Thursday, October 21, 2010

The BIG PICTURE in coming election

[A] So much has happened that some of us have lost sight of the BIG
a) what 80-20 is all about and
b) why Asian Am. voters in CA should vote for Meg Whitman.

Here is a summary.

80-20 is endorsing carte blanche ALL Democratic US congress and
senate candidates in this election.

Jobs, economy, housing, and recovery are important problems, but
AsAm equality is the most important and urgent issue for 80-20.

Brown ignored us; Whitman signed letter pledging AsAm equality.

The question we should ask is NOT "Who can be the better
Governor?" BUT "Which Governor is better for Asian Americans in
our quest to become equal citizens?

Finally, if WE don't put our Asian Am interests forefront and
foremost, then WHO WILL???

80-20 thanks CAPA, a big political organization in CA's Bay area, for its
support of all of 80-20's endorsements. CAPA also asks it supporters to
reflect on these quintessential observations.

[B] 80-20's Great Media Offensive Started !

Click on
to see the newspaper ads in "India West," "Singtao" and "The World
Journal." Also hear the radio ads in Korean, Cantonese & Mandarin.
You can copy them and send them to your friends. More ads are
being added.

[C] From: Google Alerts

(1) "Meg Whitman Announces Endorsement of Influential Asian American
. . . Cupertino." Visit

(2) "Kasich (R, of Ohio) Snubs Influential Asian American Group
Loses Endorsement . . ." 80-20 encourages AsAm to . . cast votes for Gov.
Strickland (D). Click on

Why do both articles used the word "influential" to describe 80-20?
YOU & solidarity did it.

[D] Choice quotes
(Apologies for not using so many great write-ins! SB)

(1) This Democrat has just voted and to be mailed: YES WHITMAN and no
Jerry the once almighty. Of course, NO BROWN. Gary Tang,

(2) Brown's conduct throughout this episode has raised a more
fundamental and troubling question for me: Is he fit for the job? Does he
have the energy, the toughness of mind and judgment to govern,
especially in dealing with the Legislature?
Hilary Hsu, a Life-timeDemocrat & Former Chancellor,
City College of San Francisco

Respectfully yours,

S.B. Woo, a volunteer
Acting President, 80-20 PAC, Inc.