Sunday, October 17, 2010

Response to 80-20's endorsement of Whitman

When Whitman wins, WE win. It'll mean the establishment of an
Asian Am. political presence in California. Most Asian Ams, regardless
of thier party affiliation, understand that.

A bloc vote is powerful in helping our children's future. A "swing" bloc
vote that can be delivered to either a Democrat or a Republican depending
on which candidate offering the better commitment to our community,
will help our children's future even more. Most Asian Ams. also
understand that. Evidence?

See some of the responses that are pouring in.

1) Have just voted for Meg Whitman via mail . . . and will thank
her committee for helping 80/20. Janice S, Wong

2) Thank you for all the hard work on behalf of Asian Americans. Due to
80-20's involvement in the California Governor's race, I WILL be voting for
Meg Whitman, although I've been a registered Democrat all my life.
Best wishes and a big thank you to everyone working at 80-20. Please
keep up the excellent work. Wayne Cheng
2601 Main Street, Suite 900, Irvine, CA 92614

3) Great, thank you for your leadership! Sam Wong

4) I have been a member of 80-20 for several years. Although I was
supportive of 80-20, I sensed that there might be a bias of 80-20 to
support Democrats. As a Republican,
I was only willing to support 80-20
at the basic membership level. However, your recent endorsement of Meg
Whitman, a Republican, has clearly shown that 80-20 is an unbiased
organization that works hard for Asian American! Kudos to you and 80-
20 for your excellent work and selfless dedication. Upon hearing news, I
have just increased my support to 80-20 to a life-time family
Jason Huang, MD

5) Thank you very much for your continuous effort in enhancing Asian
political presence. This mail is the most encouraging news to our
Asians. Your efforts on this matter are greatly appreciated.
Richard Wang

6) The following email was forward to me by Erl Yu, who has already
emailed his friends in CA to urge them to vote for Meg Whitman.

"Hi, my friend:
I have been a member of 80-20 initiative for many years, because I
believe they are working hard for a good cause for all Asian American,
especially in California. 80-20 recently asked me to send a letter to the
Republican candidate for California governor, Ms. Meg Whitman asking
her to agree with 80-20's request in a questionnaire. If her answer is
favorable, members of 80-20 will vote for her as a block and will also ask
our friends in California to vote for her.
Ms. Whitman’s answer is more than 80-20 asked for (see below), while the
other Democrat candidate, Mr. Brown, didn’t bother to answer
Normally I vote for Democrat, but this time in order to show that we Asian
American are in it together, I opt for Republican. Since I can’t vote in
California, but you can. I hope you can vote Ms. Whitman in the November

- - - - - - - - -

GREAT NEWS on a Another Battle Front,

Ohio's Democratic Governor Strickland replies to a questionnaire
from 80-20's 4 chapters in Ohio with "Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes, and Yes". When
we have 4 chapters in OH, a critical political mass is created resulting in
explosive political clout. See Gov. Strickland's reply below.

If we can establish our political presence in CA and Ohio with respectively
an 8% and 1.5% share in voters, can you do the same in YOUR state
if you don't live in CA or OH? Let your imagination run !

Respectfully yours,

S.B. Woo, a volunteer
Acting President, 80-20 PAC, Inc.