Saturday, October 16, 2010

80-20 Endorses Republican Whitman for CA Governor

The 80-20 PAC applauds the recommendation of the 80-20 California
Coalition and has endorsed a Republican Meg Whitman for California

When Whitman wins, WE win. Here is why.

Meg Whitman has actually gone above and beyond what 80-20 had
asked for in its questionnaire, and gave us more.

In Q1 through Q3, 80-20 looked for a yes/no answer from Whitman and
Brown to address
1) the glass ceiling above Asian Ams in CA's state government,
2) the paucity of Asian Am. university trustees , and
3) the lack of Asian Am. state judges.

Brown said he didn't care to answer. Click on
visit .

Whitman's answer was "I'll go beyond that. I'll not only appoint
APIs to the positions referred to in your questionnaire, I'll give you
input to who are to be appointed. The glass ceiling problem shall be
solved the same way. Help me appoint the best high level officials who
have the authority to shatter the glass ceiling for Asian Ams."

Are these her exact words? No. But it could be what she could legally
state, given the dictate of CA Proposition 209 which explicitly
prohibits "political institutions to consider race, sex or ethnicity." Go .

Her reply to us is sown below.

Only the sentences shown in red (emphasis added) are substantive. All
the rest may just be sweet words signifying nothing.

What is her answer to Q4? Her answer is why wait till the 3rd year to
check my performance? See me "early in my term" so that I'll make
the kind of appointments that will yield the desired results for Asian

Why didn't she answer yes to Q5? Because CA's Legislature (Senate plus
Assembly) has already formally apologized in July 2009 to Asian Ams for
its past wrongs. Click on .

Is 80-20 absolutely certain that Whitman will do that much good for
us? NO. That is the defect of a statement. However given the dictate of
Proposition 209, Whitman's reply "meet with me . . . to discuss API
appointments" does seem the best she can do, perhaps a bit more
than what we asked for.

80-20 is not without a recourse, if those were empty promises.
There is always Whitman's NEXT election! We choose believe her for now.

Use your imagination to help Whitman win. When Whitman
wins, WE win.
[5 "W" words? Do a high-five for the 5 Ws & be a
Whitman supporter. :) :) ]

Respectfully & proudly yours,

S. B. Woo, a volunteer
Acting President till December, 80-20 PAC, Inc.

PS Additional News! 80-20 brings values to Asian Am voters. Politicians
now chase after Asian Am. voters, like they do other voters. Example?
(1) Whitman bought political TV ads in Asian Am. community, a historic
first for any major non-Asian politician in CA.
(2) Brown sought out Dr. Albert Wang of Fremont, CA to be a
"talking head" for Brown. Albert, an 80-20 Life Member, showing
solidarity with 80-20, declined.

Before we are equal citizens, if WE don't put our AsAm interests
forefront and foremost, then WHO WILL???