Thursday, September 30, 2010


TO: All Asian Ams. who reside in or have friends in California

It's time to rise and be heard. It is Call To Action!

California is a state that Asian Ams. should enjoy EQUAL opportunity.
We have an 8% share in voting population and a 15% share in general
population -- large enough to be politically effective with the state
government. Right?

Unfortunately, no! Indeed in some areas, CA is worse than other states.

(1) huge % of Asian Am. students in state universities, but only
3.4 % of presidents/Chancellors,
(2) 15% population, but much less % of judges in state courts. Indeed,
in CA Appeals Court - San Francisco, it is 0% among 25 judges, &
(3) The glass ceiling on Asian Am state employees is as low as other

Therefore, 80-20's "California Coalition" has sent a questionnaire (see *) to
the 2 gubernatorial candidates Meg Whitman & Jerry Brown hoping that
their positive answers will assure equal opportunity for Asian Ams in CA.
The candidates were given two weeks to reply, ending on Oct. 3.

Jerry Brown didn't even wait till the deadline to say NO to us. To see his
answer, visit .

This is not tolerable. Let Brown hear our voice, ACT!

Please call Brown's headquarters 510 628-0209 or
Fax 510 628-0909. Don't use email. They normally don't read it. Use
your own words. The contents should be along this line of:

"Dear Mr. Brown:

I urge you to reply positively to the questionnaire from 80-20
California Coalition. Otherwise, I'll reconsider my vote for you
(or I'll vote against you). I'll also tell my friends that I am very
disappointed with you.

Address: City and Zip code"

Has Meg Whitman answered? Not yet. She has till Oct. 3.

Call or fax now. Fax is the always the most effective, because it is weighted
more by political offices. If you don't have a fax machine, please go to which allows you to send a free fax.

After you've faxed or called, send me an email saying "I've done it!"

This is a battle for our EQUAL opportunity. There is no better time than
the election time to get the politicians to listen to us. Act now!
Counting on you.


S. B. Woo (a volunteer)
Acting President, 80-20 PAC. Inc.