Monday, October 25, 2010

What we'll gain in 2010 election

Every election is a precious window for small minorities to win
equal citizenship through the political process. Examples for us are:

[A] Our 2008 Effort

In 2008, 80-20 helped elect Pres. Obama who gave us iron-clad
commitments. He became the firstUS president who publicly and
repeatedly responded to the rightful concerns of AsAms, whether in
appointing more AsAm judges or in assuring equal opportunity in
workplaces for Asian Ams., or in responding to our petition to re-
nominate AsAm judges.

[B] Two 2010 goals

[1] The Primary Goal -- to extend our political clout to the STATE level, .
beginning with CA and Ohio. Why begin with CA & Ohio?

In CA, we have a 8% vote-share and a very tight governor's race.
Whitman responded to our yearning for equal opportunity, while Brown
said he had no time for us. So let's elect Whitman & punish Brown. When
Whitman wins, WE win
-- our political clout in CA will be firmly

GREAT NEWS: A McLaughlin-Hill poll taken 10/22 reports
that Asian Ams already favor Whitman 41 to 38. What
a great turn around from the Rasmussen poll of a month
ago reporting 7/65 against Whitman. All good polls see
the same results. So Brown's polls will see that GREAT
turn around caused by 80-20. Henceforth Brown will
NOT take Asian Ams for granted, whether he wins or loses.
Now help Whitman win and make our victory complete!
(Forward "Great News" to AsAms in CA & urge solidarity!)

In Ohio, 80-20 has 4 chapters. The sitting governor is Strickland, who
is running for re-election. He answered our chapters' questionnaire with
ALL yeses. He is leading by 2 pts. So let's help "Elect Strickland."

[2] Our Secondary Goal - to thank Pres. Obama for helping us, by helping
to elect Congressional Democrats. When our President sets a historic
precedent in helping us publicly, we MUST help back.

80-20 focuses particularly on TWO tight Senate races.

&nb 8c4 sp; (a) RE-elect Sen. Barbara Boxer of CA. She recommended Asian Am.
jurists to be Federal judges, as we respectfully requested.
(b) RE-elect Sen. Harry Reid of Nevada, the Senate majority leader.
Unfortunately, 80-20 doesn't have many Asian Am e-addresses in

So we come to YOU, who have repeatedly made possible what
seems impossible. PLEASE email your friends in Nevada and urge
them to vote for Sen. Reid.
Always copy me in, so that we can do
follow-ups with your friends.

Please remember that every election is a precious window for us
to help ourselves and our children to become EQUAL citizens.


S.B. Woo, a volunteer
Acting President, 80-20 PAC, Inc.

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THOSE who added to 80-20's WARCHEST. Can YOU help too?

To 80-20 PAC, Inc.:
Jason Huang & Kate Zhou, Pittsford NY $1,500
S. B. Woo, DE $3,000
Lin Liu, Cincinnati, OH $1,000
Jian-Zhong Zhou, Folsom, CA $1,000

To 80-20 Educational Foundation (EF): Contributions to EF are tax
Woo's Foundation, Delaware $8,400
Lin Fei, Cincinnati, Ohio $1,000