Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Fantastic response on Whitman Endorsement

When Whitman wins, WE win. Why? Henceforth, no one will
ever take Asian Am. voters in CA for granted. This is the empower-
of our community that 80-20 seeks to achieve through
this gubernatorial election.

Fantastic response to 80-20's endorsement of Meg Whitman is still
pouring in.

(1) great job. any help you need let us know. ravji h patel

(2) All my family total of 28 votes have sent the absentee ballots for Ms.
Whitman. David Wong

(3) My wife and I will keep our promises. Meg will get two additional
votes from Democrats. Guopin

(4) My husband and I will vote for whoever 80-20's endorsed. I will
suggest all my Asian friends follow my vote. Thank you for your
hard working. Christine

(5) My absentee ballot was put in the mail today in which Ms. Whitman
got my vote. I am an Independent in San Diego voting for Republican
to support 80-20 that we are in it together. Sherwin Wang

(6) I sent it to a few of my CA friends. I think it is powerful if we all do
the same thing. And if Whitman wins, we win! Great negotiation
power in the future if we do help her win the race. Again, thanks for
what you and 80-20 have done. Shau

(7) After considering your efforts regarding the CA Governor’s race, I will
for the first time be voting for a Republican, Meg Whitman. Thanks
for your effort, James Chen, Santa Barbara

(8) Tim Wu sent to 47 of his CA friends the following message. He also
attached our e-newsletter "80-20 Endorses Republican
Whitman for CA Governor"

" The California election is upon us. It is time to do some soul
searching as to whom has earned our votes. I have never voted
for a Republican in a abf General Election before but there is always
a first time. Go Whitman." Tim Wu

(9) Bob Chang sent to 48 of his friends the following message:

" Dear All :
Enclosed please see the announcement from 80-20 about
endorsing Meg Whiteman for Calif Governor, while Brown
did NOT give a dame to our questionnaire. If you are a CA
resident, please consider a block vote for our children's/grand-
children's sake. If you are NOT, please encourage your friends
in CA to make the right decision.
It's NOW or NEVER. If we do NOT teach Brown a lesson,
there is NO first class citizenship for our descendents in this
country !!! Thanks ! Bob Chang"

(10) Thank you for your forever energy and endless efforts! I have just
sent a request for support email to 197 friends in CA, and
asked them to vote for Whitman and Boxer. Lao Li

I apologize for not publishing all your responses, owing to space
limitations. Reward Whitman while punishing Brown. Solidarity!

Respectfully yours,

S.B. Woo, a volunteer
Acting President, 80-20 PAC, Inc.

PS: Brown called a press conference in Japantown in SF on 10/17 at 9 a.m.
to announce that AsAm Democratic officials are endorsing him. Is that
a surprise or of political value to Brown? [S. B. Woo said rhetorically
to Brown, "Jerry, this is the general election, not a primary. You need
Asian Am. civic groups, Independents, Republicans to endorse you, not
Democratic officials." ] We heard that even AsAm officials only let
Brown use their names but avoided appearing with him. It reveals that
Brown is sweating bullets sensing that he is losing Asian Am. votes fast.
Let that be a lesson to the HIGH AND MIGHTY Brown.