, Jerry Brown's headquarters. All saying that if he is unwilling
to share our rightful concerns, then we'll not vote for him or we'll
reconsider our earlier intention to vote for him.

Among the faxes copied to me, there are many very thoughtful
observations and comments:

1) . . . Even Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama had time to answer our
questionnaire when they ran, why not you?

2) . . . Lacking in energy at your age?

3) . . . Even if your office are too busy to fill out the questionnaire prepared
by (80-20 California Coalition), would you please address those grievances
in your own way and say what Mr. Brown is prepared to do to relieve the
grievances stated in the questionnaire, if elected?

4) . . . If you lack resource and time for appropriately responding our
request, then I don't think you will have time and energy to take care us in
the future.

Please keep on calling Jerry Brown's headquarters 510 628-0202 or

faxing 510 629-0909. Keep up the pressure. Let Jerry Brown know that
Asian Ams will not tolerate being treated as tokens today. We are NOT like
the olden days when he was the Governor from 1975 to 1983.

We heard that there may be a Brown event in LA on Oct. 8th aiming at
Asian Americans. We may organize a demonstration at that event.
Those of you who may want to participate in the demonstration, please let
me know. Also share you ideas with me about that event.

Do your share! Together we shall overcome.

Many also asked for Meg Whitman's phone and fax numbers to
urge her to reply quickly & positively. They are (T) 408-400-3887
(F) 408-404-3826.

Meg Whitman is still silent. But Brown has already said NO to us.
See Brown's answer at .


S. B. Woo (a volunteer)
Acting President, 80-20 PAC, Inc.