Tuesday, October 05, 2010

AsAms versus Jerry Brown in CA

ALL OF US WILL BECOME EQUAL CITIZENS, if we have the courage to
reward our political friends and punish our foes, instead of selfishly
calculating how it'll benefit "ME"!

Of course, we MUST exercise due diligence to know which politicians
are truly our friends or foes. The ones showering us with sweet words
may not be our friends, nor those with the "right" party affiliation whether
R or D. We look at the DEEDS of a politician.

That is where Jerry Brown comes in. He said he has no time to
answer our questionnaire expressing our concerns -- a BAD SIGN. A
candidate must share its voters' concerns. If Brown is NOT willing to
share our concerns now, he'll NOT share our concerns if he wins
the election.

That brings us to LA. Assemblyman Mike Eng, a friend and an 80-
20 member, who has without knowledge of Brown's unwillingness to
address our concerns, scheduled a rally to appear with Brown in LA to
get Asian Am votes. Upon learning of that rally, 80-20 immediately
emailed Mike to ask him to stop that rally, unless Brown answers
our questionnaire positively.

Mike is working on it. 80-20 expects Mike to refuse the appearance, if
Brown doesn't answer positively. It's time for our political leaders to stop
endorsing candidates, unless there is a concrete benefit back to the

At the worst, 80-20 will organize a demonstration against Brown
in LA on 9/8 (Friday)
. If 80-20 calls for a demonstration, I'll of
course be there.

On a different front, 80-20 rewards it friends. 80-20's Exec Comm. has
authorized $15K to $25K to help get Sen. Boxer elected in CA, because
she responded to 80-20's appeal to recommend Asian Am. jurists to
President Obama.

80-20 has begun an aggressive media buy for the last two weeks of the
election to reward Sen. Boxer and punish Jerry Brown, since he said no to
us first perhaps encouraging Meg Whitman to do the same. In any respect,
hitting both punishes neither. We must punish the one who said NO to us

Mark my word. Even when Brown wins, he'll come court us for his next
election, IF our punishment is effective this time. This is how American
politics works. If Brown answers with all yeses, we'll then swing our army
to confront Whitman.

Watch us. 80-20 fights for you like no other Asian Am. orgs have ever
done in the history of America.

We need 8 more NEW members to receive a $3.5K matching fund. Help!
Go http://www.80-20initiative.net/ . TOGETHER, we shall overcome.
Forward "AsAm versus Brown" to friends pls.

Respectfully yours,

S. B. Woo (a volunteer)
Acting President, 80-20 PAC, Inc